TV tonight: Osama Al-Azhari: Generosity is the basis of Sharia and whoever adopts it should spend what they want

Friday night’s television programs addressed many important issues and topics of concern to the Egyptian citizen and public opinion.

Osama Al-Azhari: Generosity is the basis of Shari’ah and whoever adopts it must spend what he wants

Dr. Osama Al-Azhari, adviser to the President of the Republic on religious issues, said that he still insists on the issue of generosity, because generosity is the essence of Sharia and if one is created with it, it is easy for him to come up with everything from the issues of religion, and because of life, and God ordained that which is between him and men, and God created between him and love between men.

He added during his meeting with the program “He loves beauty”, which is broadcast on the channel, “He loves beauty”.dmc“One of the greatest forms of beauty in the Noble Law is the creation of generosity. God does not burden anyone with what is beyond their reach, but spend as much as you can, if you see that you honor someone with a quantity of what he needs, do and has come in the hadith (God gives what he spends in succession) God Almighty For every spender after.

And he said, “You must honor what is most dear to you, look at what you love most, and spend from it, in order to transcend yourself, to learn to be generous with what you have. To forgive, to forgive and give money and when money is scarce, to be generous with the feelings, knowledge, emotions and fluency in his face.

Hala Khalil: “Sweet Dreams” was originally a movie script, and Amr Arafa is a self-confessed person

Author and director Hala Khalil spoke about the details of her participation in the Ramadan series “Happy Dreams” of star Yousra, during a phone call on the program “Halila in 30 Nights”, broadcast on Mega FM during the month of Ramadan, saying “The play was originally a screenplay, and when Jamal Al-Adl asked me for a Yousra artist series, I thought about it because the drama has a lot and its characters are rich, and the deal was to write and direct. serial, but I found it impossible to realize as an author and director at the same time, so I decided to write only one TV drama for 30 episodes of Ramadan and apologized for directing.

And Hala Khalil continued: “Director Amr Arafa is a self-assured person and a very beautiful personality, and although I am concerned about women’s affairs, they do not control all my work. The Best Times, Cut and Paste “And” Nawara “are not women ‘s crises, but women’ s championships, while the crisis of Ghada Adel and Mai Kassab in the series” Happy Dreams “is really a women ‘s crisis..

She added: “In terms of literature for women, the writer is inadvertently influenced by herself, is emotionally attached to a character and subject, and for the characters of” Happy Dreams “there are crises with others. Farida crisis does not know how to accept it. that she is blind and their desire in the end is to achieve reconciliation with themselves and in the idea that the characters are all real, even in all the details and exaggerations and their behavior with others..

Hala Khalil closed her speech: “I imagine that the element of time is the only proof of success, for example, the film The Best Times did not earn any cash, but to this day it is a distinguished work and the family loves it. . to see, and this happened with the family size series, which means that thinking Regardless of whether the work was successful or not, a keen idea for the artist, success is to put what you trust in and present what you can do, this is success. ”

Nadia Emara: Remembrance and thought are two companions and among the jewels of meaning in the noble Qur’anic text

Dr. Nadia Amara said that among the essences of meanings in the noble Qur’anic text are the two essences of remembrance and thought, which are two companions, that is, if remembrance is the movement of the tongue and the heart with glorification, praise, takbir. and others, then thought is the movement of mind and heart in meditation and meditation on the religion of God’s creation, who perfected everything. .

She added, during the program “Full Heart”, which is broadcast on the channel,INThe verse of the pearl of the day in which there is a description (of people with minds) and their descriptions of which God has praised them, that they remember God standing, sitting and on their sides, and think of the creation of the heavens and the earth , hence the verse combines the worship of remembrance and thought. nucleus “.

She said: “They are in a state of constant contact with their Lord with remembrance, and in a state of constant contact with the universe with thought. The cosmic verses of God on the horizon speak of the Oneness of the Great Creator, and an indication that this “The great universe, which follows a precise system, after all lies a dangerous matter, and the creation of the heavens and the earth has not happened. It is not in vain that memory and thought lead to security.”

Hisham Ismail reveals scenes of his 3 roles in Ramadan

said the artist Hisham Ismailhe has 3 works this year, which are “Happy Dreams”, “Choice” and “Big Oj”, and there was no crisis in the reincarnation of the personality, because before entering the professional world, he presented. different dramas and characters, so there was no crisis in portraying 3 characters at once.

Ismail added during a telephone interview on the “Satat Kitchen” program, which is presented today, Friday, by artist Mona Abdel Ghani and media person, Iman Ezz El-Din, on the channel. “CBC”The character of “Onsi” in the series “Happy Dreams” approaches the nature of his character, but he was distinguished for the character “Fazza”, whom he plays in the series “The Great Freja” in 6 parts. and became acquainted with adults and children..

He stressed that although the shooting of the series “Al Kabeer” was interrupted for 7 years, he still keeps the character of “Fazza” inside him, adding: “I am worried to make different characters from each other, away from my personality true. , and I keep a part of it to myself.“.

Regarding his relationship with the kitchen, he claimed that he tried to learn the details of the kitchen in the character of “Onsi”, but failed to learn, showing that he likes to eat molokia every day..

“Sixth Kitchen” will be broadcast throughout the week and will be presented by artist Mona Abdel Ghani, media figures Heba Al-Abasiri, Iman Ezz El-Din and Maha Al-Saghir, on one screen. “CBC” exclusive.

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