The Abu Dhabi Department of Community Development holds a meeting for the first quarter of 2022 for the leaders of the Abu Dhabi Strategy for People of Determination

Axis leaders discuss progress in implementing strategy, action plans and expected results for 2022

Mohammed Al Balushi: The Department Continues Its Efforts to Achieve Higher Levels of Happiness and Satisfaction for Determined People

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Department of Community Development held a meeting for the first quarter of 2022 for the pillars of the Abu Dhabi Strategy of Determination People 2020-2024, which the department is overseeing its implementation follow-up with partners. The meeting, which was held in the presence of the executive directors of 13 entities related to the implementation of the strategy, was chaired by His Excellency Mohammed Hilal Al Balushi, Executive Director of the Office of Strategic Affairs.

Abu Dhabi’s strategy for people of determination includes six main axes: education, employment, social care, universal access, health, rehabilitation and empowerment.

During the meeting, His Excellency Mohammed Hilal Al Balushi stressed the importance of continuing the efforts to implement the strategy by all stakeholders within clear plans and specific results, which will have a positive impact on the lives of established people and families. emphasizing that the strategy comes within the framework of the vision of rational leadership that supports people resolutely, and in line with the social sector agenda, which aims to ensure a dignified life for all members of society.

His Excellency added that the Department of Community Development continues its efforts in collaboration with all partners to achieve the highest levels of happiness and satisfaction for people located in the various fields that make Abu Dhabi a global model in empowerment and integrating different segments of society in achieving their aspirations and ambitions and noted that the implementation plan of the Abu Dhabi Strategy for Determined People includes during 2022, 21 strategic initiatives will be implemented in its six axes.

Al Balushi said that “The focus during this year will be on activating the policies and programs that were prepared in the first year of the strategy and turning them into tangible results that benefit established people and their families,” emphasizing that effective communication and connection between all strategic axes is essential to achieving the desired strategic goals.

The Empowerment Axis team, led by the Community Development Department, led by Her Excellency Dr. was activated, where the completion of the design phase of the initiative to establish an integrated system of care for people of determination was discussed, which resulted in the compilation of a file of services for people of determination and their families for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. in the areas of rehabilitation health services, inclusive education services and social services that support inclusive living with sustainable financing solution models for 22 priority services in three areas to support settled people and their families receive services at a reasonable cost The focus in 2022 will be on the phased implementation of the outputs of this system. The training and capacity building initiative for inclusive practices was also discussed, as its second phase will be implemented during 2022 to enable the authorities to increase integration and empowerment of people. of determination, in addition to discussing the initiative for the implementation of the integrated system of governance and the evaluation of People Decision-making programs in various government sectors, in addition to the initiative of the social protection system. sensitive to people with determination.

The “Social Care Axis” team, led by His Excellency Abdullah Al Kamali, Executive Director of the Determination People Sector at the Zayed Senior Determination People Organization, gave a detailed explanation regarding the axis initiatives as well as presented complete and successful achievement of the People of Determination initiative in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which was launched late last year, which will nurture the process of developing policies and programs for all axes through data accurate and comprehensive about determined people and their actuality. situation. The initiative to harmonize the unified national classification of disability in the Emirates was also discussed, as 70% of the initiative was completed by approving and distributing to the relevant authorities the third edition of the guide on the classification of disability in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, i which aligns with the unified national classification of disability The Community Awareness Initiative based on A disability human rights perspective with a focus on the importance of educating people with determination and their families about their rights, such as and discussing the initiative of the family support system and caregivers for people of determination, and the initiative of officials of services of people of determination.

In the comprehensive access axis, the existing work team led by His Excellency Mohammed Hamad bin Fahd Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Transport Sector in the Department of Municipalities and Transport, discussed the achievements within the axis, which includes seven implemented initiatives in partnership. with other parties. Including the initiative “Universal access to buildings, facilities and transport for displaced people” led by the Department of Municipalities and Transport, which conducted an analysis of the criteria of the Emirates Code for Qualified Environment and ranked by relevant departments in the department and external parties will circulate during 2022 for each authority by specialization to complete the comparison report with the Emirates Code for an acceptable environment and commencement of activation. Also discussed was the “Universal Access to Housing for Determined People” initiative, led by the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, which is working to analyze gaps in the housing service delivery system for established citizens in order to design a comprehensive plan. to address these gaps and the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority went on to present the desired results of the “Universal Access to Systems” and Smart Electronic Services, Communications and Information initiative, which aims to include guiding standards for universal access

Information and digital services for people located in the application and platform “Tamm” in the framework of the plan for the improvement and development of digital channels for 2022. The Department of Culture and Square touches the desired results of “Universal Access to Culture and Inclusive Programs” ”, The initiative, including a detailed assessment of the access of all cultural sites with a working map to improve access to cultural facilities, in addition to approving the classification system for tourist institutions such as hotels and events, based on the -criteria of thought.

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council referred to the 2022 work plan for the Inclusive Access to Inclusive Sports Program initiative, which includes preparing a range of sports clubs to be inclusive and inclusive of people with determination. Inclusive and inclusive services determination. The ports of Abu Dhabi completed the introduction of the comprehensive access axis by reviewing the achievements of the “Comprehensive Offshore Voyage” initiative, which aims to prepare the terminals 1 and 2 of cruise ships, Sir Bani Yas and Marina Mina, to be easily accessible for people of definition.According to the best relevant international standards.

In the “Axis of Health and Rehabilitation” led by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, represented by Her Excellency Dr. Hind Al Zaabi, Executive Director of the Health Facilities Sector, the working team presented the most important results of the assessment phase of the Current Situation and Gap Analysis for the initiative “Development of a unified, comprehensive and integrated assessment framework for people with determination “, which included an action plan 2022 Completion of the development of a unified, comprehensive and integrated assessment framework for people with determination. His Excellency Eng. Thamer Al Qasimi, Executive Director of the Special Projects and Partnerships Sector of the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, presented the achievements and results of the “Integrated Early Intervention System” initiative led by the Early Childhood Authority within health and the rehabilitation axis, where the analysis of the current situation in the field of early intervention for children from birth to 8 years of age has been completed, in addition to the development of an integrated framework for early intervention in Abu Dhabi and the preparation of a framework implementation plan . During 2022, efforts will be directed to the development of 4 experimental models that will have an impact on the lives of settled children and their families.

The working team of the Department of Education and Knowledge based on the “educational axis”, led by Mrs. Manal Al-Dosari, Acting Executive Director of the Strategic Affairs Sector, reviewed the department’s plans to implement the inclusive education model initiative in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which includes the launch and implementation of policies and an inclusive education framework. .

For his part, the “Employment Axis” team from the Abu Dhabi Human Resources Authority, led by His Excellency Hamad Al-Shibli, Executive Director of the Policy and Institutional Development Sector, confirmed that “Developing the Comprehensive Policy of Employment for People The Determination Initiative has been implemented and is in the process of being approved and has presented the achievements and work plans for a number of projects that have been activated under the Comprehensive Employment Program initiative, including the project to establish and implement a classification. for people with determination, a project to create a work record for people with determination in the Abu Dhabi government, a project for an electronic system for adapting and appointing jobs for people with determination, and a project to develop a guide to hiring people with determination in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The meeting ended with the assessment of the integrated efforts of all parties and a general discussion of the recommendations of the new phase in the framework of the axes of the Abu Dhabi Strategy for the People of Determination.

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About the Community Development Department:

The Department of Community Development was established in Abu Dhabi in 2018, with the aim of regulating and controlling the social sector by developing legislation, policies, strategies, standards and operational and executive regulations, to ensure the enhanced quality of life of community members. and providing them with a dignified life, providing quality and efficient social services that meet the needs of all groups. The department seeks to raise awareness and knowledge and find innovative social solutions to the most salient challenges and priority social issues.

Under the department, there are 4 affiliated bodies, namely the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, the Ma’an Community Contribution Authority, the Abu Dhabi Housing and Humanitarian Care Center “Ewaa” and the Family Care Authority. The department also works with 7 partners in the Abu Dhabi community development sector to achieve the desired goals, namely: Zayed Senior Organization for People of Determination, Zayed House for Islamic Culture, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Family Development Foundation , The Social Welfare and Minority Affairs Foundation, the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, and the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority.

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