Riyadh Al-Khouli .. Shakespearean prophecy led by a woman!

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It was a Friday in Cairo, a normal day that was repeated every week, when the boy washed his hands in the presence of his mother, preparing to feed her with lovely cooking, looked a little distracted, looking into his dark eyes, after them a stock of tenderness that might not have suggested to him his strong, pulsating face with a rich presence, but the mother is the only one who knows the son’s code. That family day would have been normal in Cairo had it not been for the boy. actor Riad El-Khouly and mother (and others) would give him tips that would forever change the face of his dramatic world (and ours).

Al-Khouli had just returned with an unregulated meeting with writer and screenwriter Wahid Hamed, who surprised him with two balls he suddenly threw at his gate. He has spent his fourth decade of life and a journey that lasted from the early eighties, during which he achieved relative success on stage and on television, but he did not reach the size of his talent or the size of his ambitions. his artistic. .

The two balls were as follows: a film starring in a film that today is considered one of the hallmarks of Egyptian cinema, “Birds of Darkness” (Sherif Arafa, 1998), opposite the giant of Egyptian and Arab cinema, Adel Imami.

Above all, he is an exemplary role, showing through the shortcomings and flaws of his character the virtues of the protagonist’s character, as well as presenting a very accurate narrative in a tense Egyptian and Arab time: corruption and terrorism are two sides of the same medal. .

Al-Khouli will reveal in a press conference after many years the reason for his reluctance at the time to accept the role: “A character who speaks standard Arabic all the time and is friendly with Adel Imam, who is loved by he was worried and said: It may be a great start to the movies, but the danger is that it’s a beginning and an end … at the same time.

That Friday in 1998, Waheed Hamid did not immediately succeed in convincing Al-Khouli, who remained skeptical, but it was his mother who, with the heart of unmistakable evidence, believed in his ear that he should accept this role because he would to be “benevolent”!

It was not too late for the prophecy to proclaim its news. Two years later, Riad Al-Khouli opened the new millennium, bringing with him the legacy of influential roles in the 1990s, such as the role of leader Abdel Nasser in “Umm Kulthum” (En’am Muhammad Ali, 1999) and reruns of Successful classic television films, such as “The Thief and the Dogs” (Ahmed Khader, 1998) and “Red My Heart” (Ahmed Tawfik, 1998). was a lover who did not give up the weight of his masculinity in “escaping from love” (Majdi Abu Amira, 2000) to fill the anxiety of love, this time in the strong body of a man who kills for love. Sakina “( Jamal Abdel Hamid, 2005) Here the verses of “Booze” (a popular and historical drink) will mourn, creating a complex scene, oscillating between strength and weakness, sorrow and hope, love and hate, from one second to the next. the other, at the speed of the eye.pulse.Here too, one of Al-Khouli highlights the strength of the character he wears will shine immensely: voice.

Riad Al-Khouli can manipulate the layers of his voice (taking advantage of theatrical training and extraordinary experience early in his career) making its spirit and rhythm a dramatic language in itself that enhances speech performance and features of the face.

Contrary to what may come to mind at first glance, Al-Khouli’s physical mass, which is very present, is not the first source of that charisma that amazes the viewer on screen, but rather a skill trained for manipulate the tone of voice and use it dramatically, in addition to the facial emotions that are accurately formed and quickly vary between cruelty and love, tyranny and sympathy, the power of the “caretaker” and the “hot old man” and the “popular hero” and in at the same time the “merciful father” and the “loving husband” and the mask of the strong that hides the great fragility.

In this, he appears closer to Shakespearean sincerity, embodying the spirit of the characters of Russian literature he loves and talking about them in his advice, asking for more of her novels to come to the screen. In his acting skills, polished by days and years of experience, the owner of “Blood Chains”, “Devil’s Gardens” and “Fatwa” mentions the talent of a great giant, Mahmoud El-Meligy, as well as Mahmoud Yassin in his last dramatic roles at an advanced age.

Those tools, with a coherent text and direction, enabled him to jump within a few months from the brilliance of Riad Abu al-Dhahab in “Ayyam” (Mohammed Osama, 2021) with his two pieces in a huge avalanche of talents under horror. the sky of “Lake Ghamm” (Hussain Al-Manbawi, 2022) In the character of “Ajami” the ruler of the island and the “guardian” of his people.

As he approaches his seventies, Riad Al-Khouli is enjoying the star and his first name in the artwork “Subtitles”, as well as praise from the public and business critics, in a biography of the absolute championships he grabbed. Twenty years ago … But another shows that he is approaching the third stage because of the brilliance of an actor with an overwhelming presence on screen and a human being Amer heart with love. A love like what wise mothers sow in the hearts of their children and they continue .. successfully!


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