Al-Suqur neighborhood .. 15 years without services

A state of suffering and dissatisfaction experienced by residents of the Al-Suqur neighborhood in the city of Hofuf; As a result of poor services, and the lack of basic neighborhood projects, including dirt roads that are not yet included in the asphalt projects, as well as the lack of lighting that leaves the “hawks” in complete darkness at night. . to lack of schools, lack of water, lack of sewerage networks and poor communication networks, low level of hygiene, spread of stray dogs and insects, in addition to obsession with sand dunes surrounding roads.

A number of residents explained to Al-Youm that the 15-year-old neighborhood, which has had a growing turnout, has recently suffered from a lack of basic services, stressing that they have repeatedly asked the relevant authorities to pay attention to the situation. of the neighborhood. problems and work to address them unanswered.

Unpaved roads, potholes and swamps

Citizen Mazkr Al-Qahtani said that the Al-Suqur neighborhood in Hofuf suffers from accumulated crises, mostly from the lack of asphalting and paving works, as the roads suffer a lot from excavations, which affects vehicles and traffic in general, and suffering add in winter seasons, with rains Forms lakes and swamps.

He added: The neighborhood is marking an increasing participation of citizens and despite our numerous appeals to officials to pay attention to the neighborhood and address the problems it suffers, so far we have not received an effective response.

He continued: The neighborhood needs street lighting, as as soon as night falls, it turns into complete darkness, which poses suffering and danger at the same time, not to mention the lack of afforestation, the spread of sand dunes surrounding the roads and excavations. roads.

He added that the neighborhood also suffers from a lack of schools, forcing parents to enroll their children in schools away from the neighborhood, pointing out that his children study in the Mahasin neighborhood, which is about 25km from his home.

Difficulty moving and poor communication network

1200 rials per month to save water

Citizen Ali Al-Otaibi stated that “Al-Suqur” is one of the most important neighborhoods, which is marking a growing demand from all to live in it and despite this, it suffers from a lack of basic services, most importantly of which. is the lack of paved roads.In addition to the repercussions of dirt roads from potholes and the spread of swamps during the winter as a result of rainfall.

He added: The neighborhood also suffers from a weak communication network and other problems, which require joint efforts to end these unresolved crises.

Citizen Muhamed Al-Qahtani has stated that he has been living in the neighborhood of Al-Suqur for 3 years and during these years until today the people are living in great suffering, due to the lack of basic services, such as. such as roads, water and others.

He said: We want to implement projects that serve the neighborhood, among which the most important is the water supply project, which is an important and vital requirement; Being a daily subject, this thing has cost us a lot; While we bring water through whites at a huge financial cost, up to 1200 rials per month.

He added that the neighborhood also suffers from the spread of stray dogs, a suffering that poses a great danger to all, especially to young children, calling for the importance of paying attention to these problems and working to address them as soon as possible. .

Lack of mosques … and darkness on the streets

Citizen Youssef Al-Otaibi explained that he had completed the construction of his house in the Al-Suqur neighborhood and was ready to live with his family, but what worries him is the lack of services, saying: All the services we need they dont exist. at all, including the lack of sewerage, as is the case in the rest of the neighborhoods.

He added: “We need to implement an integrated project that solves this problem, in addition to the importance of addressing other crises, such as paving roads and implementing lighting projects instead of the complete darkness in which the neighborhood lives, in addition to creating a mosque, as all mosques are small, built by people.

Leveling the sand..and creating gardens for people

Citizen Shaya Al-Dosari said: I have been living in this neighborhood for almost 5 years, unfortunately at first I expected the neighborhood to be gradual, until all the services arrive, but I live in real suffering for the lack of the simplest. base; And we travel a long distance by car to get any service.

He added: We live between dust and sand that needs leveling work, especially since large accumulations of this dust with strong waves of dust turn into great suffering that reaches even inside our homes, which requires the cooperation of competent authorities and in softening this sand. like filling large holes that can threaten young children.Even car owners.

He continued: We all hope that the realization of projects in this neighborhood will be very close, including the establishment of gardens that serve the people as a real outlet, as well as the work for the realization of afforestation and green spaces.

“Water”: the neighborhood within the five-year plan for projects

The National Water Company, represented by the eastern sector, explained to Al-Youm that the eastern sector of the National Water Company has worked to include water and environmental projects in the Al-Suqur neighborhood, which is located southwest of the city of Hofuf, within the plan. five-year plan for future projects, which will be submitted after availability and approval of financial costs, to be implemented, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Al-Ahsa Municipality: We are working to complete the asphalting of grant schemes

Al-Ahsa municipality spokesman Khaled Boushell explained to Al-Youm: that the Municipality is working to complete the paving of grant schemes, including a number of schemes in the southern Hofuf region, noting that the municipality has set up all requirements for grant schemes related to their asphalting and prioritization in terms of housing density, urban growth and drafting a strategy for its implementation, in the coming years, according to financial allocations.

Insect spread and garbage collection for several days

Citizen Fahid Al-Subaie stated that the life of Al-Suqur neighborhood lasts more than 15 years and during this period the residents do not touch any development project, despite the demand for construction and housing, in the absence of all important services that the neighborhood needs .

He said: “We have communicated before with the former city council and explained the needs of the neighborhood and we still hope to solve unresolved problems, including paving roads, lighting, sewerage projects, water supply, setting up schools and presence. of parks.

He added: The hygienic work in this neighborhood is poor, which requires constant monitoring for the removal of waste that is left for days and causes a serious environmental impact on public health, such as the spread of insects and rodents.

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