A family “scandal” in Turkey … Has the speaker of the Iranian parliament resigned?

The Iranian political arena is still preoccupied with what it called the “scandal” of the speaker of the hardline political parliament and former commander of the Revolutionary Guard, General Muhammad Baqir Kalibaf.

Photos published by the Iranian media in recent days showed Qalibaf’s wife, daughter and son-in-law traveling to Turkey to buy the necessities of his nephew to be born.

And the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Tasnim news agency said earlier today, Friday, that Khalibaf had resigned from his post, but that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had opposed the resignation.

Moments later, the agency rushed to delete the news, saying that what was circulated, citing private sources, was “incorrect”, noting that “Qalibaf is still in his position”.

The agency wrote in its channel through “Telegram” that “denies the resignation of the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, against the background of the scandal of his wife, bride and son. necessary for his nephew to be born ”.

On Wednesday, Khalibaf came under fire from Iranian activists in the wake of his wife, daughter and husband traveling to Turkey to buy a set of clothes and accessories for Khalibaf’s newborn daughter.

A number of Friday prayer imams in Tehran and other cities stated that what happened was “a mistake that is not commensurate with Khalibaf, who holds an important government position.”

Some Iranian activists demanded that Khalibaf resign from his post amid his family’s trip to Turkey to buy clothes for a newborn baby in light of people’s misery and poor economic and living conditions.

A post by fundamentalist activist Waheed Ashtari sparked controversy in the media, the content of which was also published by the Iranian media, in which photos of the Qalibaf family are displayed at Khomeini International Airport with a group of large bags, which caught the attention of passengers. and airport officials.

Waheed Ashtari wrote on Twitter: “Many passengers in Istanbul sent a series of videos and photos to a family with a large number of bags, and this family had problems with the airport manager due to the large volume of goods and came out as the family of Muhammed Baqir Kalibaf (Speaker of Parliament).

Ashtari added that he had received information indicating that the family includes Zahra Mushir (Khalibaf’s wife) and a young couple with him, his daughter Maryam and her husband, Amir Reza Behirayi (Galibaf’s brother – in – law).

The Iranian activist said: “To ensure the accuracy of the information, he contacted the airport and the flight crew and they indicated that the information was accurate about the presence of the Qalibaf family on this flight.”

An uproar erupted on social media and local media, criticizing Iranian Parliament Speaker Muhammad Baqir Kalibaf, who called on Iranians to pay attention and buy national production, ban the import of household appliances and take care of national cars and goods. .

Most users objected to why people accept the sanctions and misery imposed by the “anti-American policies” produced by the Iranian authorities and engage in the “resistance economy”, but government leaders in turn own large fortunes and buy houses in areas rich.

“The Qalibaf family even travels abroad to buy clothes for their nephew,” Iranian journalist Hassan Badaghi said in a Twitter post.

“unforgivable mistake”

Meanwhile, Elias Kalibaf, the son of the speaker of the parliament, described as an “unforgivable mistake” the trip of his sister and her husband to Turkey to buy clothes, considering that their behavior is “very different from the ideology of the father”.

And Elias Qalibaf stressed in his post on his Instagram account, that this is “certainly wrong” and that “this trip is definitely wrong in terms of these economic conditions for people.”

In recent years, Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Kalibaf became famous during Tehran’s mayor, with allegations of corruption and bribery.

In the last four decades, there have been serious cases of theft and corruption in the Islamic Republic, so there is not the slightest trust in the government towards government officials, whether they are members of the government or security institutions or close to the supreme leader. Ali Khamenei.

Reformist political activist Abbas Abdi, referring to the reproduction of this cycle of corruption, wrote on Twitter: “This news is so important and destructive that he (Qalibaf) must resign from all his posts. I’m sorry that I’m sure his replacement will be more suitable. So I am not offering to resign. “I just do not know how he looks at the camera from now on and talks.”

Abdi added in a Twitter post, “The essence of the story of the purchase from Istanbul may be important, but far more important are the discrepancies in the conduct of officials whose apparent claims contradict these facts. These divisions are not limited to this.” a small case that was found to have destroyed almost all areas of political and social life.

Iranian media close to Khalibaf blamed the hardline Front of Stability and Stability, close to former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for publishing this photo of the Kalibaf family.

In recent weeks, rising inflation in Iran, which has reached more than 40 percent according to official reports, has alarmed some officials.

Aside from high inflation, rampant corruption, rent-seeking, various economic divisions, confusion between different governments in formulating and implementing development programs, Iran’s global isolation, and the imposition of severe economic sanctions, all of this has left the Iranian people in the face of severe economic hardship. difficulty.

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