Sudanese Captain Mujtaba Rabie Youssef .. a survival story from a tragic accident

Captain Mojtaba Rabie Youssef .. A survival story from a tragic accident
All the data and indicators went in that direction to emphasize that the young “Mujteba Rabie Youssef Al-Rabee” would not leave the field of aviation, because fate drew early on the features of his future. , he created this scene in his mind and what made it close to flight was another issue that his father took with him on flights and this contributed to the expansion of his perceptions and he started learning about this field after ai. traveled inside with his father to Al-Abyad, from abroad, he visited Al-Geneina, Syria, Egypt and Congo, where his father was in charge of the Azza Aviation branch.
His father’s aviation trip had many stops since he was an aviation engineer in the Armed Forces, then worked at Azza and Alok Air, until he landed at the High Level Academy and from here Captain Mujtaba’s current relationship with aviation began.
Before delving into his story, which witnessed a tragic accident on the plane he was flying in the state of Southern Kordofan, it is necessary to know the general features of the life of Captain Mujtaba, who was born in the city of Abu Asherit. in the state of Gezira on March 30, 1993 AD, then moved with his family to Khartoum. They settled in the town of Omdurman, where he began his academic career at Model Maaref Basic School, while Bashir Muhammad Saeed High School was his. gate to the High Level Aviation Academy, with which his story returns to him, after he had passed the Sudanese Certificate Exams, his father asked him to accompany him on a journey at the end of which was the seat of the Academy, and he was asked to review a series of books dealing with the study of aviation, in order to instill in him the seed of love for flying to begin his career with great excellence, after he managed in 2012 to obtain a license of private aviation.
In 2014, the CPS announced its desire to accommodate pilots and revealed its willingness to qualify holders of a private aviation license for commercial, and Mujtaba decided to enter the exams it could pass with distinction and was chose, along with his entourage, Captain Hudhayfa Othman Muhammad Siddiq.
Indeed, the company fulfilled its promise when it gave them the opportunity to study the commercial aviation course at the High Level Aviation Academy, and in 2019 AD the company sent them to South Africa, where they completed their studies. aviation and began his practical career in 2014 AD, where he worked in the Department of Air Operations, which is the period that enabled Captain Mujtaba to gain extensive administrative and technical experience, and when it came time for them to fly to qualify them to lead. model Antonov 2, November 2019 witnessed their sending back out of Sudan to the Philippine state to continue the journey of capacity building (Agriculture Rating).
In July 2020, Captain Mujtaba Rabie began flying Antonov 2, along with Captain Hudhayfa Othman and Captain Atef Muhammad Abdullah, as they flew Antonov 2 aircraft in health spraying campaigns in Khartoum, Meroe, and western Sudan to combat agricultural pests. .

Captain Mojtaba Rabie Youssef .. The story of a tragic and strange accident “2”
All the data and indications went in the direction of proving that the young “Mujteba Rabei Youssef Al-Rabee” would not leave the field of aviation, because fate drew the features of his future early, for his father, Rabi ‘ Youssef (peace be upon him) was an excellent aviation engineer with a luxurious history. His son grew up seeing him holding his suitcase. On the way to a domestic or international trip, this scene was ingrained in his mind and what made him close to the flight was another issue that his father took with him on flights, and this contributed to the expansion of his perceptions and began to learn about the field, as he traveled inside with his father to Al-Abyad from abroad, he visited Syria, Egypt, Juba and Congo, where his father was in charge of the Azza Aviation branch. Days passed and he became a good pilot, however, a tragic accident forced him to make an emergency landing until he fully recovered to return to flight again.
In the first episode we showed that Captain Mujtaba has performed a series of tasks in specific areas as part of pest control with Antonov 2 aircraft. On the twenty-first of September 2020, he had to fly with Antonov 2 aircraft to. the city of Abu Jubayha in the state of Southern Kordofan, and on the third day of his arrival he headed for the Al-Sirajia area, which is located south of Abu Jubayha, where a pest control program was implemented. in a number of forests. .
After completing his mission again, he discovered he had to fly south of South Darfur, particularly in the Gereid area, where he spent three weeks flying in the air to control pests, and soon he also worked in the Tabarak area, near of which. the Falaj oil fields are located in South Sudan, and after that he flew his plane between Al-Sirajia, Tabarak and Qurayd, which are agricultural areas in the west of the country.
Everything was going according to plan and Captain Mujtaba worked with great enthusiasm and effort, who after finishing work in Al-Sirajia, he returned again to Abu Jubayha to refuel, preparing for a new round of flight and this times he had to fly over the skies of the affluent Habila region in Southern Kordofan and this happened on October 28, 2020. However, the Director of the Plant Protection Department in Abu Jubaiha locality, the engineer, the Prophet’s neighbor, the light, asked him to the same day and before leaving for Habila to carry out the control mission in one of the forests, and in fact he conducted an aerial reconnaissance and took the coordinates of the forest in preparation for carrying out the task in the early hours of the next morning. to leave according to his plan Then in the middle of the day to Habila.
On October 29, 2020, which can not be forgotten from the memory of the new captain, and at four-thirty in the morning, after supplying the aircraft with fuel and pesticides and the final review of the validity and operation of the aircraft, the take-off of the runway began. runway from north to south, until then everything was. He went on okay, and the captain did not make an unpleasant surprise in his calculations, and in four forty-six minutes he removed his plane, and his plan was based on the fact that the first rays of dawn would explode after eighteen minutes, and that is the exact time of his arrival in the forest, which coincides with the movement of the birds to conquer the crops.
After a successful take-off, the plane did not exceed two kilograms, suddenly and without warning, the plane was hit by a DSHK weapon and fire erupted in its rear and although this is a difficult situation that confuses the pilot because He was surprised and beyond his expectations, Captain Mojtaba showed his composure and cohesion and decided to turn once more and land, but unfortunately again the plane was killed, as this time it collided with the rear cables and consequently lost control of the plane. almost completely, and here his friend, the engineer, the Prophet’s neighbor, asked him what he was going to do ?! He said: We will try to land, but the second injury hit the plane and it caused him to suddenly head towards the geographical east at the same speed as the new captain’s efforts to balance it so as not to roll in the air. and within seven minutes between flying and hitting the plane and trying to land and in a horrible atmosphere, he did not find Captain Mujtaba changing the thrust so that the speed of the plane was reduced to the lowest level and his whole purpose was to land the plane in front of it.
In extremely complicated circumstances, Captain Mujtaba and his companion, the engineer Jar al-Nabi, realized that their days of life were over with great speed and that their days in life were over and they could read martyrdom only in preparation for reception. death, which was flying from all directions. A distance of not less than 50 meters and consequently one of the front landing wheels broke and rotated 180 degrees. At the same time the flames reached the fuel depots causing a and big explosion that caused the captain and his escort to be forcibly removed from the plane, where they penetrated the ceiling.
The minutes passed slowly and sadly and the result was the martyrdom of the engineer, the Prophet’s neighbor, the light, Toukan, who fell on his neck (director of plant protection Abu Jubayyah). To the west of the plane, he suffered a series of injuries after losing consciousness after his head slammed into the cockpit roof and burned.
After a third of an hour, he was taken to Abu Jubayha Hospital, which did not have the necessary skills to deal with such incidents. The second plane, flown by his colleague Captain Muhammad Taha al- Haber, which belongs to the same company. with Captain Mujtaba and the body of the martyred engineer Jar al-Nabi, moved at noon on the day of the accident to Khartoum, where he landed in Al-Obeid to dump the body, then the plane arrived in Khartoum at six o’clock in the evening. , and immediately the ambulance departed from the airport for Alia Hospital in Omdurman, where it remained for recovery until the end of November until it passed the danger phase, after which it decided to travel to Cairo, which was the only option due to closure. . imposed by the Corona pandemic, was that he met the orthopedic consultant and stadium injuries, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz, and he stayed for eleven months in Cairo, after which he returned to Sudan for special reasons, and he is expected at the end of this year to achieve complete recovery – the will of God – despite the horror and severity of that However, Captain Mojtaba seems to have recovered from his injuries and was overwhelmed with hope and willpower, so he decided to return to flight. , God willing.
While Captain Mujtaba is preparing psychologically and physically to fly at the end of this year – with the help of the Almighty – there are still questions about this accident, which, despite the passage of a not short period of time from its occurrence, is shrouded. in uncertainty that the government, civil aviation and all relevant authorities did not specify the authority, those who fired the bullets or the persons behind the incident, which came just four days after the signing of the Juba peace agreement and took place. in an area where there are no forces carrying weapons against the government and they are not unarmed.Who shot at the plane and did the competent authorities arrive?
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