Dubai TV and Sama Dubai … Quality cultural, community and entertainment programs in Ramadan

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The Radio and Television Sector at Dubai Media Incorporated launched a distinguished program that includes a range of programs in terms of content, style and message, suitable for the UAE and Arab family. It is worth noting that the Ramadan races broadcast on the Dubai channels have turned into one of the most beautiful events that the Arab family follows after breakfast. The venerable Islamic community in the family and society, in a way that attracts the attention of the Arab viewer. wherever Ahmed Saeed Al-Mansoori, Chairman of the Steering Committee and Executive Director of the Radio and Television Sector at Dubai Media Incorporated, said: “This year, the Foundation was keen to introduce various Ramadan programs, in terms of content and Presentation, To suit the different broadcast periods and tastes of viewers, we have continued to produce a set of the most important entertainment and cultural programs in distinct new seasons, complementing its core message over the last few years. , with unique Emirati media figures.

intentional content

On the other hand, Sarah Al Jarman, Director of the Public Channels Department at Dubai Media Incorporated, said: “Dubai TV has made tremendous efforts this year to introduce a whole new set of programs to deliver entertaining and intentional intellectual content that “It touches the minds and hearts of followers, of all ages, and simulates the vibrant cultural structure of the Emirates. And especially, during the holy month.” Below is a summary of the most important programs and competitions that will be broadcast in Ramadan 2022, on Dubai TV, including: “Bainak wa Bini”, an entertaining gaming program, presented by two excellent media professionals, Roaa Al -Sabban and Abdullah Ismail. The program will offer prizes for 10 participants per day and will include a mix of different questions and games, in addition to a range of in-studio challenges.

“Storyteller (12)”

The Al-Rawi program, in its 12th season during the Holy Month, presents a unique cultural picture, presented by the writer Jamal bin Huwaireb.


Dubai TV presents the program “Hala Beck”, where it shows us a variety of different feelings, such as laughter and crying, anger and joy, desire and nothingness, waiting for the poet and brilliant media figure, Najah Al-Masaeed, to important . personalities in the Arab world, be it a poet, writer, actor or singer.

“Droob (9)”

On Dubai television, the program “Durb”, in its 9th season, appears in a new style, presented by Ali Al Salloum, as it tells the story of fifty years and takes you to each episode, to discover beyond horror. The Emirates rise and from here, events begin to draw the beginning of the history and features of the Emirates.

Among the most important programs and competitions that will be broadcast in Ramadan 2022 on Sama Dubai TV: “Al-Sinyar”, a racing program for Ramadan, presented by Laila Al-Muqbali and Ahmed Abdullah. The program will address the development of Dubai from the past to the present and its intellectual, urban and social achievements, which will be In the Shindagha area, near the house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, opposite the mobile studio in the village of Senyar.


The program “Grass” is broadcast on Sama Dubai television in Ramadan, in a period of 10 minutes and in a clear and simplified sequence, the presenter of the program, Fahd Haikal, sheds light on the problems and social behaviors that spread in society. through a story supported by moving pictures, which helps in communicating information, Define the purpose, sympathize and entice people towards the solution, which appears at the end of each episode. The main objective of this awareness program is to give everyone who attends the program the opportunity to reflect on their lifestyle and review their behavior and ideas.

“Fingerprint (5)”

On the Sama Dubai television screen, the program “Basmat” in its fifth season appears daily for half an hour recorded, while journalist Awad Al-Darmaki focuses on three axes, with one axis for each episode, for him. address either an entity, a character, or an event that contributed to establishing a trace in our Arab and Islamic history, and the reasons for its success, or the factors of its failure, and how to benefit from those lessons.

“Rating (2)”

Also presents the program “Value (2)”, presented by the media, Diala Ali, which presents a series of stories and reflections on the behaviors of those around us, which include moral values, through which reflect the living realities of inspiring personalities . or events that have social impact.


Wills Program Finding the optimal ways to pursue and solve problems and challenges.

“first time (4)”

Also appearing on Sama Dubai television, the program “The First Time”, in its fourth season, an inspiring entertaining talk show, presented by Ibrahim Ostadi, which talks about the first experiences and life experiences of the guests of the program, from the UAE and the Gulf, in which the viewer will share their unique stories. .

“Henny and Wellness”

The “Eat and Afia” program will be your ideal companion during the holy month, on Sama Dubai television, for the best food tips and delicious recipes from the Emirates and internationally, through the touches of chefs Hanan Saleh and Wassan Fathi. The program also simulates the style of talk shows and relies on collaboration in the preparation of joint dishes and meals, such as Eid breakfast and holidays, as well as in the exchange of experiences, skills and tastes between Emirati and international cuisine.

“Allowed (3)”

The program “Allowed (3)”, in its third season, will be shown on Sama Dubai TV, presented by Abdullah Al-Ansari, Director of the Department of Community Research, Awareness and Public Relations at the Irada Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation in Dubai. , and is an awareness and counseling program for members of society about the risks of addiction.

“I found myself”

The “I Found Myself” program on Sama Dubai TV highlights the recipients of the Dubai Government Employment Appreciation Award and addresses the human and social aspect of their work and life experiences.

“The inspector is eloquent”

Sama Dubai television shows the program “Inspector Fasih”, new in its style and presentation. It deals with some linguistic aspects, which we do not pay attention to in our treatment of the vocabulary and structure of the Arabic language, as it includes some dramatic scenes, which illustrate the best ways of pronunciation and expression.

“Ramadan Emirates”

On Sama Dubai television, the program “Ramadan Emirates”, a daily news program, is presented by prominent media professionals: Alia Al-Mannai, Samah Al-Abbar and Abdullah Ali. The program deals with everything that is happening in the UAE, including Ramadan events and social, artistic and cultural activities.


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