Panama-only luxury adult resort unveils “world’s first air beach”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Bocas Bali Resort in Panama is home to 16 luxury waterfront villas on a private Caribbean island, a 70-meter pool, spa and an enviable commitment when it comes to sustainability. Thanks to its exclusivity the use of solar energy, plus an excellent dining experience in a restaurant located in a 100-year-old house.

And this place looks perfect, right? And only one thing was missing, the beach.

But that has now changed, as the only adult resort in Panama’s Bocas del Toro province has unveiled what its owner refers to as “the world’s first air beach”.

The beach takes its name from the Indonesian word for butterfly, “Kupu-Kupu”, and is about 90 meters long and 20 feet wide.

Built on waterfront pillars, the beach features white sand, palm trees, chairs for waiting and a bar, and connects to a 10-meter-wide promenade with the island.

“He had to be extraordinary”

Kupu-Kupu beach is approximately 90 meters long and 20 feet wide. , Plain textCredit: Bocas Bali

According to Bocas Bali resort owner Dan Beam, many got involved in designing the structure.

“When we first met the private island, it took me a little convincing to look beyond the lack of a white sandy beach, but the island enjoyed everything else, some things I didn’t even know I wanted,” Beam said. for CNN. Email. “Think about how to build a beach that seems to be part of the island without having any negative impact on mangroves, coral reefs or the surrounding marine life.”

“After our search for the most traditional man-made options, we realized we had to be creative and we did,” Beam added.

The original design for the beach was developed by a Costa Rican architect named Andres Brenes, according to Bem.

What makes it the first of its kind in the world?

The luxury resort in Panama reveals a beach
These quartz coated ladders lead to water. , Plain textCredit: Bocas Bali

And since artificial beaches can be found in destinations all over the world, travelers can refute claims that the beach is the first of its kind.

Asked what makes the resort beach “the first of its kind in the world”, Bem said they have searched a lot online and have not yet found another beach built on pillars over the water.

“We know many floating beaches in the world (the beach is built right on the water) and it would have been much easier, but it was not possible in our case because it would have damaged mangroves and coral reefs,” Beam said.

The luxury resort in Panama reveals a beach
Aerial view of the tourist beach. , Plain textCredit: Bocas Bali

In addition, Beam noted, “None of the global engineers and consultants have been able to identify anything like our aerial beach. It is possible that there is a beach somewhere that we have not been able to locate. And if we can find another beach, we are very interested. “

beach building

The luxury resort in Panama reveals a beach
Bocas Bali offers luxury villas on the water. , Plain textCredit: Bocas Bali

Bem mentioned that the whole beach is built by hand using very little modern machinery. “The most difficult part was building the pool-like stairs, a ground base on the water and then lowering the structure into the water. “It was very difficult and no one knew, up to Marazul (Project Management Team) if we could do it.”

It took about 9 months to build the beach.

As for the sand, Bem said, it is locally sourced and easy to care for.

“The winds are very moderate, and most of the sand stays in place, and 90 of the canals located on the shore allow water to pass through, but not sand,” Beam said. “Palm trees are planted in the ground. Filled barrels embedded in the structure, so as not to interfere with the natural environment, adding aesthetics. The Caribbean island is required.

So far, Beam has confirmed that guests have had very positive feedback about the new beach, as it looks like a natural extension of the island.

About the resort

The Bocas Bali Resort was not without beach for a long time, as it only opened in September of 2021.

The resort is located on the Frangipani island in Panama, and 16 waterfront villas were built in Bali and then shipped to Panama.

Some come with private pools, and others have glass floors, allowing guests to view marine life below.

A series of bamboo tree houses are in development and are expected to open this year.

Bocas Bali is promoted as 100% offline.

Prices start at $ 1100 per night during high season and $ 900 per night during green season, including all meals.

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