Inspirational marriages in the history of writing

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Many of the emotional and marital relationships that connected creators from around the world seem like a novel full of events, details and twists of life. What united the writer and the writer is literature as a common interest; So many of those relationships were inspiring between the two parties.

We often find that one wrote about the other in a creative context, or the relationship produced a common composition that enriched the cultural movement in the place to which each belongs.

The West knew many of the romantic relationships and marriages that writers had in common; On the contrary, some of them expressed a full creative current that had an influence that pervaded the whole world, and in some cases the intellectual and creative bond was so strong that the specific writer was mentioned only in relation to his life partner or twin soul. It is rare for anyone to come up with a biography of the philosopher and writer Jean-Paul Sartre (1905). 1980) without addressing the relationship he had with his friend in thought and literature, Simone de Beauvoir (1908 1986), which combined the two was greater than those traditional emotional relationships; Rather, a creative, intellectual, and cultural interdependence merged into a single vision of existence and the world, and there was a great deal of harmony between them.

Despite the many worries that passed, their relationship remained stable for five decades and this connection had a major impact on thought and creativity in the twentieth century; On the contrary, she became an inspiration to many philosophers and writers who came after them, and Sartre had a strong admiration for his companion and highly valued her abilities in the fields she touched, be it thought or literature, while de Beauvoir always she looked at Sartre with respect, and she had a great admiration for his high intellectual and creative abilities. She always said, “How narrow is my little world when compared to Sartre’s rich world.” She accompanied him until the last moments, for which he wrote a book entitled “Farewell Ceremony”.

dementia and suicide

Among the relationships known to British literary circles was the love and marriage story that brought together writer Virginia Woolf (1882 1941) and writer Leonard Woolf (1880 1969), who was the author and journalist of some of the most famous autobiographical writers and had a number of novels. , while Virginia was one of the icons of modern twentieth-century literature and one of the first to use flow consciousness as a method of narrative. They married in 1912, and became influential in the Bloomsbury group, which included a group of British artists and writers living near London in the early twentieth century. Great successes in the world of writing and narrative creativity; On the contrary, the devoted husband was not content to stand by his beloved only in the days of success; On the contrary, she was also attacked by attacks of obsession, anxiety and madness, and those were very difficult days for the couple’s life that ended with Virginia ending her life by drowning in a river after leaving a letter to her husband and her friend in a river. the way of literature and life saying: “All I want to say is that I owe you all the happiness of my life, I do not think a couple can be happier than us.”

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British cultural circles also witnessed the great relationship that brought together the philosopher, literary critic and theater George Henry Lewis (1817-1878) and the novelist Mary Anne Evans (1819-1880), who wrote for a long time on behalf of George Eliot, regarding the heavy social traditions and customs in the Victorian era, which also affected the relationship that united George and Mary, but they rebelled against the social frameworks and restrictions imposed at that time to win love, their relationship and the bilateral that united them in the rehabilitation of writing until they became one of the most recognizable names in English literature, and George stood by his wife, who showed that he excelled in the field of novels and translation. of philosophical works, and contributed greatly to the continuation of her literary activity.

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One of the most well-known and well-established relationships in American literary circles is that between the writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald (1896 1940) and his wife, the author Zelda Sayre (1900 1948), and they were among the most prominent and prominent stars in society. American. in the twenties and thirties of the last century. Both were born into two wealthy families; He is the son of a small bourgeois family and she is the daughter of a High Court judge in Alabama. They were united by literary interest and love, so they got married in 1920, but their relationship after the marriage went through stormy ups and downs due to the differences that arose between them, the frequent movements and travels in their lives, and the wife exposed to several periods of madness and he wrote each of them about their lives and relationships in two separate books, where Zelda wrote a book entitled “Give Me a Waltz”, while Fitzgerald wrote the novel “Nets Dreamy”, which it also deals with their lives together.

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