Loujain Omran admits he attempted suicide!

Saudi broadcaster Loujain Omran announced that she had attempted suicide earlier, during her arrival as a guest on broadcaster Ali Al-Olayani on the stage program.

Loujain tha:

(I tried to commit suicide with pills at the age of seventeen and I was young at the time because of my marital problems and I did not want my parents to know, and everything was like a dream until I accepted the equipment and accepted. That I had done a terrible mistake and I regretted it).

About suicide:

Suicide is scientifically regarded as internal aggression so that life becomes horrible and frightening and suicide has no solution other than suicide.

Suicide, as it is scientifically defined, means deliberately getting rid of yourself. Opinions differ on the question of whether suicide reflects its owner’s courage, or is it the result of cowardice and his failure to address and cope with his problems, or genetic inheritance?

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But contrary to popular belief that a person typically faces this condition at an advanced stage of his or her life, a recently published study showed that thinking about eliminating oneself can begin very early in life, as teens can start thinking about suicide in high school. period or even earlier.

suicidal ideation

The results of the study showed that a large number of adolescents thought about suicide and even attempted to commit suicide before enrolling in high school. The researchers found that suicide in adolescence and childhood is closely linked to depression in adolescents at the time of suicide.

The study showed that patients who end up with mental illness or mental illness start having symptoms as early as the preparatory stage of school, which led developed countries to start mental health and psychotherapy programs early and before the high school stage.

psychological load

The study monitored the medical history of these children at the time they attempted suicide and compared it to what is known as the Depression Score (CCC), and found that suicidal ideation increases at times when the depression index increases, that is, during periods when the adolescent suffers from various psychological frustrations, which should be taken very seriously and not neglected, as its consequences are very dangerous, and can be avoided if parents pay attention to the mental health of their children.

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It is known that adolescence is one of the most psychologically difficult stages of life and is the period during which the child begins to transform into a young adult, as well as the many physiological changes that occur to the adolescent, which are necessarily associated with psychological. changes, where anxiety and confusion dominate the adolescent life and suffers from lack of social adjustment as well as sexual maturity and tends to act like a mature person and tends to stay away from advice, especially from father and mother, on how to behave in life his.

The adolescent at this age tries to rely entirely on himself, but certainly lacks life experience, even in the case of using friends of the same age, and they lack experience, and the adolescent also tends to experience a lot of things that are considered forbidden. , as he thinks these experiences enter him into the adult world, such as smoking, alcohol consumption or even drug abuse, and according to this study, adolescent suicide represents a very dangerous phenomenon, especially in western societies. and death by suicide in the 15- to 24-year-old age group is the third most important cause of death after accidents and deaths from violence.

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While the suicide rate for girls is twice as high as for boys, the death rate or successful suicide attempts for boys are four times higher than for girls, probably because boys use more deadly methods. , such as the use of firearms if any, jumping from heights or hanging, while girls tend to use other methods such as taking excessive doses of medication or attempts to cut the arteries of the hand.

dangerous classes

It is necessary to recognize adolescents who are more vulnerable than others to suicide attempts, as the adolescent, surrounded by family attention, friends, and religious education, can overcome the psychological problems he or she faces, and perhaps the most dangerous groups for exposure. to suicide attempts are:

Those who suffer from depression and psychological frustration (in fact, 95 percent of those who attempt suicide commit depression and psychological problems).
Adolescents who use alcohol, drugs or narcotics.
Those who feel worthless and hopeless as a result of repeated failure in something like school or in a romantic relationship.

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Poverty and unemployment are also important causes in societies in which class is clear and evident, as well as rapid cultural change and the inability of individuals to adapt to them.
All those who have a family history, as the rate of depression increases in adolescents who have previously had one of their parents exposed to depression or have attempted suicide, as there may be a genetic factor that increases the chances of psychological frustration.
Adolescents who have attempted suicide before are more likely than others to commit suicide.
Those who have been subjected to an attempted assault, whether physical or sexual.

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Warning signs: There are warning signs that parents should be aware of for those who think about suicide, such as:

Talking often about his desire to die or that he will die soon, or talking about death in general.
Staying away from family and friends and restraining from participating in activities and events he did.
Difficulty concentrating and thinking, changing eating and sleeping behaviors.
Destructive behaviors such as alcohol or drug abuse or speeding.
Biological theorists also believe the reason is due to low serotonin levels, as evidenced by autopsies that have worked on suicides.

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Parents should carefully monitor these changes and intervene to protect the adolescent and try to contain them and open channels of dialogue between them and the adolescent, especially if the adolescent trusts the parents and does not underestimate his or her problems, however small and ineffective. it seems. For example, failing in a romantic relationship or losing a close friend may not seem like a big problem to parents, but they should be aware that they appreciate the extent of his suffering because reducing the size of the problem and making it it makes him feel insignificant, adds to grief and depression and thus adds to the problem.

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The Blue Whale Game 50 Challenges The Blue Whale Game is causing panic among a number of governments and competent authorities, as it led to Russia, in particular, pushing 130 teenagers to commit suicide.

The game is based on strange rules. When a teenager enrolls in the game, he starts taking messages through it, for example, asking him to watch horror movies constantly and waking up at 4:20 a.m. every day and hitting them . feet and wrists with a needle, knife or any sharp object to draw a painting of a whale. On the 50th day of in-game subscription, the player commits suicide and must also send proof with the image that succeeds in all challenges.

Parents need to take care of their children and make them feel loved and spread religious and moral values ​​to protect them from the dangers of depression and frustration.

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