In truly stable societies, every day is Earth Day

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Diamond Developers has pointed out that in truly stable societies, every day is Earth Day. This year, Earth Day marks a key milestone in human life as we face challenges ranging from climate change to the effects of a global pandemic and growing energy demand. So humanity has never had time to “invest in our planet”, which is titled Earth Day this year.

Karim El-Jisr, Executive Director of Social Sustainability at Diamond Developers, said that due to climate change, global economies are facing long-term risks in many vital sectors such as food security, agriculture, real estate and transportation. Today, our future depends on our investments in vital and intelligent infrastructure, which may be the reason for the implementation or breach of the “Paris Pact” which aims to limit the rise in global temperature to less than two degrees Celsius. This is the main reason why environmental, social and economic pillars are of great importance to both companies and investors, with the World Economic Forum estimating that investments in these ESG roads will reach $ 50 trillion globally by 2040.

He added that against this background, investing in our planet means creating a sustainable economy that meets the demands of the twenty-first century, to restore, restore and revitalize the planet’s environmental balance and pave the way for a green future and prosperous for all.

This is not just about inventors, creators and companies, but society as a whole, which has to play its part in shaping the great opportunities offered by the green economy. Climate action by supporting sustainable development and fostering major change can only be accelerated if efforts are combined, as the solution always lies in mutual cooperation.

He noted that with the increasing number of homes being designed and built in accordance with the principles of sustainability, sustainable communities and green mobility offer more permanent opportunities to embrace this change. It also integrates other solutions such as solar energy, biogas and vertical. agriculture. Sustainable communities enable residents to generate and trade energy to reduce the cost of utility bills, increase their fresh produce, and operate separately from the utility network if needed, providing these homeowners with flexibility and peace of mind. mental making them an integral part of the circular. economy.

Pioneers in the Middle East

In the Middle East, leaders in sectors such as the Sustainable City of Sharjah have harnessed the green potential of this new development model, backed by the vision and long-term development strategies set by local and federal governments.

The PwC estimates that the Middle East will see more than $ 3 trillion in economic growth and more than one million competitive jobs created by 2030. The UAE, in particular, has made significant progress. major in adopting a circular, climate-resistant economy with a diverse mix of energy sources. It has become the first country in the Middle East and North Africa region to commit to zero emissions by 2050, has already invested more than $ 45 billion in clean energy projects, has established its first fully-fledged regulate world carbon trading and empower sustainable communities as well. Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, Sustainable City in Dubai and Sustainable City of Sharjah. These pioneering projects not only support the vision and objectives of the UAE green development strategy, but also constitute a vital component to achieving the many sustainable development goals set by the United Nations by implementing and sharing the most good and creating partnerships to achieve sustainable development goals. .

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Sustainable communities also help remove many of the bugs surrounding sustainable homes, e.g. that sustainable homes cost more to build and maintain than traditional homes. As direct sector experts confirm, the cost of creating sustainable communities and homes is equal as long as sustainability is properly taken into account in design and service infrastructure from the outset. Moreover, it allows any initial costs to be offset quickly by saving water and energy for homeowners.

Karim El-Jisr said: “It is not surprising that societies at the forefront of such an environmental change are gaining increasing public attention around the world, because at their core it contains the same simple philosophy that mobilizes millions of people. around the world every day on Earth: people strive to adopt a smarter, more sustainable lifestyle and contribute to a better climate future.Therefore, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate progress in creating sustainable societies and to recognize the great challenges we will face.After all, sustainability is achieved in transient steps, not in an overnight shift.Every day is Earth Day.


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