Free Travel Plus Card by Al Rajhi Learn about the benefits and how to apply for the card

We tell you the news details of our most important and latest visitors of the free Safar Plus card from Al Rajhi: Learn about the advantages and how to apply for the card in the following article

Omar Shuwail – Plus Al-Rajhi Travel Card in Jeddah Learn about the benefits and how to apply for the card. Al Rajhi Bank is one of the largest and most important banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is also distinguished by the fact that there are many branches even outside the borders of the Kingdom. Al-Rajhi Bank also has many clients inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In order for the bank to retain its customers, ensure their continuity and attract more, it always offers everything new. It also constantly strives to provide many distinctive and developed services to its clients that save their time and effort. There are many forms in which Al Rajhi offers its services to customers, among which are various cards. There are many types of cards that the bank offers for them, which also help in saving time and effort. Among these cards, the most important is the free Safar Plus card. Therefore, today we will show you how to get the card and its advantages. You can also learn about activating the new Al Rajhi ATM card and how to use the smart card with the chip

Free Al Rajhi Travel Plus card

Al Rajhi Bank offers many different cards to its customers, which also offers them many advantages. It also offers, among them, the Safar Plus card for free, or as it is known as the Safar Plus card economic market . Since it is a card with different currency and also its credit balance is very low, it can become $ 10. It also offers the cardholder many different benefits, among which the most important is the possibility of charging the card in different currencies. As well as the possibility of using these coins in purchases of all kinds, through electronics stores and point of sale equipment. It is also possible to withdraw money through an ATM.

Advantages of the free Safar Plus card

This card offers many benefits and services to all who own it. The advantages of obtaining this card can be mentioned as follows:

  • Availability of different currencies with the best exchange rate
  • The card is issued without paying any fee, ie it is a completely free card
  • It is also characterized by the stability of the purchase price of the US dollar and amounts to 3.75 Saudi riyals.
  • It offers its holder free access to more than a thousand lounges
  • It also offers free travel insurance
  • It offers intelligent assistant service as well as many other services
  • The card is issued immediately
  • It also provides bonus points when you use it. You can also learn about Al Rajhi Bank Excellence membership, membership benefits and withdrawal fees outside the Kingdom

How to apply for the card

Al Rajhi Bank customers can easily obtain this card through Mubasher Individuals. We can mention the necessary steps to apply for the card as follows:

  • First, you need to log in to the Mubasher Individuals website
  • You must then log in to obtain the Al-Rajhi Travel Plus card
  • Also, the customer’s account number must be entered within Al-Rajhi Bank
  • And then click on Confirm
  • Register your national identity number
  • Then enter the code that was sent to the phone
  • And then confirm the fingerprint
  • Finally, the device will print the Al Rajhi Travel Plus card to the customer.

How to take advantage of the Travel Plus card

The Safar Plus card offers many advantages that the customer can enjoy as follows:

  • Ability to add customers to the card and pay the lowest price, and up to 13 customers can be added at the same time.
  • The exchange rate is fixed on the same day as the card is purchased
  • You can also set the budget as well as determine the amount you want to spend.

Fees required for card issuance

The Safar Plus card offered by Al Rajhi Bank to its customers has many advantages and the most important of these advantages are its simple costs. We can display Safar Plus card fees as follows:

  • The card is issued for the first time completely free of charge
  • Also, when re-issuing the card again, a fee of 50 Saudi riyals is paid
  • Annual card fee 150 SAR
  • The withdrawal fee from the cashier is 28 SAR.

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