There is a huge demand for “abajas” that are ready for all occasions

The traditional black Gulf Abaya, which women often use when leaving the house, has been developed and updated a lot with developments in the fashion world, as its designers were able to break the classic limitations and offer shapes and designs that suit different tastes. , as tastes varied to those who preferred color.Black or other colors in relation to the nature of the atmosphere and the seasons.

The abayas design project is one of the most successful and widespread projects in recent times. In this view, Al-Ayyam met the new Bahraini stylist Samah Mohammed Al-Junaid, who told us about her project successful and beginnings, and where fashion in abaja has reached.

Designer Samah confirmed the growing demand of female clients to buy abaya, especially for various occasions, including work and study, in which abaya is characterized as practical, inexpensive and does not contain much decoration, explaining that work abajas should be be simple and can be worn every day effortlessly, in addition to being relatively inexpensive, as for specialized abayas for occasions such as holidays and Ramadan, women prefer colors and embroidery.

Regarding whether the increase in demand pushed up prices, she said: “Personally, I offer offers and convenience to customers when we work to provide ready-made and personalized abaya and instant sales in various sizes to alleviate customers’ troubles. detailing and cut. time, which is the reason for the increase in demand from citizens and female residents. ”

• First, tell us how you got started in the world of innovation and abaya design.

First of all, I thank Al-Ayyam newspaper for giving me the opportunity to talk about my project that I started about two and a half years ago, even though I am a graduate of the Teachers College and work as a teacher, I started designing bathrooms and creating new and different designs for abbeys to suit all groups in different occasions.

My start was on Instagram in 2017, and the current opening of a store was in 2020, when I started designing special bathrooms for myself and a number of my family members with different and distinctive touches that won admiration and encouragement. of my family and friends, so I thought of creating my own project. I do not deny that some of my family and friends were afraid of entering this field, especially since it was a difficult year for everyone due to the situation in Korona and this field is experiencing a lot of competition, but I have clearly decided. the goal which was to achieve my dream of opening an abaya shop and hiring Bahraini women, thankfully I also benefited from the pandemic crisis, as the opposite happened, so the demand for ready abaya increased and we gained new clients.

• What made you think about this project, despite the presence of many stylists and many abaya shops in the Kingdom?

My passion and love for design lay behind the insistence on realizing my dream and opening a project for a modern abaya store, especially since my overall taste in abayas was admired by a large percentage of family and friends, which increased my motivation and determination to open. an abaya shop.

• Have you received support from anyone? How were the stages of your work at the beginning of the project?

The first, last and main supporters of my success in this field are my father and my husband and thankfully they had the greatest merit for the success of my project because they helped me step by step in all matters, together with my mother, family , my husband’s family and the general people of Bahrain.

• What distinguishes “Lime Line” baths from other baths?

We work at Lim Line to provide ready-made and personalized baths and instant sales in various sizes to ease customers the hassle of detailing and shorten the time, which is the reason for the increasing demand from citizens and female residents. .

I liked the explanation that the abaya patterns vary according to the seasons, for example, in the month of Ramadan, we create innovations in wide and comfortable black abajas and wide cuts, dark and practical, unlike Eid in glowing designs, light and busy colors. abajas.

Each season has different designs, and current fashions are abajas that have a lot of doubt and (their cuts) are wide and (double cloche), and models that have Swarovski cows for night wear and are lined and light. character, and they are very popular in Bahrain and the Gulf countries.

What is the current trend in the abaya market in Bahrain? What about higher prices?

In fact, I do not prefer a particular material of materials, but use what I find appropriate for the value and beauty of the design in the first place, but can generally combine material and accessory. My choices are for the woman who always wants to stand out from the crowd.

As for the abaya prices they are different and the fact is that they are very expensive and currently I have opened two shops and I have workers, and the locations of the shops are strategic, and the rental price, fabrics, machinery. , equipment and workers require costs, but adjustment here is very important to make things easier.

She added: “I have noticed that every year, during seasons and occasions, such as Eid and Ramadan, the prices of clothes and what we need for abbeys increase, so all prices increase, especially since we do not calculate many benefits for customers. , but in fact prices increase in the month of Ramadan and Eid, but on normal days the demand increases. , increases significantly on the occasion of the end-of-year holidays. “

• Where did Samah get to? And where does the ceiling of your ambition lie?

Praise be to God, despite the fact that my project is new and does not take more than two years, but I aspire to expand my presence inside and outside Bahrain, and open some branches in the Arab Gulf countries, and for the name “Lime Line” to be a registered trademark.

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