500 marks at the jewelry exhibition

Qatar Tourism announced yesterday the launch of the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition from 9 to 13 May at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center. The next edition of the exhibition is based on the great success of the previous edition, where there are more than 500 brands is planned to participate in the current edition of the exhibition. Leading brands from more than 10 countries, and therefore will serve as a platform to improve communication between these brands and each other on the one hand, and between them and visitors who love jewelry and watches On the other hand coming from Qatar and abroad. This year’s edition will also witness the return of Turkish and Indian pavilions and the initiative of young stylists from Qatar. Bollywood star Alia Bhatt will attend this year’s edition, and the exhibition will witness seminars and workshops and a series of professional events that include lively discussions on the jewelry and watch industry, as it is a unique opportunity for lovers of this industry to learn about the craft of jewelry and schedule.

Mrs. Buthaina Al Maslamani of Qatar Business Events Company, the organizing company, said: “The current edition of the Doha Jewelry and Watch Exhibition is being held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center following the postponement of last year’s edition due to restrictions on the Covid pandemic. -19, and the exhibition in its current edition is planned to attract a group of major brands She said: “The number of brands participating in the exhibition is 500 brands from 10 countries, in addition to the participation of the Turkish pavilion. With 8 brands and the Indian pavilion with 18 participants, in addition to the return of Qatari elite stylists.

Regarding the news in the exhibition, Buthaina Al Maslamani said: What is new that the exhibition will prove in its current edition is that Ali Bin Ali Jewelry will introduce 2 new brands from Switzerland and the United States of America. Authorized to design, manufacture and sell jewelry and accessories for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, in addition to introducing Louis Vuitton for the first time, “Saturn Necklace”, a masterpiece involving more than 141 multicolored sapphires and much more that is new to her. the exhibition.

Buthaina Al Maslamani said: “This year’s edition of the exhibition will witness the creation of a series of workshops and films on jewelry that will be advertised on the website. The workshop will be attended by a number of expert jewelry stylists participating in the exhibition, emphasizing that those who visited the last edition of the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition for once Only 33,000 visitors are expected to increase the number in the current edition, indicating that the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition is an added value to the calendar of the exhibition launched from Qatar for tourism, as it attracts a large number of local and international exhibitors.

Hamad Al Khaja, Head of Technical Support for Tourism Events and Festivals in Qatar Tourism, said: The Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition is one of the most important upcoming events organized by Qatar for Tourism, and we are pleased to welcome visitors to the exhibition from Qatar and throughout the region. He said: The exhibition highlights Qatar as a unique destination for business events where designers and jewelry lovers can explore and develop their creativity under one roof.

Ms. Sheikha bint Mohammed, from Al Ghala Jewelery, said: My participation in the current edition of the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition is the fourth, and all my previous participations have achieved great success due to the artistic designs I present combined in contains a vision of a close relationship between the past, present and authentic Qatari heritage inspired by the place of the marine environment with innovative mechanisms and methods.

She said: “Every exhibition presents a new and updated design, and these designs are suitable for all ages.” She said: The jewelry and watch exhibition in Doha is a stimulating environment for creativity and innovation, especially with the presence of a range of international brands. It is also a platform for presenting the latest artistic models for jewelry, noting that her participation in an exhibition the size of the Doha Exhibition for Jewelry and Watches, she has a creative impetus that enhances her career in the field of jewelry designs, noting that its designs will compete vigorously with international brands thanks to the quality of the models, the creativity and innovation in their components in line with Qatar’s marine environment rich in beauty data.

Mrs. Enas Mohamed, a jewelry designer and one of Zabargad Jewelery partners, said: “Our participation in the current edition of the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition falls in the context of our successful participation in past editions, but the current edition will work for the introduction of the two main axes: the launch of the first laboratory for calibration, examination and classification of diamonds in the state of Qatar, which is considered by its components Scientific and academic achievement is a qualitative achievement that goes hand in hand with the great development and comprehensive Renaissance of witnessed by the state of Qatar in all facilities and sectors, is also an achievement that will enrich the jewelry industry sector, which is positively reflected to the trader in the first degree and to the consumer in the second degree as an ideal mechanism. which offers opportunities for examination, calibration and classification of jewelry.

Enas Mohammed said: The second axis that constitutes our participation in the exhibition in the current version is the presentation of a scientific book that tells the story of diamonds written by me, and is the first of its kind in the Middle East, knowing that it is the book of published in Arabic on diamonds and contains globally documented information on the history of diamonds and the stages of its formation and research. To achieve the diamond sector, which we decorate, to be a guide and reference as amateurs as well as for specialists in this field, as well as is an interesting and useful scientific platform.

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