The most idyllic city .. 5 romantic destinations in Dubai for their honeymoon

Dubai wins many different titles that make it one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Many tourist places have ranked it among the best places to visit in 2022, besides it is one of the best cities with a wonderful variety of restaurants and eateries. international cuisines.

Dubai also won another title, as it was ranked first in the Arab world and ninth in the world among the most idyllic cities in the world, and is therefore considered among the most attractive tourist destinations for couples and the best for destinations in honeymoon, due to the fact that it includes wonderful groups of green parks, restaurants, luxury hotels, etc. So we will examine in a row the most beautiful romantic destinations in Dubai for a honeymoon.

the lake of love

It is probably one of the most famous romantic places in Dubai, and it is an artificial lake, within the chains of Al Qudra lakes, located in the heart of the desert of the Emirate of Dubai, for a magnificent view of a lake in the shape of two hearts superimposed, with the word “LOVE” meaning love, beautifully engraved, you can see it in full on Google Maps.

And when you go with your life partner in the Lake of Love, you will enjoy seeing a variety of migratory birds and wildlife like deer, oryx, desert fox and white birds of different shapes, where you can take more pictures beautiful romantic. and in the background the magnificent nature of the Dubai desert.

When you go to the lake, it is preferable to bring all the food and drinks you need, as well as barbecue equipment if you want to enjoy a bus atmosphere on the lake shore, as well as the campsite, such as the Lake of Love. is one of the great places for camping in Dubai.

Free entrance to the lake of love.

Al Maha Desert Resort

One of the outstanding destinations we recommend on your honeymoon, which is located in the heart of the Dubai desert but at the same time is only 45 minutes away from the Emirate of Dubai and is characterized by an ideal atmosphere of privacy and privacy. tranquility, as it contains private villas and suites, built in the style of the desert, for the style A wonderful combination of the desert lifestyle and a special atmosphere of luxury.

The resort features 42 private suites for relaxation, with a luxury pool with Bedouin-style tents expressing the authenticity of the Arabian Peninsula.

The hotel also offers a secluded quiet area and wonderful views of the vast plains between the desert mountains, where you can ride horses, take a camel ride or go for a walk in nature, go on a desert safari or to Practice the Art of Archery | and distinctive hawks.

For a more remarkable honeymoon experience, the resort has a timeless Spa featuring the most qualified therapists to serve guests.

Suite prices at Al Maha Desert Resort start at around 6200 AED.

Romantic dinner in Ossiano

Dubai is full of charming romantic restaurants where you can go during your honeymoon, to spend a special evening with your partner and for a slightly different experience, you can consider the Ossiano restaurant, which is located within the Atlantis Palm hotel and resort.

What sets Ossiano Restaurant apart is that it offers you a unique dining experience while looking at the sea fish around you. The restaurant is a magnificent underwater aquarium, amidst luxurious decorations, from luxurious carpets to dim lighting chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

The restaurant offers a variety, but is more distinguished by delicious seafood, in harmony with the nature of the country.

Restaurant prices start at 800 dirhams, and the restaurant offers special Valentine’s Day offers for both partners for packages starting at 5000 dirhams.

Yacht tours in Jumeirah and Marina

Dubai is characterized by various water activities, so couples will have a meeting on special yacht trips to see the magnificent city while you are sailing in the Arabian Gulf, where many yacht companies in the Marina and Jumeirah area offer you the opportunity to take a private yacht, equipped with various drinks and dishes and a special crew for rowing.

You can go fishing excursions, or snorkeling and swimming in sparkling waters, or enjoy the sunbathing on the yacht deck and watch the sunset or sunrise, enjoying the soothing music.

Prices for renting a private yacht for two people start from 2500 dirhams for 3 hours.

Zabeel Saray Hotel Spa

Going to the spa is an essential part of the honeymoon trip, as couples should feel relaxed and romantic in the wonderful spa atmosphere, and perhaps the Emirate of Dubai is the most distinguished, as there are a variety of spas.

We suggest the Span of the Zabeel Saray Hotel, which offers a spa in Ottoman Turkish style. The place is inspired by old Ottoman buildings, to take you over time to historic Istanbul and is designed in a wide area of ​​about 8200 square meters.

The spa offers special packages for couples, such as Thai massage sessions for 1515 dirhams and romantic and pink sessions for 1805 dirhams, in addition to spa treatment sessions, such as Ottoman healing sessions for 1200 dirhams.

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