Raa Atoll is a transformative luxury for self-discovery and renewal

The first things that come to mind when we talk about the Maldives are the turquoise waters, the brilliant white sand, the wonderful colorful sunsets and of course, the luxury. It is also located on the private island of Bodhifushi in Raa Atoll surrounded by crystalline lagoons, pristine beaches, clear blue waters and stunning scenery.

Gulf Air flights to and from the Maldives

Gulf Air operates four flights a week to and from the Maldives using its Airbus 321neo aircraft from Bahrain International Airport.

The company serves all its destinations with a fleet of large and small Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Gulf Air is known for its authentic Arab hospitality, which is reflected in airline products suitable for both businesses and families. Gulf Air is committed to its leadership in this area and the development of products and services that reflect the changing needs and aspirations of its passengers.

Gulf Air connects Bahrain with the world, and is therefore one of the main assets of the national infrastructure and functions as a strong engine for the economy and supports the continuous economic growth of the Kingdom.


Located on Budufushi Island in Raol Atoll, Joali Being Resort features 68 beach and waterfront villas, with a great culinary program spread across four dining destinations, programs tailored to each individual’s lifestyle and goals, and a range of workshops and workers. educational classrooms, under the supervision of experts Wellness, cooking and herbalism, and a series of world-class transformative spaces built according to the principles of biological design, with a commitment to preserving the environment and sustainability.

Researchers aim to return home feeling refreshed, cheerful and energetic, with a wonderful sense of ‘ease’. Based on the principle that “understanding needs is essential to achieving and maintaining well-being”, the resort adheres to the principle of responsible travel and conservation, while respecting the landscape, culture and local communities.

Joali Peing joins the Maldives in a mission to inspire natural and constructive ways to discover the “true joy of life”. Like no other resort in the world, it is dedicated to inspiring and awakening our deepest connections to ourselves, others and the environment. strengthening our relationship with the world, the natural ocean, our body and mind.


The architectural design of the resort was taken by the architects of the famous Autoban design studio, and the engineering office Atolye4N, who also supervised the design of the island “Jwali Moravandhu”. In line with Joali Peing’s commitment to preserving, respecting and connecting with the local landscape, the resort was built using the principles of biological design, a scientific concept based on the integration of architecture and design with nature, in order to achieve harmony, eliminate vibrations negative. and increased power flow in Al Jazeera. In this way, the natural forest on the island has never been affected.


The resort includes 33 beach villas and 35 water villas, for a total of 68 spacious and elegant villas. The villas are divided into 13 different categories, so that guests can choose between a villa one bedroom, two bedrooms, three or four bedrooms, each with a personal assistant or “jadogar”, which means “magician” capable “in. Dhivehi language.

The interior decoration of the villas is created to blend in with the natural environment, as a way to enhance the resort’s well-being experiences, while preserving the beauty and balance of the natural environment. The spacious accommodations are inspired by beaches, sea waves, shells and green plants and present a relaxing décor that forms an extension of the Indian Ocean.

Offer Wellness in the middle of nature

As a wellness-dedicated resort, Joali Peing is the start of a transformative journey, where guests are invited to introduce themselves and celebrate nature’s wisdom to discover true ‘ease’. Centered around four unique pillars, Joali Peing seeks to build a community of guests, culinary experts and thinkers who make their daily lives, bringing with them the knowledge and experience they have gained from the resort.

Joali Being programs are based on modern science and ancient traditions that meet the needs of guests, whatever they may be, and take them on a journey of self-discovery and renewal, enjoying the splendor of the place. An integrated team of physiotherapists, physiotherapists and movement therapists work with guests at all stages of their stay to help them set their goals and help them create moments of happiness and calm.

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