Hiring 211 Bahrain and leaving the services of 434 foreigners since 2019

Editor of Parliamentary Affairs:

The Ministry of Transport and Communications said Gulf Air has given up the services of 434 foreigners in the company since 2019, while employing 211 Bahrainis during the same period, with 94 Bahrainis in 2019, 62 Bahrainis in 2021, in addition to 55 people. in the current year 2022, and the ministry stated in a memorandum to the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission that Gulf Air, in the relevant period (2019-2021), promoted 336 employees, which resulted in an increase in their total salaries of 80,295 Bahraini dinars. The ratio was 58% to 71%, and the ministry stated that the company was able to increase the percentage of Bahrainis with a steady increase in the work of an aircraft captain, as the percentage increased from 37% in 2019 to 65% in 2021, and the plan will continue to promote Bahrainis occupying the position of assistant first pilot, who meets the conditions and criteria required for the position of an airplane captain.

She added that the percentage of Bahrainis in the positions of “first co-pilot” and “second co-pilot” has reached 100% at the moment.

She revealed that the company intends to launch a series of recruitment campaigns in the Kingdom of Bahrain during this year and the coming years to allow those wishing Bahrain to apply for employment to increase the percentage of Bahrainis in the work of the “cabin crew”, putting in note that the percentage of Bahrainis at work reached about 23 in 2019%, and increased in 2020 to 33% and reached 37% in the previous year 2021.

She said the company has employed a total of 31 Bahrainis in the position of aircraft maintenance technician, as 5 Bahrainis were appointed in 2019 and 26 Bahrainis during the first quarter of 2020, according to the defined plan, and the percentage of Bahrainization. in 2019 it was about 91%, and the percentage increased to 95% In 2020, the percentage reached 97% in 2021.

She stated that the company had signed three agreements with Tamkeen for pilot training and the employment of a group of interns for the co-pilot position, in order to qualify them through theoretical and practical training and gain experience by taking the necessary hours of training. flight to be promoted. in leadership positions in this field as captain, coach or examiner, which is positively reflected in their employment and social status, including the increase of their salaries, noting that the number of beneficiaries of these three agreements was 134 Bahrain.

She added that the company has been working to increase the percentage of Bahrainis in the hospitality staff, as the company periodically and continuously announces the existence of vacancies to hire Bahraini staff, the last of which was the announcement in local newspapers about the opening of door to. employment for 100 Bahrainis.

Regarding Gulf Air’s plan to replace Bahrain in important and senior administrative positions, the ministry said the company has developed a five-year “five-year” strategy through five basic steps, the first step of which was to identify about 115 key positions. administrative leadership. and sensitive and critical positions held by foreigners or foreign nationals.The company does not have the necessary Bahraini expertise to fill it in the near future.

She added, “In the second step, a group of employees was identified as part of the legacy plan to take on managerial, administrative and operational responsibilities for sensitive jobs, which included 103 Bahraini employees. Treat him before he takes over the responsibilities. of new employees. position. “

She said that the third and next step will be through which individual development plans will be developed for each employee according to the results of performance evaluation tests and competencies and the annual performance evaluation of the employee. This is to develop his skills and enable him the expertise needed to develop his performance at work and to qualify him to take higher job positions, while the fourth step, which is planned to take place between 2022 and 2024, will be done in collaboration with “Tamkeen” and Gulf Aviation Academy to support initiatives for the development and development of national staff, through a series of advanced training and qualification programs Regarding the fifth step, which will be after the completion of the full qualification cycle of the heritage plan, where the individual abilities of all offspring will be assessed to ensure the effectiveness of the training and development programs offered to them, and this will be during the years 2024 and 2025, and in relation to lawsuits filed against the company in connection with “unfair dismissal”, the ministry said.There are 7 cases that have been declared as “unfair dismissal” since 2019, out of 28 issues raised against the company.

“Transport”: reduction of Gulf Air losses to 77 million dinars in 2021

The Ministry of Transport and Communications said that Gulf Air losses amounted to 38 million dinars in 2019 compared to 91.9 million dinars in 2020.

She said the company has been able to adapt to volatile conditions and reduce current losses in 2021 to 77 million dinars, compared to the losses expected during budget preparation, which is 122 million dinars.

And she considered that these losses are not only good results – compared to the losses of other airlines in the region – but they are also significant results compared to previous years.

She stressed that the Corona pandemic led to world change and significant air travel disruption, which led to the bankruptcy or restructuring of several companies around the world, and Gulf airlines witnessed the worst crisis in their history.

The ministry confirmed that Gulf Air is constantly working to increase revenue and reduce costs, and has prepared a plan aimed at reducing losses and improving revenue, and that the company has improved its performance last year by 63% compared to the approved budget for 2019 and an expectation of 43% compared to the approved budget for 2021.

39 stations of overseas companies worldwide

The Ministry of Transport and Communications said Gulf Air is currently traveling to 39 overseas stations spread around the world.

Regarding the criteria for the selection of these stations, the Ministry said that the company approves a number of criteria, more pronounced population density, economic importance, its shopping center, ease of access, the expected number of passengers to and from these points, in addition to potential income. She said the company is working in coordination with the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority to put Bahrain on the world tourism map.

4666 passengers daily on Gulf Air flights in 2021

The Ministry of Transport and Communications said that the number of Gulf Air police performs 49 flights per day and 345 flights per week, according to statistics for 2021.

And she stated that the average number of passengers per day on her flights is 4666 people, according to 2021 statistics. Statistics show a decrease in the number of flights and passengers compared to 2019 before the Corona pandemic. , where the average number of passengers per day on Gulf Air flights was 17,638 thousand people, and the number of flights was 149 flights per day, 1043 per week.

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