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Al Baha District Mayor, Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Sawat, built his personality on the elements of culture and creativity and managed to build bridges of communication with his leading personality to achieve familiarity at work and in society, and here is the result of Ramadan gambling .

• Are the demons of creativity chained during Ramadan?

•• Yes, the demons of monotony are chained and the angels of creativity replace those who play the role in Ramadan, whose contemplative spiritual nature encourages creativity.

• When did you start fasting?

•• I started fasting early when I was a first grader in elementary school and it was mostly a mocking fast just in front of my eyes.

• What are the beautiful memories of Ramadan?

•• Ramadan is the month of remembrance and I remember in the late nineties of the Hijri calendar that during Ramadan, my two brothers Abdullah and Fahdi and I were sitting next to our parents, gathered around the radio to listen to Umm Haddiyan. Among the memories of Ramadan are those sports football tournaments, in which I participated in my youth as a player and then as an organizer.

• Are you preparing a Ramadan program for the holy month?

•• Yes, I have prepared a program for the holy month, but like any other program it suffers from defects and irregularities due to the official work preoccupations that multiply during the holy month.

I’m good at sectarianism

• Where would you like to spend the month of fasting?

•• I prefer to spend the month of fasting with my mother, may God shorten her life in Governor Taif.

• How silent is Ramadan abroad?

•• Only one Ramadan, and he was in the United States, and the truth is that it was not difficult, rather it was one of the easiest months of fasting, and I realized in it that the American people know the month of Ramadan well and tell respect and cooperation with the fasting person.

• Do you go into the kitchen and what are you good at cooking?

•• Yes, I go into the kitchen, but a little; Sometimes I attend with my wife, Umm Muhammad, and other times quarrelsome, except Ramadan, because the kitchen is full of people and it is like a factory, which I do not like to approach at this time.

• Who do you invite to the breakfast table?

•• I invite my brother, friend and colleague Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Siyari, the general supervisor of the office of the governor of the Al-Baha region.

Nights of Al-Jamalijeh

• What are your favorite meals?

•• My favorite Ramadan foods are sparse and limited, as I am not a fan of exaggerating diversity and are limited to soups, samosas and just one type of dessert.

• How do you spend your fasting day?

•• In the official corridors of work during the day with little sleep, and in worship, visits and reading at night. As for the last ten days, the program changes as more time is devoted to worship.

• Who are you missing in Ramadan?

•• I miss my father, Muhammad bin Obais – may God have mercy on him – who passed to his supreme companion before the blessed month of Ramadan last year 1442 AH.

• What is your favorite TV show?

•• Last year and this year, my son Saud and I are watching a beautiful Yemeni Ramadan series called (Layali Al-Jahmaliya), which tells about community diaries in a popular neighborhood in the Yemeni city of Taiz.

food exchange

• How many hours do you read and what are your favorite books?

•• Reading is a daily occurrence for me and I prefer to read books of thought, philosophy, history, heritage and literature along with some engineering and management books because of my desire to follow the developments of the specialty.

• A Ramadan custom you want to break?

•• I hope for the return of Ramadan family visits, as well as the exchange of Ramadan food gifts between people and residents of the same neighborhood before the evening call to prayer.

• A prayer for Ramadan that you do not tire of repeating?

•• O Allah You are the Most Merciful and the Most Forgiving, You will forgive and thus forgive us.

• A writer you like to read?

•• I would like to read about the brilliant intellectual Al-Baha, Dr. Ali bin Muhammad Al-Rubai.

• Does a reader influence the listening of his recitation?

•• I am generally pleased to hear the old Hijaz recitation, which I feel running and penetrating deep inside me, and I am touched by the recitation of the Sudanese reciter Saeed Muhammad Nour and the reciter Sheikh Ali Abdullah Jaber – Allahu . May the Almighty have mercy on them both.

I rush on the trip

• Do you fast on social media sites in Ramadan?

•• No .. I do not fast from social networking sites, but I am becoming more selective, so I tend not to go to sites that may break the fast in one way or another.

• An app on your phone where you live longer than its neighbors on the phone screen?

•• There is no specific application and generally follows social networking applications, which today have become tyrannical.

• A Ramadan custom you want to break?

•• Get in the habit of dancing at the breakfast table, then getting full and lethargic before you leave the trip!

• Creating Ramadan that you want to continue for the remaining 11 months?

•• Be careful to go to the houses of God and rebuild them by praying, reading the Qur’an and remembrance.

• What is the Ramadan dish that your mother prepared and you would like to enjoy the same thing?

•• Traditional southern bread with beef ghee, which does not differ much from Ghamed and Zahran bread, except that it is smaller in size.

“I’m on your doorstep”

• What do you usually say between you and yourself (poetry, songs, how)?

•• I repeat the verses I have organized in this holy month, in which I say:

O my Creator, I am at your door my refuge

In light of your forgiveness, I hope

Have mercy, O Lord, the Merciful, the Forgiving

for sin; What did you lack with a pure heart?

Forgive me oh God, I hope a little more

Say a heart that cries out in a melodious voice

How much, O Lord, I have walked without instruction

In the darkness of the terrible road

My heart followed every lost illusion

to wander in a wild night; reckless

O Lord, I have lost my knees

I hope for salvation, and you are a good director

Have mercy on the weak who cry out in pain

You give regardless of the length of the runway

It gives me confidence and sincere trust

Between a niche and a lantern

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