Sana’a, which is long to travel!

One day, a wise man passed by a crow standing next to a sparrow and he was surprised between him and himself, confused by what unites them in their place on earth ?!
It seemed to him that he stopped for a moment to contemplate their scene together, because it is not common for a bird to play with a crow, and because they are the last of the birds among the birds, they can play with one another. -the other, and because the difference between the nature of each makes their meeting in one place a rarity. As the sage was talking to himself about these meanings, he noticed that the crow was moving from place to place with a clear deceleration and that it was jumping with one foot, and so did the bird and reason. was that something struck them and hindered their ability to move and fly!
The wise man smiled as he looked at them from a distance, then said what seemed like remaining wisdom. Said: They were united by calamity and without it there would be no resemblance between them and there would be no place between them!
Something like this passed in front of me as I thought about the location of the capital of Yemen, Sana’a on the map of the region, then the location of the capital of Libya, Tripoli, west on the same map, then I wondered between me and me: What i combines o God with what we know the first is located on one continent, while the second Being located on the shores of the Mediterranean on another continent ?!
With a little reflection on the case of the two Arab capitals, you will discover that what can combine them, the distance between the two countries, is the same as what once combined the bird and the crow, and is the same thing that caught the attention of man wise, and of course considering what is between the capitals and the birds of difference. Hours earlier, Sultan al-Barakani, the Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament, had accompanied the members of the Presidency of the Council and with them the deputies, and they all left for the city of Aden in southern Yemen, where the House of Representatives would convene. there, so that Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi and his seven deputies to take the constitutional oath before him, leaving state affairs in his hands and that of the seven deputies during the remaining transition period.
This happened after the former president of Yemen, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, had decided to transfer his full powers to a presidential council headed by Al-Alimi and administering the affairs of the country.
With the Presidential Council before Parliament, the government headed by Dr. Moeen Abdul Malik would give her statement, and the House of Representatives would listen to him and he would give her confidence and in addition to that he would consider a number. of national issues that concern the people of Yemen.
The published news describes the city of Aden as the temporary capital of the country and the meaning was that there is an official capital for the same place called Sanaa, but the paradox is that the House of Representatives is not able to hold its sessions there. and the government is unable to enter it, neither the Presidential Council can enter it, nor Nothing, except the Houthi group has closed its doors since it entered it years ago and captured it.
It must be something very difficult for the soul, and it must be something more difficult for the soul of every Arab, not just the soul of every Yemeni, for the issue to come to this capital with a history to the extent that the legitimate government in the country is unable to enter it and hold its meetings there, and that the newborn Presidential Council finds it obliged to take the constitutional oath in a city that is not the official capital of Yemen and that Parliament be compelled to hold its sessions in a place other than Sanaa, where the Yemenis lived and knew no capital for them except the happy Yemeni cities.
The Presidential Council finds it difficult to enter the capital, not because a foreign enemy entered it, occupied it and fortified it, but because a Houthi group entered it by force and strengthened it, pursued its children, closed its doors and hindered the legitimate. authority from exercising responsibility to its citizens on its land!
Yemen who is loyal to his country can imagine that his government is unable to exist in the capital because a foreign enemy penetrated the night and occupied it. A Yemeni who has sincere loyalty to his country’s land can imagine this for whatever reason, but he can never imagine that a Yemeni group did this and is the one preventing the government from reaching its official headquarters in the capital , and is the one who withholds capital from the other sons of whom.
I say a Yemeni group and I am not saying a Houthi group. Perhaps the Houthi group is aware of the danger it has been seeking since entering the capital and perhaps realizes that its Yemen has no alternative to being precedent to its Houthis. movement, and that this priority requires it to listen to the voice of patriotism and not be obsessed with sectarianism, and to rely on the call of reason and to decide what relates to the security and safety of Yemen above all else, and for them make the temporary ceasefire declared on the first day of Ramadan a permanent ceasefire and enable the possibility of ongoing peace consultations to reach a serious wording that establishes a lasting peace in the land of Sheba.
I say a Yemeni group because Yemen is the origin, and because al-Houthi is finally a branch, and it is not allowed for the branch to be higher than the original, nor is it possible for the branch to progress to delay the origin, and if it is permissible or it is near, it does not last however long it is, because in its permanence, what collides By the nature of things.
And Dr. Abdul-Malik was not the only one who wanted to take members of his Yemeni government to Sana’a and then failed. There are parallels on the Mediterranean coast another government headed by Fathi Bashagha, and it is still not able to enter the capital, Tripoli, although for weeks it won the trust of Parliament!
In Tripoli, the former government led by Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba, who refuses to allow Bashaga to enter the capital, is locked in the capital.
In the latest news, Dabaiba knew that the new government was trying to enter the capital and that he would do everything in his power to prevent Bashagh’s penetration into Tripoli!
Thus, a time has come for us when the government of Yemen holds its meetings in Aden, and sees Sanaa from afar, then does not know how it can enter it, as every legitimate government in the world enters its capital without had to go. around its walls, nor to seek permission from an embedded group in which!
The same time fell on us as the Libyan government, coming from east to west, was knocking on the doors of the capital and no door opened on it and there were no windows in its walls.
We have lived hearing that it is necessary from Sana’a even if the journey is long, and the government has traveled in it for a long time and it is necessary at the end of the journey, and there must be Tripoli, even. if the government is out of it for a long time because governments are created to exercise their duties by official capitals and not by provisional capitals!

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