Amina Khalil tells the reason why she did not marry her twin soul

Artist Amina Khalil has spoken about her opinion on romantic relationships and the reasons for her success and failure in her opinion, she has also revealed that she has actually met the twin soul and has shown the reason for not marrying her.

Amina Khalil: Control style is the reason for relationship failure.The first type.

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Amina Khalil continued her meeting with Sherine Arafa on the Adina Bendardash program, which she shares on her Instagram account, referring to the first type of men and said that a man’s lack of self-confidence sometimes pushes him to control women until to feel lost security.

Khalili showed that these behaviors disrupt relationships, in which one can imitate his ancestors from father or grandfather, because in the past people lived this way, but now it has become one of the most important reasons for the failure of emotional relationships and sometimes even marriages.

Amina Khalil: I have met my twin soul and these are his characteristics Amina Khalil in her interview with Sherine Arafa has shown that she has met the twin soul in her life but they did not get married.

And Amina continued: “Two souls are one word which means that you both have the same thought, the same outlook on life, the same goals, the same feeling and feeling. A word derived from the same is you and yourself, and you are divided into two halves.

Amina Khalil continued: “Yes, I met my twin soul. We had the same thoughts, feelings and everything, but we did not get married.”

Amina Khalil reveals why she did not marry her twin soul: Ghalasa Amina Khalil confirmed that this person is the happiest person in her life, and the person she enjoys the most and is happy to accompany, but things do not go always in ways of success for such relationships.

Amina Khalil said that the presence of such a person in life is considered a treasure, but the soul is one thing and the mind is completely different, and it is not necessary that the right time of mind and soul coincide together at the same time. moment.

Amina Khalil mocked herself by saying, “I am very close”, noting that time and time play a role in the failure of people’s relationship with her twin soul, because they coincide in real life in different places with her which is impossible for them. meet.

Amina Khalil: Can not be accompanied by a person until she loves another Amina Khalil stated that she can not love a person and is emotionally attached to another person, showing that the issue is very difficult, and can not have success.

She went on to say that if she tried, she would not succeed because feelings are completely related to a person in another country and a relationship of this quality never works.

And Amina Halil went on to say that perhaps over time man would reach a stage of hopelessness and then wanted not to associate with a person who did not represent a twin of her soul, saying: “Our Lord does not provide for us. “, Wishing happiness to all who got married while loving each other with true love and to all those who were connected to his twin soul and had a Successful relationship.

Amina Khalil: I see the negatives when I look in the mirror and for her inner beauty Amina Khalil has confirmed that when she looks in the mirror she is like all girls. She sees all the negatives in her appearance, like the change in hair color for bad and fading of her skin, in addition to problems with the size of the nose.

Amina Khalil went on to say that she has become more mature and more in control of herself, so she does not hesitate to listen to insulting words and chooses the best and positive words to deal with herself and those around her.

Amina Khalil said that when she hears one of her friends saying that she is “stupid”, for example, in a situation, she responds to her not to label herself negative and asks her to choose the real description of the situation, like eg as if he has made a wrong choice or action, but is not completely stupid as he describes himself, noting that a person should love and treat himself in a good way.

Amina Khalil Engagement It is reported that Amina Khalil had announced her engagement in July 2020, which lasted several months before Amina Khalil announced that it would not end.

And when Amina Khalil was a guest on the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, in October 2021, she revealed the annulment of her engagement for the first time and said, “The fact of God is what he wants, did Mohlesh Nasib.”

During her meeting, Amina confirmed that she sets the specifics for the man with whom she will be related to be her life partner, as she said: “We have to be close friends before marriage.” Amina believes that friendship meets love and even. extends more than that.

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