He recalled with “Al-Watan” his evil memories .. d. Saeed Al-Sammak: Wisdom Association was created to touch the feelings of retirees and achieve their aspirations

The beauty of Ramadan in worship and the continuation of social relations ..

I was helping my mother “hit the puree”

Our first cooking in Ramadan was a “tragedy”.

Preparing the Ramadan meal is my mission

15 dinars the value of the scholarship

50 dinars is the first salary I received

Samaher Seif El Yazal

The love for the homeland he kept in his heart since he was a child, from the children of the generation in which the child was growing up fast, where his personality traits appeared early, was characterized by the enthusiastic and patriotic spirit, he. never ceased to adopt Arab tendencies and tendencies in his children, generation after generation.

Dr. Saeed Al-Sammak, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Al-Hikma Association for Pensioners, recalled with Al-Watan his vicious memories and reviewed the most salient stages of his life.

Below is the text of the meeting:

Tell us about your birth and upbringing and what are your most vivid childhood memories?

– I was born in the Mukhareqa neighborhood “heart” of the capital, Manama, in 1952. My childhood was full of misery within “Al-Farij”. There was then a tendency for teams to integrate under the umbrella of the Youth and Sports Union in the 1960s, and the teams came together within the Algiers Club.

We lived through a period of intense conflict between the Arabs and Israel, especially the 1967 war, and we experienced its psychological and intellectual effects in the Arab world, especially in Bahrain. We recorded the names of the volunteers, and it was simply an unrealistic procedure that created in us a sense of participation and this period is regarded as a glorious history for this generation.

Tell us about your most prominent memories of Ramadan .. At what age did you start fasting?

– I started practicing Ramadan rituals at the age of 6, as Bahrainis generally practice rituals with family regardless of age, and Ramadan has a special pride for us, because in our generation and youth we have had many games. special. we expect to finish the fast to play, e.g. “killing”, and “grakhijas” in addition to simple and primitive sports, such as basketball and volleyball, and wandering in the nearby “Al Furjan” and us. remained in a state of play, beating and racing in various games.

In addition, there were lessons in advice, Qur’anic teachings, and we waited for the nearest assembly to complete the Qur’an, to deal with suhoor, and then we learned and practiced reading, in an environment that did not exceed the boundaries of space. geographical narrow stretching from Farij Al-Hatab to the castle, which is free from the transport, which We moved between them individually.

Remember an unforgettable situation?

– Manama intervened with the non-Arab brothers, especially in the area of ​​Al-Mashbar and Al-Qalaa, and tried to intervene to influence our Arab national activity spontaneously and involuntarily, which made us work as confrontational crowds, and we would deal with them in battles and get supplies from the firewood team and the bath team, and for us there was a fight in those days that was considered battle and hand-to-hand combat and it was an attempt to draw in highlight our nationalism and Arab affiliations.

Likewise, we do not forget our fight and our confrontation with the British army that was in the area of ​​the castle, and there were half-confrontations from afar that happened instinctively and we tried in every way to draw their attention that We were present, a person specialist knocked on the column and then we spread and disappeared from near the area in an attempt to provoke the soldiers.

How did the first Ramadan differ from today’s Ramadan?

Ramadan was spontaneous and simple, practiced by parents exchanging meals and visits, and the houses were all open and connected, and we were allowed to sleep in the houses of the neighbors, and spontaneity was the dominant factor in the atmosphere of Ramadan, and the council was simple and sparse.

Ramadan today is more beautiful and its beauty lies in the continuation of family and brotherly relations and the recitation of the Qur’an has become more widespread and in more congregations.

Today, Bahrain is considered one of the most extensive places in performing Ramadan rituals. During Ramadan, all the people of Bahrain become one family, and all the councils are one, and there is competition to visit the largest number of councils and to read overnight. of different ages, and hospitality is always present from after breakfast until near suhoor, And we leave the areas to become a large area.

What is your Ramadan routine?

– I had a special advice for Ramadan since the eighties and it was special for reciting the Qur’an and it had a special reader in it. We seek by encouraging children to read and memorize the Qur’an and I have received this. group to learn recitation, and we filled out the Quran twice a month, and I was famous for stamping out half of Ramadan that she was preparing has financially and psychologically, as it became famous for my guests to enjoy all kinds of fish that I supervised myself and prepared with my wife and I made fish covered in the Iraqi way and tried to keep going, but after the 2000s it stopped.

Since my childhood I have been attached to my mother in the kitchen and my hobby was “beating the puree” and in old age I distributed the “absence” of breakfast every day in a number of family homes. , friends and neighbors.

Cooking is my hobby, and because of my stay abroad for periods of time and my studies, and I like to cook dishes that contain the same house, and cook all kinds of cooking and what I remember as our first cooking during school The days in Iraq at the beginning of Ramadan in 1968 were a tragedy, “She was living and turning into dough, and I get a rash.” It was a big hassle and we gradually got used to it, and I think most men love to cook and go to the kitchen to help their wives.

Nowadays they do not allow me much to enter the kitchen, because I am a “devil”, so I prepare the table, prepare the fruit and help with chips.

Tell us about your university studies … and your direction?

– My start was at the Faculty of Law in Baghdad 1968, and I received a scholarship from the Republic of Iraq, and most Bahraini students received such grants, about 300 students spent their studies in the Iraqi government, the grant was 15 Iraqi dinars, and was awarded as follows: Then 5 dinars are my personal expenses, 5 dinars for renting apartments and 5 dinars I saved in Rafidain Bank.

What about your entry into the military faculty?

– I had a great desire to enter the Military College and received an official letter from His Highness the Crown Prince to study the army in Iraq and I still keep this letter, but unfortunately I did not get the approval to join the college; Because he determines that those who are registered in it are Baathists or approved by the Baathist authorities, and all my attempts to get mediators to join without this condition failed, so I went to submit the documents of my at the Military College of Kuwait and Syria and returned to study law in Baghdad.

During my studies in Baghdad, I heard about Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s visit to Baghdad as a guest of former President Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr in 1969. My friends and I decided to visit him at the Palace of Flowers, and we met and talked to him about my problem, he was very open and assured me that we are all people of the region, one, one bay and one Arab state, and the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs ordered to be followed up on this issue , Lieutenant General Hardan Al-Tikriti forwarded my request and the Director of Operations Colonel Muhammad Ali ordered the necessary procedures for my entry into Baghdad when he saw in me great enthusiasm for it, and I was admitted and entered the Military College in Baghdad, was I specially trained to catch up with the students after the course had started, and graduated from college in 1971 and graduated in military and administrative sciences, as a lieutenant specializing in artillery, and returned to Bahrain.

When did you start your first job and what was it .. and what was your first salary?

– I returned to Bahrain, and my first job after graduation was in 72 in a project and contracting company, and I was a supervisor of employees and workers and I was multiple in this job, where I recorded the entry and exit of workers after I was preparing their salary, and the salaries were rewarding, paid every two weeks, as the professional physical work achieves good salaries, as the average salary was from 250 to 300 dinars, which made some students in the preparation and secondary stages join in these jobs because of these salaries.

I then got a job in Beirut, representing a Bahraini office in Lebanon for projects and contracts, and stayed there for 5 years, and there I studied law and continued my relationship until 1977.

My first salary was 50 dinars, I give it to my father, God’s mercy, 40 dinars, and I leave 10 dinars as private expenses.

Creating wisdom for retirees, ideas and future goals, and what is your role in all of this?

– The association was established and founded in 1991 when a prominent group of Gulf national personalities met and discussed the importance of establishing an association that adopts the health, psychological and social issues of retirees, who were chosen by God Almighty beside him. and ran. by the late His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalid Al Khalifa and the late Yusef Ahmed Al-Shirawi, Dr. Abdul-Ghaffar Al-Alawi, director of the pension fund.

Among the objectives of creating wisdom for retirees, mention the collection and organization of efforts of retired public, private and military employees, efforts to provide health and social care for members, providing experts from the ranks of members and retirees of the association according to the needs of market, and trying to give many privileges to retirees in cooperation with state and civil authorities and constitutional bodies.

My first founders aspired to realize their vision in founding the association, as I was the founder and leader of the labor organization at the time and that was my request, it compensated me that I went to realize my dream and it has been largely realized.

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