Kuwaiti Newspaper | Owners of residential plots are at the mercy of “neighbor approval”

Citizens complain that it is difficult to know the neighbors to complete the building permit procedures

“Neighbor’s consent” has become a dilemma and obstacle for owners of residential plots in new areas to complete construction procedures, as the construction of the plot has turned into a long road of suffering that begins with the search for the neighbor that they do not have never met, to get his signature to allow the installation of air conditioners “ducts” or floor heights as well as engineering and architectural projects within the limits of the coupon.

Many citizens complain about the difficulty of knowing the neighbor to carry out the building permit procedures, in addition to the lack of understanding of some neighbors who do not have knowledge of the mechanism set by the municipality within the building codes.

Putting the neighbor’s approval condition among the foundations of the construction works has prompted observers and specialists from members of the municipality and committee leaders in the new residential areas to point out the procedure followed in the construction regulation and the need to find it easier. and accessible. alternative to get rid of the complex mechanism instead of holding the parcel owner under the consent of the neighbor.

In this context, the member of the Municipal Council, Dr. Hassan Kamal, changing the mechanism of the request for the consent of the neighbor, describing it as an illusory dilemma in the face of the speed of construction of the plots, in addition to a side headache for the owners of these plots in modern areas.

Kamal said the municipality should finalize the construction regulation and refer to its provisions, which provide clear and easy controls in the construction process, adding that innovation in construction procedures should be at the pace of the size of those who want build in a way that ensures the movement of the construction wheel and the reduction of the input cycle.

list of buildings

On the other hand, member Mishaal Al-Hamadan pointed out that members faced many problems regarding building regulations, especially in looking for a neighbor, saying that some vacant lands for which the owner is not known, constitute an obstacle for the owner of the plots adjoining the palace, supporting the removal of the condition and the application of easy, fast and affordable alternatives for Coupon owners.

And between Al-Hamadan, one of the proposed solutions is to give full approval for climbing within six meters to the public between plots or while transferring land and obtaining a building permit.

Use of space

For his part, member Ahmed Hadian confirmed that proposals were found to change the neighbors’ consent condition set by the municipality for owners of new residential plots by excluding them from this condition, indicating that the neighbor’s consent exposes the neighbors on suspicion of exploitation. of spaces between them, especially those who have no experience and knowledge in the construction mechanism.

Hadian added that the modernization of building permit systems should be at the pace of development evidenced in the design of buildings, which can make better use of the space allocated for plots, noting that the city council has waited a long time. for the building regulation and is still with the executive body.

He said: “I do not think the municipality will refer to the list, as there is only one month left in the life of the council, which is not enough to consider an important list and is considered the core of the municipality’s work, showing that proposals can stop work.” obtaining the approval of the neighbor.

air conditioning ‘channels’

For his part, the head of the Development Group, Khaled Al-Otaibi, was surprised by the difficult mechanism of obtaining approval from the neighbor, saying: “We have encountered many obstacles to obtaining a building permit, especially in the case of air conditioning.” . the canals ”.

Al-Otaibi highlighted the poor culture of many neighbors regarding obtaining written consent, as many believe it is a procedure to waive a right or cause damages that affect his coupon while it is a routine procedure by the Municipality of Kuwait, adding that. many avoid approval, which embarrasses the neighbor, he continued: “It may be someone who benefits from this approval for the weakness of the soul, but the control of the municipality certainly hinders him when you do the discovery process.”

Al-Otaibi noted that the cases that often require the approval of the neighbor have to do with heights, elongation of the edges of the plot, placement of air conditioning “ducts” and extraordinary engineering designs.

Al-Otaibi added that council members were contacted, chaired by President Osama Al-Otaibi, as well as the General Director of the Municipality of Kuwait, Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, who expressed their support for the proposal to change the mechanism and the readiness of them to implement it to facilitate owners of residential plots.

“People’s Committees”: Citizens are suspended … in case the neighbors refuse

The head of the Al-Mutlaa Residential City Committee, Khaled Al-Enezi, said that there is still no solution to the problem of the consent of the neighbors from whom all the residents of Al-Mutlaa city suffer, indicating that this causes fatigue for the citizen. at the construction stage, although it has not intervened within the boundaries of the neighbor coupon.

Al-Enezi added that many neighbors do not give their consent and in this case the citizen remains suspended, describing it as a major dilemma faced by the owners of residential plots in the project.

On the other hand, the head of the South Sabah People’s Committee, Al-Ahmad Ali Abdullah, called for a review of the neighbor approval mechanism in the new residential areas, suggesting that the municipal employee be used to approve the “dictators” without the consent of the neighbor.

He added that the construction mechanism needs to be updated to become electronic instead of letters and approvals, stressing that it is the best solution that goes beyond the problem of neighbor approval without any hindrance.

And Mohammed Al Jassim

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