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Expo 2020 Dubai: Soumia Saad

Dubai embraces the world at Expo 2020 and puts it in your hands, so that visitors can enjoy dishes in all languages, which is a carnival phenomenon that offers the best varieties rich in the most beautiful colors and delicious flavors that pamper the senses of gourmets of different nationalities, cultures and identities. Distinguished guests who came to Dubai from continents of the world, food lovers and food lovers in one place, they found at the Expo, 200 food items, 50 kitchens and a number of restaurants inside the pavilions so that everyone can compete in the presentation of their country. meals and their presentation in the rest of the countries, in a unique experience that beats the hearts of food lovers, especially in light of this wide range of different flavors and different cooking styles from around the world.

Expo 2020 offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy new, unique and luxurious cuisine, to satisfy all tastes, at prices that suit everyone.

The foods at the Expo have a special taste and flavor. The atmosphere is diverse and includes a variety of different foods and dishes from all the places offered to visitors. The increase in the number of international restaurants and cafes complements the tastes of visitors of different nationalities, in addition to enjoying delicious food in suites.

Restaurants are witnessing a huge demand to buy the food that is in demand, as safety standards and health requirements are met, and behind this effort stands the Municipality of Dubai, which continues its efforts by inspecting food outlets and restaurants, outside the attention of the Food Control Department to the health of visitors to the food establishments at the Expo.

specialized foods

There are a number of specialties offering specialized food, including the Flavors of the Future restaurant, which offers a personalized dining experience inspired by Gulf cuisine, allowing you to enjoy Middle Eastern flavors as well. to experience the cultures of the region and its unique style of serving international cuisine.

This experience offers food lovers a variety of special foods and items offered by the restaurant “Flavors of the Future” and supervised by a team of renowned chefs, combining popular flavors with exotic flavors, such as karak tea, strawberry cheesecake and hazelnuts. .

Other restaurants came to offer vegetarians a special place, which is the only vegetarian place within “Terra”, which also includes “Figd”, a vegetarian restaurant open all day for the famous chef Matthew Kenny, as well as the “Exist” restaurant. by Chef Kenny, who brings She has a vegan approach to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, and gives her a touch of traditional dishes.

Emirates Restaurants

Emirati restaurants with their delicious and varied cuisine came out in front of millions of visitors to exhibit the famous Emirati dishes, which were very popular.

In the “sustainability” zone, Turkish and Greek restaurants serve the most delicious international cuisine inspired by Mediterranean flavors, wonderful Japanese and South American flavors, as well as delicious Italian cuisine. You should enjoy the most delicious Mediterranean cuisine, which includes various types of authentic Pizza, meat dishes, pasta and delicious tiramisu, Restaurants serving vegetarian food, including simple meals like pizza and hamburgers, have impressed the most discerning flavors.

As for the “mobility” area, the Adrift Burger Bar has embraced David’s California roots and footage of his travels is clearly visible on the menu.

And not just the tastes, but the Food Safety Department of the City of Dubai took care of the daily inspection of all the food establishments and restaurants on display.

Meet visitor requirements

Engineer Daoud Al-Hajri, General Manager of Dubai Municipality, confirmed that the municipality is working with its outstanding efforts to make “Expo 2020” a success, in fulfilling all the necessary services for visitors, including restaurants distributed at the Expo, where there are more than 200 food items inspected daily. He stressed that the Municipality of Dubai ensures the monitoring and inspection of all food and snacks provided in the village in accordance with the health requirements approved by it, to maintain the safety of the villagers and that it has made distinct efforts in preserving the environment and environment and cleanliness of the country, in addition to awareness activities and events organized by the municipality to spread its awareness message to the community.Through the presence of countries around the world, with the aim of preserving the outstanding reputation of the Emirate of Dubai and its. leadership in the field of food safety and in the interest of continuous development and improvement of the services it provides to the department for different segments of society, as Dubai has become one of the important cities that plays an important role in the field of trade and security of food.

The food facilities at Expo 2020 are classified into two parts, the facilities within the pavilions of international countries and the food trade facilities, where the global pavilions were previously equipped with the health requirements for food safety followed in the Municipality of Dubai to ensure compliance with their application, except this. for the training of health workers and supervisors through communication technology.Visible before the start of the event.

Best practices

Sultan Ali Al-Taher, Director of the Food Safety Department, said the department is committed to providing everything new to food institutions in order to achieve international best practices and adhere to the implementation of the basic requirements set by law. and food control legislation. to guarantee the health and safety of community members.

The department also monitors food coming from outlets in order to display these products in the country pavilions to ensure that these products are registered in the registration and classification system, in addition to ensuring that the products comply with the specifications. Observations through the Food Watch program.

As for the food trade objects inside the Expo pavilions, they have knowledge of all the procedures and requirements followed, and all the requirements were explained through video communication, pre-event awareness meetings and in coordination with the Expo administration. and highly qualified team was selected for the exhibition, where inspection team shifts start before the start of the exhibition by opening its doors until midnight, and on weekdays and public holidays, the shifts last until the early hours of the morning. and procedures provide for routine inspection. and ensure that the implementation of international best practices in food safety during the preparation, cooking, preparation, thermal storage, hygiene, sterilization, service and disposal operations of waste, all food chain steps and follow-up All the time It should also be noted that inside the exhibition there is a mobile laboratory to examine food samples taken from food establishments by the food sample collection team to check, guarantee and guarantee the safety of locally traded foods for exhibition.

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