UAE announces steps to renew residence visa and new travel procedures

Mohamed Saafan, Minister of Labor, received a report from the Ministry’s Office of Labor Representation at the Egyptian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, as part of monitoring the conditions of Egyptian workers in the workplace through the operating room. established in labor representation offices abroad to answer any questions and provide them with support and assistance at any time.

Haitham Saad El-Din, official spokesman and media adviser at the Ministry of Labor, explained that the report received by the Minister from the Office of Labor Representation in Abu Dhabi reveals that the UAE has taken steps to renew the residence visa in new procedures. regarding travel, length of stay and required documents, as the government offers a 30-day grace period for legal stay within the country’s political boundaries after the expiration of the residence visa, after which the residence visa must be renewed before the expiration of this period. in order to avoid fines or penalties.

Labor Attaché Hanan Shaheen, head of the Abu Dhabi labor representation office, said the steps are:

1- How to renew a residence visa in the UAE for all and all residents After the expiration of a residence visa for non-UAE citizens, the sponsor must expedite its renewal for those who are under the sponsorship of during the specified visa renewal period to avoid any penalty or legal consequences.

2- Duration of stay for foreigners residing in the UAE: According to the legislation of the country, the General Administration of Residents and Foreigners (GDRFA) offers a non-payment period of 30 days for legal stay in the UAE after the expiration of residence visa.

3- Fine for non-renewal of residence in the UAE: According to the system of residence penalties in the United Arab Emirates, the fine for staying in the country after the end of the pardon period or non-renewal of the residence permit is: 25 dirhams per day. for the first six months (180 days), and 50 dirhams a day for the months. The next six and 100 dirhams a day after a year or so.

4- Procedure to be followed in case of expiration of the residence visa in the UAE: According to the state legislation, with the expiration of the residence visa for foreigners, the identity card also expires and the initiative must be extended before application. for the extension of the residence permit, in accordance with the law.

5- How to renew a residence visa before its expiration date: If the client has reasons to request its extension before the expiration of the residence visa from one to six months for a variety of reasons, including travel, health or other reasons, ai. must obtain prior permission from the administration of the General Residence, and for foreigners in the Emirate who have issued the visa.

The labor attaché added that to renew a residence visa in the UAE the same conditions are required as for issuing a visa for the first time, regardless of whether residents sponsor their families or sponsor a work visa.

Basic requirements for renewal of residence permit: sponsor with valid residence, passing a mandatory fitness test for those over 18 years old, health insurance card, which is currently mandatory only in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, renewal of federal card identity, citizenship, customs and port security administration (ICA).

As for the documents and documents required to apply for the renewal of the residence visa in the UAE, they must submit the application form online or through the licensed writing offices at the General Department of Residents and Foreign Affairs in Relevant emirate, sponsor’s passport and a personal photo of the sponsor.

With regard to residence sponsorship for private sector employees, the sponsoring company must submit these additional documents to enable the extension of the employee’s residence permit: a copy of the current establishment card, a copy of the company’s current business license. , a copy of the properly sponsored business card and a copy of the card renewal invoice Work for people aged 60 and over.

For sponsors of families and their families, such as: husband or wife, children, parents, siblings (first and second degree relatives), the following additional documents must be submitted after the renewal, a copy of the employment contract of the spouse or company contract if the sponsor is an investor or an employer, a salary certificate from the employer showing the employee’s monthly salary, an official and certified marriage certificate if the sponsorship is for the wife, a home lease contract for the sponsor and the last water and electricity bill for the sponsor’s residential property.

The Labor Attaché said that the application for an entry permit or visa in the UAE is submitted through the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners in the respective UAE or through intelligent channels for residence and citizenship and electronic channels.

The electronic channels for applying for entry and visa permits in the UAE are: intelligent channels for residence and citizenship (electronic channels), the website of the General Administration of Residents and Foreigners, Dubai, a mobile application, the application of the General. Authority for residents and foreigners in Dubai on the Google Play or Apple Store and the Office of Federal Identity, Nationality, Customs and Port Security application on the Google Play or Apple Store.

The Dubai App is now available on Google Play or the Apple Store, and individuals and companies can apply for entry, visa, and residence permits through the Intelligence and Citizenship (Electronic Channels) channels of the Federal Office for Identity and Citizenship, and also, for customers, whether they are individuals or companies that carry out their transactions, they must first register.

E-Visa can also be used at entry points in the UAE without having to post the original visa at the port of entry prior to the arrival of the sponsored visitor.

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