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The biosafety early reporting system has contributed to keeping the country market free of products that threaten human health and safety.

When the system enabled the relevant authorities instead to respond quickly to take and take precautions and to stop the import and tracking of products entering through the country’s air, land and sea ports and withdrawing them from markets whenever the need arises, as it is announced from time to time to stop the import of certain plant and animal products from some countries or provinces due to the occurrence of pollution or epidemics in them, and the ban is lifted when the causes disappear.

online platform

The reports are obtained through the biosafety early reporting system, which is an electronic platform and an innovative tool for reporting animal diseases, agricultural pests and food safety traded in the country, as well as legislative violations, in order to access data on authorized persons and decision makers. at the state level and providing prompt response from the authorities concerned in each of the emirates for any of the communications.

Enable all parties to coordinate with each other to deal with these communications, including the health sector, and to take the necessary measures in accordance with the legislation and procedures governing the maintenance of environmental safety by reporting the biological risks of animal diseases, agricultural pests. and food safety.

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment clarified that the report automatically refers to the liaison officer of the competent authority dealing with animal health in the Emirates and that all communications, whether suspected or confirmed, are handled in accordance with Federal Law no. . 8 of 2013 regarding the prevention of infectious and epidemiological diseases of animals and its executive regulations.

When the state veterinarian of the competent authority, upon receipt of the communication, conducts a field visit, examines the animals and takes laboratory samples “if necessary” to confirm the pathological diagnosis or to reject the communication if it is not confirmed. for the treatment of animal diseases according to their type and epidemiology.

local authorities

Regarding the notifications of the legislation contained in the system, all are from the public, according to the design of the system, the notification is transferred to the local authority competent to verify the notification and then its confirmation or rejection in case the Ministry also monitors and monitors actions taken by the competent authority in relation to the reports until its closure to ensure that the required procedures have been completed.

Regarding the reports of violations of veterinary facilities in general, the Ministry verifies the validity of the report by the Environmental Compliance Team and then any confirmed case is referred to the Technical Committee of Veterinary Medical Licensing for investigation purposes with the doctor and the owner of the facility and decision necessary.

With regard to reports of infringing consignments, this type of notification is designed to strike a balance between the early warning system and the electronic services system for incoming consignments. Early Reporting System and circulated to all interested parties in other ports to prevent cargo re-entry from any other port.

The Ministry stressed that due to its propensity for the role of public-private partnership, the private sector represented by several groups, including veterinarians working in licensed veterinary institutions such as clinics, hospitals and veterinary laboratories, livestock and the public, are involved in reporting animal diseases and strengthening the social and professional roles of these Categories and their responsibilities in this regard.

Whereas the role of the public is a key factor in controlling and responding to animal epidemics and enforcing animal legislation, and the response of the private sector and the public to guidance and their interaction with government efforts, including disease reporting, has a significant impact on the development of animal disease control and control procedures, in addition to remaining a major challenge for the local authority to verify and confirm reports, as over the past period it has been found that a large number of communications are inaccurate, which required the Ministry to strengthen and intensify the means of public awareness and education.


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