The story of the creator of the character “Pikachu” … and the journey of splendor of “Pokemon”

It is not easy for video game developers to achieve what the creator of the game Pokémon, one of the most famous and successful video games of all time, has achieved.

That company, which last year celebrated 2021, the 25th anniversary of its presence among the leading companies in the video game industry, has one of the most salient success stories in this field, revealed by the website “Saxes Story” .

who is she

The Pokémon Company, founded as an entertainment company in Tokyo, owns the intellectual property rights to market and supervise all of Pokémon’s commercially known characters.

Including video games, cartoons, movies, fun swap cards, and household products featuring any of the Pokemon characters worldwide.

The Pokemon Company was founded by the Japanese video game company Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures in an effort to capitalize on the great success of Pokemon characters in the mid-nineties.

The first versions of Pokemon video games were released by Game Freak and Creatures, which was marketed under the marketing names “Pocket Monsters: Red / Green / Blue” and “Pokemon Stadium”, while Nintendo took over the publishing and game marketing.


The Pokémon Company was founded in 1998 and was initially advertised as the Pokémon Center Company to manage stores selling Pokémon goods, before expanding and increasing the company’s independence and advertising it as the “Pokémon Company”.

Despite being a spin-off of a group of companies, the merit after the founding of the “Pokemon Company” is due to a number of people who contributed to the development of the company’s franchise, namely Tsunekazu Ishihara, Satoru Iwata, Ken Sugimori. .

Ishihara is currently the CEO of The Pokémon Company, while Sugimori is the technical director of the company and the greatest Pokémon game designer, and he is the designer of the most famous Pokemon of all time, “Pikachu”.

As for Satoru Iwata, the company’s third founder, he was Nintendo’s fourth CEO in 2002, and he oversaw the beginnings of Pokemon Company development and expansion, and died in 2015.

The creator of the characters Pikachu

And when the company introduced the first versions of its gaming devices from the game boy version, it was through the release of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green in 1996, versions in which Pikachu first appeared and achieved tremendous success.

And then his fame grew after the broadcast of the TV series of Pokemon characters, and he is credited with the design of the Japanese stylist “Ken Seogimori”, the creator of the character Pikachu and a founding member of GAME FREAK Inc.

Who has garnered more than 2 million hits on his Wikipedia page since 2007, and his biography has been translated thanks to Pikachu’s character design into 28 different languages.

Born in Tokyo in 1966, he ranks 116th among the world’s most famous comic book character stylists, and his biography ranks 1198th among the most important biographies of inspirational celebrities in Japan, and ranks 41st among the most famous. comic book character stylist in Japan.


Starting in 2001, The Pokémon Company was responsible for licensing new releases of Pokémon games, including marketing and financing, and Nintendo was solely responsible for worldwide distribution.

While the technicians at Game Freak and Creatures took over the design of the games, no new characters or versions of Pokémon games could pass without the prior approval of the Pokémon Company.

In the same year the first branch of the company was established in the United States, and in 2009, the branch of Pokemon Company in the United States merged with its branch in the United Kingdom to form Pokemon Company International.

expansion phase

With the turn of the millennium, the proliferation of Pokemon games and characters led the Pokemon Company to also expand commercial franchise management for these characters and decided not to be content with its task, which was limited to managing stores selling Pokemon characters. in the nineties.

Therefore, the founding trio of Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures decided to expand the field of “Pokemon Company” to include the release of an animated series “Anime” for these characters, as well as the production of an animated film. and so far Nintendo has the largest stake in Pokemon Company, with a total acquisition of 32% of the company’s shares, the rest being owned by Game Freak and Creatures.

In 2011, a new subsidiary of the leading Pokémon company, named Pokémon Center Co., appeared. Ltd. to manage Pokemon stores in Japan and worldwide.

In 2016, the Pokémon Go smartphone video game became the most successful and popular game in the world, reaching a total of 500 million downloads in just the first months of its launch.

Three years later, the Pokémon Company released its first home console game, “Pokémon Sword / Shield”, which became the third best-selling game in the company’s history, with a total of 21.10 million copies sold.

Economic profile

The Pokemon company has an excellent economic record, according to the latest statistics for 2020, which shows that the company has reached the maximum profit rate in 2020 with a total profit of 170 million dollars, which it has achieved from an annual return of $ 1.1 billion this year.

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