You will be getting married in secret for this reason .. the fact that Lujain Omran was arrested in Dubai with 700 million riyals in her possession.

The beginnings of the relationship are always beautiful and enthusiastic, which makes them successful, but in the case of the Saudi media, Loujain Omran, excessive enthusiasm was not the solution. Her haste and all the thought of having her own house and an independent kitchen were the reason for the failure of her relationship with her husband, which led to the early separation after three years. Years of marriage, as part of a conversation about the stages of her life on the Saudi channel SBC.

The reason for Loujain Omran’s divorce

“All I was thinking about was my house and my kitchen, making my friends and keeping a ring at school. “For me, the issue of marriage was unrealistic.” With these words, the Saudi media, Lujain Omran, summed up the reason. for her marriage at the age of 16, the marriage for which she was excited to create her life that she thought was real life, to get married, but she did not continue, she sought separation after three years of marriage and then she was pregnant with the boy with her daughter Jilan, a young girl, except for the fact that the engagement period was three months: “It is impossible to meet someone in three months”, except for her claim that. She did not She is forced to marry him.Her uncle asked her father to ask her for her opinion, but she quickly agreed.

Lujain Omran’s relationship with ex-husband

“After the separation, our relationship is still good and the two families met in my daughter’s joy and we were happy.” The marriage, which lasted only 3 years, ended only with the kindness and good relationship between Loujain. Imran and her ex-husband. He added: “Some relationships need to be classified correctly, for example, a woman is not suitable for you as a woman, but she can be a friend, she can be a colleague, she can be familiar. Also, her memories with her husband are not at all sad together, so she is now proud of her children and happy with them, so she does not care about the past, as I mentioned during the meeting with her.

The advantages of early marriage in the life of Lujain Omran

The Saudi media, Lujain Omran, continued her talk about the experience of early marriage and confirmed that she would not regret it if time went back to her and she repeated the same experience. She said about the advantages of early marriage in her life: “I benefited from early marriage because of the small age difference between me and the boy and the girl and there is a great understanding between them, by the way, older that their little aunt, and to me they are like brother and sister, my daughter and I wear each other’s clothes and we have the same attitudes. ” She explained that she has never regretted her early marriage, as she had developed a strong friendship with her children who are younger than her by a relatively small age difference.

Lujain Omran tells how many times he has been married

When asked by the Saudi media how many times she got married, she said she had been married twice, and also stated for the first time about her relationship at the present time and planning for her marriage, but she did not disclose her identity. of the new fiancé, in addition she would not announce her marriage in front of social media platforms, but revealed only some of the features of the relationship with the fiancé, explaining that they are friends and exchange feelings of love and respect. , and these matters are of great importance to him for love itself.

During her speech, Lujain Omran revealed the reason for hiding the features of her marriage, explaining that the issue was due to her fear of “psychologizing women”, saying: “I noticed something strange in some women and girls when they saw someone who got engaged. . ”

Lujain Omran reveals to her the advice of Hussein Al Jasmi

And for the advice that the artist Hussein Al Jasmi has given on this issue, especially after revealing the issues of her personal life on social media platforms, she said: “Hussain Al-Jamsi told me, when to get married and get married with Rasmin, mos. post your married life on social media.

During the conversation, Jane touched on the fact that she was arrested for possession of millions of cash inside her house in Dubai.

The fact that Lujain Omran was arrested in Dubai

During her speech, she explained that while she was preparing to enjoy her vacation in the summer of 2017, ie 5 years ago, she was surprised, on the way from the Spanish city of Marbella to the British capital, London, that a lot of news circulated. for her arrest at her home in Dubai, with 700 million rials.

Lujain Omran continued her speech by saying: “I was on summer vacation and I was going from Marbella to London. When I arrived in London, I opened my cell phone and found the notice and there were some. I was surprised by what happened. When I opened it, I saw that “Everyone sent me news that the media, Lujain Omran, had been arrested at her home.” located in Dubai, and in the possession of 700 million. “

Loujain Omran clarifies the fact that she was arrested for her followers

Soon, “Lujain” addressed her official account on the social networking platform “Snapchat”, as she decided to appear in a live video, during which she revealed the fact of her arrest in front of followers: “I went out and said. the one who started this rumor followed Snape to know that I am traveling for vacation, wait for me. “.

Most important information about Lujain Omran

I was born in Jubail, eastern Saudi Arabia.

– One of the most famous female media professionals in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.

– She started her professional career in 1999, with her work in the banking field in Riyadh as Operational Coordinator in the Remittances Department at Saudi Arabia Bank.

I worked in the print media.

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