The cruise season starts at the end of April towards exciting destinations

Fashion manufacturers are forgetting the promises of the pandemic period of change

In 2020, under the influence of the shock and fear of the Corona pandemic, almost everyone joined clubs that support everything related to climate and humanitarian issues. At the top of them were fashion lovers and creators. Their voice was raised calling for a radical change, including everything that would affect the environment from rationing production and recycling raw materials to reducing travel on the grounds that the aviation sector is one of the industries that generates emissions. harmful carbon. They also demanded the adoption of a simple life away from the fast pace that made us gasp for unregulated consumption and rob us of invaluable human moments. The voices were loud and touched by fear and hope at the same time, as well as a sincere desire to build a better future. In an interview with Bloomberg in December 2020, Antoine Arnault, member of the executive committee of the LVMH group, which owns several fashion houses, including Dior and Louis Vuitton, summed up these feelings and opinions. saying: “The movement of a large number of fashion workers and influencers to Rio and other distant destinations for about 48 hours, which may have been wonderful and fun, but it was a bit exaggerated.” Antoine Arnault referred here to “sailing” shows, which are mainly based on the journey in search of the sun and the sea, and it has become an annual tradition for which big fashion houses use great financial and logistical skills to come to a blinding way. image. He admitted: “Maybe we too have been swept away by this current from our desire to present the new and the wonderful.” Like others, he promised that things would change after the pandemic.

Chanel is one of the fashion houses that pays attention to the cruise line

Two years passed and life returned to normal. Not much has changed so far, and what they called and promised is still in the box of future promises. Their mouths say that life must go on and it is time for the big catwalks to return as if nothing had happened, and their actions showed their desire to travel and start. The voices of climate and environmental advocates are lost among those who hail the fashion recovery. In recent weeks, fashion houses have announced the schedules and locations of their cruise line shows. Our meeting with Chanel will be in Monaco, with Louis Vuitton in San Diego, with Dior in Seville and Max Mara in Lisbon. The departure will be on April 29 with the show “Emilio Pucci” in Capri. The house wants to remind us that it was the most understood of this calligraphy in the sixties, well even before it had an official name.

Thus, instead of diminishing enthusiasm for travel, it grew as fashion houses that were previously content with their shows in Paris or London joined in on trips, such as “Balenciaga” and “Alexander McQueen” during the official program of the season and cooking. – wear weeks. In 2022, these houses decided to travel further to Paris and London as well. This means that thousands of guests, as well as models, stylists and makeup artists, will fly to destinations that can last 12 hours or more, to spend three days dreaming in five-star hotels.

There is no doubt that the costs incurred by fashion houses to revive these shows are huge, estimated in the millions, among travel tickets, accommodation, restaurants and entertainment programs that are carefully prepared as if they were military operations up to the decorations, but they are worth the effort and costs. In return, she achieves an invaluable media buzz and enhances her position in the world of creativity and innovation among adults. When Gucci unveiled its show in Los Angeles, for example, it raised about $ 33 million in media coverage in newspapers, magazines and social media, according to what was published by consultancy Lunchmetrics.

From the show “Maxmara” that she held in Italy last year

It seems that the more remote and exciting the place, the richer the content and images circulate in a way that can not offer traditional seasonal shows in which dozens of fashion houses participate. Here, three days for “Chanel”, “Dior” or “Louis Vuitton” are considered as a whole week very special for them, far from any competition or comparison, in addition to gaining the love of the new market in which they are. . It is worth noting here that nothing is arbitrary and everything is calculated, from choosing the destination and creating exciting images circulated by influencers and stars present to associating with customers of this market, with evidence that before the pandemic and when the Asian market was the largest fashion market, “Louis Vuitton” and “Valentino” introduced and “Prada” special offers in China. But because of the travel ban and the difficulties China still places in front of anyone who dares to enter or leave it, attention has turned to European and American markets, as they are the hope of fashion makers already. The US market in particular confirmed that it is a very important driver with the emergence of new customers, who were assessed with the increase in sales in the first quarter of the year, up to 26 percent for LVMH Group. For example, that explains the absence of “Gucci” from Milan Week, and her preference to present a special show in Los Angeles last November. Louis Vuitton also introduced a menswear show in Miami in December, and soon the San Diego cruise show.

Jacobus, on the other hand, chose to stay away from Paris and present his collection in Hawaii in search of the sunshine to spark the imagination with exciting images, while Balenciaga intends to hold her show in New York next month to highlight the comeback her haute couture scene after a 53-year absence.

Dior, who has been the most active during the pandemic and almost the only one to have performed live in Italy, aims to take his mens collection to Los Angeles soon and his ready-made women’s clothing line next June in Seoul. the latter opens its airports for Globalism flights. As for the cruise show, it will be in Seville, while their theaters chose Chanel Monaco and Gucci Puglia of Italy.

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