Behavioral changes in adolescence – George Isaac

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 December 2020 – 21:10 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 December 2020 – 21:10

I was very hurt by what happened to the child of trafficking and how things came to be tried in the reformer, and it all happened in the absence of child custody in adolescence, so let the parents bear this crime. especially since riding with children in affluent families includes children with others, especially tuk-tuk riders everywhere and no one has criminalized or hindered them.
Adolescence is the age that separates childhood and adulthood. Adolescence can begin at age 13 and end at age 19. This stage is one of the most important stages of a person’s life because it is a transitional period from childhood to youth, and includes many aspects and physical, mental, emotional and social phenomena. Therefore, parents are required to monitor their son at this stage until he becomes a normal human being. We need to monitor his behavior regarding himself and his outward appearance, whether or not he has psychological compatibility, his relationships with family members, and his relationships with society. These are very important, as hormonal changes and neurological developments affect behavior. At this stage the adolescent needs someone who understands and can communicate with him. There should be a good relationship between the adolescent and the parents. And that there must be an ongoing dialogue and patience to accept the adolescent’s wishes.
As for women, the appearance of the menstrual cycle causes fear, annoyance or sometimes even joy. This event must be faced objectively, a physiological explanation of the reasons for this event and the girl’s assurance that this is a natural thing, not to be ashamed and to face it with courage.
How can we deal with all of this between informing teens about new means of communication and getting misleading information about it! We need to be aware of this danger.
One of the phenomena of this phase is that the teenager gets angry quickly and faces more violence and anger from the parents, so we should calmly recognize this anger. Because at this stage he tries to get rid of the personality of the child within him and tries to convince others that he has grown up, so he begins to try to free himself from addiction and submit to the orders of parents, school and adults and create for a special world in itself, should we leave the adolescent in this state of rebellion? Or rather meet him and give him some freedom of movement! Giving him responsibility for himself and letting him express himself and his feelings, and this requires the parents to communicate emotionally .. If the parents continue to ignore what is happening to the teenager, it is very easy for his friends to accept drugs and behave completely contrary to what parents want. At this stage we are required to conquer his thoughts by training him for various skills and sports activities for what he wants and accepts in order to have psychological stability.
One of the most important stages is his perspective on women, a very important and dangerous topic. If we punish him for associating this behavior at such a young age, its consequences will be unhealthy. How do we deal with this problem? Giving more love from parents, discussing these issues with them and gaining their trust by not hiding these relationships.
The environment in our Egyptian society has an important role..the role of the school comes.In the old days in schools there was a social worker who listened to the problems of children and tried to solve them. Among the dangerous environments that we hope the Ministry of Education, as it calls itself, looks at seeing what is happening in Upper Egypt, this environment has a lot to do with women. We have experience in the schools of the General Secretariat of Catholic Schools that we have done a research on the suffering of women in this age group and we have called it (Discovery Program) and we have hired teachers from abroad so that the girls do not feel embarrassed. , and we monitored a lot of pain, imbalance and hardship for these girls of this age group because no one listens to them or solves their problems and even mocks them in every behavior they do … Does this make a young man being like do they break our heads day and night?
I hope that all the media, instead of what is published in vain, will pay attention to this issue and sociologists meet in a conference to discuss this issue, what are the conditions of adolescence in Egypt and how to deal with it unprecedented moral disorder. . The phenomenon of child trafficking is not the only one in Egypt, but it is widespread throughout the Republic. What happened to the traffic kid is a method of proving himself, he did not think long before taking this job that it is something dangerous. But he sees only the benefits of that behavior and does not see its negatives, except the result of chaos and lack of care and pursuit up to drug use!
From all of the above, we see that socialization is one of the most important things that helps to overcome this stage, and we note well that he tends to the opposite sex and this tendency affects his pattern of behavior, and we should we get this. account until it passes from adolescence to adulthood. We help her get rid of the negative feelings that accompany the physiological changes of adolescence because this stage can lead to severe psychological crises like depression, boredom and loneliness! We need to share with them their pain and joys and how to prevent them from thinking that they see any authority over them as backward.
As well as suffering from sexual problems, which we must learn how to deal with this issue with explanations and clarifications and without shame for women and boys. We have repeated many times that sex education should be taught in schools on a scientific basis and through doctors and not to look at very conservative sex issues, they have no experience in this field.
One of the important things that parents should keep in mind is to pay attention to the teenager’s food and his intake of important minerals. The problem of the afternoon is eating fast food, it should be reduced as much as possible and not to neglect breakfast and eat cereals and fresh fruits. Parents should be role models and share children’s meals with them, encourage them and not give them any notes during the meal because it makes them do the opposite.
This is a very important issue, we as educators should all take care of it and do it as much as we can and dedicate ourselves to this issue because this is the first building block for the Egyptian character.

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