Aqaba..historical city and cultural heritage without cultural center

Ahmed Al Rawashdeh

Aqaba – Those dealing with cultural issues and the citizens of Aqaba are calling for the need to start establishing a cultural and tourist center in the city, similar to the rest of the governments, especially after the approval by the Aqaba Governor’s Council was approved in 2018 and its design has been completed, but its offer has not yet been submitted.
Intellectuals in Aqaba say the presence of a cultural center is an important pillar in consolidating cultural and creative work, especially with the history, cultural heritage and wealth of the university’s mosaic city, in the presence of poetry, literary text, theater, music, art plastic, heritage and cultural industries.
They pointed out that Aqaba lacks a cultural center and is the only government in the Kingdom that does not have a cultural center to hold cultural events, activities and meetings in the resort town, which is characterized by centuries-old cultural character along with tourism. character.
Citizens considered that the establishment of the cultural center is a new tourist product that can be used by all parties to be a cultural tourist building and a beacon of culture and creativity where cultural activities and events meet with the care of creators and writers in one. place.
Cultural activist and poet Wasfi Al-Mazaidah said tourism is an attractive product, including cultural and social product, wondering why Aqaba does not have an attractive cultural center and cultural program at the country and region level? He lamented that the city of Aqaba is the only city among the governor’s cities that lacks a cultural center that gathers the diaspora of writers. Creators and poets, which shows that Aqaba is one of the most worthy governments for a cultural center. as its population reached more than 210. people.
The citizens pointed out that most of the cultural activities carried out by forums and cultural forums, in addition to the programs of the Directorate of Culture Aqaba, are presented in public halls, theaters and hotels, which adds to them a great financial cost, in addition to the fact that does not contain large spaces and theaters for the development of these activities, while the establishment of a qualified cultural center will contribute to the revitalization of the Cultural Movement and the promotion of cultural forums and gatherings to highlight its various activities and programs, besides being a product that can be utilized as a tourist.
Cultural activist Ali Krishan stressed that the presence of the cultural center will enable tourists, visitors and residents to benefit from its various programs, emphasizing that writers and intellectuals in Aqaba are able to make a distinct difference in the seaside city. , especially. if the center is located in the center of the city due to the proximity to its heritage and the sea and its palm trees.
The intellectuals stressed that the allocation of a sum of money should not be an obstacle for the establishment of a cultural center, emphasizing that there are other solutions, proposing that the open cinema building be used for a cultural center with high specifications where all the elements of culture. the centers meet with some modifications instead of the quality of cement that is five years old. For years no event was held despite its cost, which exceeded 5 million dinars.
Citizen Muhammad Abbas noted the importance of providing the necessary allocations to the budgets of the Ministry of Culture, as the land is available and the current start of laying the foundation stone for the center, which will be an exit and an opportunity. for the people of the province and students to see scientific, cultural and national references and books, emphasizing the importance of Aqaba as a coastal area and Jordan’s only access to the sea, and because of its historical and civilizational heritage, Aqaba made meeting points three regions , respectively the region of Egypt, the region of the Levant and the region of Hejaz.From the sweetness of the sea and its breeze, the harshness and heat of the desert, was every man’s dream for the existence of work. opportunities, especially when she gathered all the boys of Jordan from all her regions, urban, rural and desert, and embraced them like a merciful mother who gathered her children like a wonderful mosaic painting embodied by the hand of an artist .
In 2019, Akaba Governor’s Council allocated a sum for the establishment of a cultural center near Prince Hashem Hospital from the first budget in the council, but so far the center has not seen the light.
For his part, the director of Akaba Culture, Tariq Al-Badour, showed that Akaba, despite the need to increase the number of schools and health centers, also needs a specialized cultural center, emphasizing that the project to establish a center cultural in Aqaba. is possible, but the reason for the delay has been the change of land allotted to the center three times. The beginning of the separation of a construction site near the development stadium, then a construction site near the open-air cinema and now it has been set up afterwards. at the Prince Hashem Military Hospital, and the Ministry of Public Works has completed the second phase of plans.
Al-Badour added that the necessary correspondence was carried out with the Aqaba Economic Zone Authority to allocate a plot of land with an area of ​​more than 5 dunums in the city center and the efforts culminated with the approval of the Aqaba Governor’s Council. to include the center project in the 2019 budget at a cost of more than 2 million dinars, which will be implemented for three years, will be proposed Tender after the approval of the 2019 budget includes an equipped theater that can accommodate 350 persons, a multi-purpose hall that can accommodate 200 people, in addition to training rooms, library and outdoor courtyards. The center represents a starting point for cultural and tourist work and an intellectual incubator for cultural activities within the governor.
And Al-Bdour showed that from our experience during the City of Culture 2016, the folklore performances over the weekend played a major role in diversifying the local tourism and spectators of Revolution Square at the time.

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