YAYA, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, now opens at Silino Bay Resort & Apartments, Aberge Resorts Collection

Silino Bay Resort & Apartments, Aberge Resorts Collection Today we present யாயா, a new dining area in Las Cabos for Mediterranean and Latin American influences. Yaya, the beloved word for grandmother in Spanish and Greek, was led by chef Elena Codense, who fulfilled a vision of measured and refined food with deep respect for the tradition of living fire cooking created by older women. ane e mbane botes. Organic produce from local farms is at the heart of the menu, which consists of the seasons and the fertility of the land, created just as much for fun and food. Carried out under the supervision of mycologist Yarat Alba, the beverage program respects the sensitivity of female tastes and supports female breweries that are making a fuss in the industry. Located in the center of the resort and overlooking the famous three-storey infinity pool, the indoor restaurant with lunch and dinner with open kitchen offers a wonderful break from the sunny days on the Sea of ​​Cortes.

The story begins with the family

Born and raised in Mexico City, chef Elena Cuddens studied the art of cooking before moving to the Mediterranean in Italy to discover his mother’s family kitchen. In Italy I fell in love with the art of bread making. While working under Massimo Bottura, Michelin-starred chef Francescana of Osteria, he used the Italian way – using fresh ingredients and flour, practicing careful and meticulous fermentation, and exploring the bread-baking community.

Upon his return to Mexico City, he worked for five years at his famous Quinton home under chef George Vallejo and he and his husband, Arleigh del Angel, turned his interest into a business with the bread company. The two eventually left town life for a bachelor at sea and now work side by side at Silino Bay Resort & Residences, working as Chief Sauce and is a chef under Executive Chef. Juan Mocharas.

The menu has a tradition

The Yaya menu is influenced by heritage elements extracted from the Bajaj Mountains, desert, sea, landscape glass elements and the Mediterranean. When these influences are combined, they evoke sunny sensibilities and nostalgia in Grandma’s kitchen.

Needed for restaurant ethics, diners will often find unidentified flavors from Mediterranean countries like Morocco, Lebanon and Palestine. Every YAYA experience begins with tradition, thin Palestinian manichees or cups covered with turmeric and other spices, Arabic bread or air bread, which can be used to remove carpets, rice or salad. . The latter, one of Codeine chefs’s firms, also serves as the basis for Neapolitan-style light pizza.

An indicator of color, taste and food, is Yaya creative lenses for clean food. The green vegetables on toasted bread will look like a rainbow lying on the plate in front of you, with whole lentils spread like sumac and basil oil. The assortment of salads displays the many and colorful products of the desert. Leafy greens, roasted tomatoes, spicy figs and peppers that boost immunity are all processed by local breweries. Spices like saffron, turmeric and geranium are derived from the original Mediterranean countries.

The rest of the menu, prepared mostly over an open fire, is revived in a homey style. Grilled vegetables and smoked cereals are dominated by foods such as vegetable slices with beans, zucchini, corn, persimmon sauce and peppers, as well as fried sunflower with purple cabbage and roasted peaches. Records were created to be shared and include canned citrus root vegetables and fruits, rock jatropha cornucopia and Brussels sprouts, fried chicken legs with sumac and red onion, pepperoni and daytime catch with lemon and shrimp aglio olio. Today’s pastas use the same type of premium organic cereal.

Sweets like hazelnuts, chocolate and milk popcorn or a homemade pan complement the yoga experience and showcase Chef Kodain’s baking art.

Cocktails celebrate the community

The cheerful bar at YAYA is a place to enjoy simplicity at the same time and discover new flavors. The mix scheme, which represents classic cocktails and those with zero stars, is disrupting the country’s wine, beer and spirits industry from Mexico’s rising stars.

The popular drink is designed like Condesa, a gin distillery made by women in Mexico City, and Yolla Miscelle. For example, Yayarita contains tequila or mescaline with aquavit, carrot bushes, ginger and desert powder, and cloudy with little yaya, thyme, rosemary, saffron and olives. A unique experience for YAYA, the idea of ​​sharing beer as well as wine. Cerviceria Cilito Lindo, the brand, run by women run by Brumaster Laura Pena in Jalisco, is served in large collections (32 ounce beer bottles unique in Mexico) with multiple cups.

Set the tone for the design

YAYA is located in the center of the resort, overlooking the famous pool on the Sea of ​​Cortes. It is an ideal place to enjoy between leisurely air-conditioned and sea adventures or to celebrate moments of life during a private dinner. Channeling the aesthetics of open and quiet living by the sea at Los Angeles Studio MAI has created a living space that complements the culinary feel. The open-plan dining room and open kitchen invite groups of family and friends to feel part of the community. For special events and outdoor activities, YAYA flows into the resort’s El Limonero meadow, as well as frescoed seats next to the restaurant.

YAYA is the latest addition to the resort’s wide range of culinary offerings, including Signature Restaurant. Com’s Seaside Taco Restaurant Restaurant TnT’s Courtyard El Molino is a unique project of organic beans grown in the southern state of Chiapas for Epicurean experiences.

For more information, please visit aubergeresorts.com/chilenobay/dine/yaya.

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