Invitations to occasions .. from seeming simplicity and exaggeration

Invitations for occasions and celebrations have come a long way, which went from simplicity to savings and cost, and shifted from the concept of being content with a general invitation that bothered people flocking to meet willingly, for become like a burden by turning it into the concept of an individual personal invitation that guests often insist on receiving, otherwise they boycott the case, and perhaps even its owner.

With this transformation, event invitations have become an additional burden to be taken into account in the event balance sheet or budget.

Show and show

Social worker Muhammad Balharith believes that “participating in events, whether through a public or personal invitation, is one of the things that drive social harmony and cohesion and everyone should initiate it, especially when it comes to family, relatives, friends and colleagues. ”

He added, “There have been no invitations in the past, like the one we are seeing now. It was often enough for someone to announce that someone had an occasion and mention her date so that his relatives, friends and acquaintances and loved ones flocked to attend it, and invitations in the past were characterized by ease and lack of financial cost, and many were cutting spaces for its presence and its owner’s participation, but it has been transformed in recent years and has become invitation cards that deviated from its primary purpose in reporting, to become a new field to be exposed and exaggerated and displayed on social networks, and is no longer limited to cardboard – cardboard – but is already and aluminum and sheets, etc., and every person can attain joy and happiness in his social occasions, the chief of which is marriage, without putting himself under the guillotine of excessive spending and false appearances, and without fallen under the burden of i bribing others and being afraid of their appearance, judgments and criticisms and without complicating their mobilization from all sides and does not justify them, and their schedules are full of the burdens of life. ”

social appearance

Mana Al Qamari, a man in his fifties, says that “invitations are a social phenomenon, but they differed between the past and the present. He represents others at the door of the one who has honored you with the invitation, so honor him with the answer. “

He adds: “Now, it has become a financial and family burden and has distributed more than one invitation to the same family or co-workers, as each of them wants to receive his personal invitation independently, and these invitations are made a burden also on those who sent them, as he must return the presence of the guest. ” For his case in the presence of a case for the latter, even if the separation between them is long. And all this, unlike in the past, things were going simply, beautifully and comfortably without being forced to attend and participate. ”

many changes

Abdullah Al Abbas, who is also in his fifties, says: “In the past, there were many very beautiful habits that depended on love, affection, honesty, honesty and respect / and being polite and unpretentious, like p .sh. without being limited to the invitation to attend weddings, circumcisions, or the exchange of dignity among members of society. So the person in charge of the case would inform a person from the tribe or group that would be honored and invite them to attend and participate in that case, and he in turn informs them by saying so and so greets you and you invites you to participate in such an event, specifying the place and time, completing your greetings and welcoming everyone, so everyone responds and participates with love and comfort, now unfortunately the situation has changed, the way of invitation has changed, people’s psychology and habits have changed for the worse as things have gotten complicated and these invitations have become costly. in effort, money and thought. His sons, and he does not accept it from others, so there was distance, difficulty and arrogance beyond what is necessary. ”

joy and acceptance

Yahya Al-Sama adds: “Life in the past was characterized by simplicity, and everyone rejoiced to attend an event, and the occasional owners themselves rejoiced at the arrival of all, but today we do not attend except by personal invitation , and even the event owners now determine who will attend by inviting him, and they reject those who do not. ” “They invite him.”

He added, “I remember when we were young a circumcision case was held in Al-Jerba, and I lived in Al-Faisaliah and I was not more than 14 years old. In scary places, especially in those where palms are gathered. , where at that time there was no lighting and the night was dark and terrifying at the time, but our intention to attend even without receiving an invitation made our way easy, but that was from the past, but today we do not take part in a case until after To be called by card or contact, and only if the case was for a relative or loved one, and the cases themselves changed, because the people themselves cooked dinner, prepared coffee and tea and served “The guests themselves. without growing up, but today cooking in restaurants, cafes and tea is in the hands of workers who may not know how to prepare coffee and not serve it according to social customs.”

Variations of event invitations

the past

It was simple and easy

the present

Expensive and expensive

Suffice it to report

It can be done by proxy

A personal invitation is required

Must be issued by the invitation owner

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