Here’s how teens love their bedrooms .. special ideas, innovative and out of the ordinary | OVERVIEW

Interior designer Sherine Lakkis: Teenagers have to meet some of their requirements, which are harmless, and the only drawback is that they may not be to the taste of the parents.

Beirut There are many very simple designs, suitable for all activities and expressions of teenage lifestyle, and there are various inspirational ideas for bedrooms at this age, unconventional, elegant and very modern.

A few years ago, no one thought that teenage bedrooms needed special decoration and furniture, and their appearance did not differ much from the decoration of children’s bedrooms, except for some posters on the wall and clothes and magazines lying out. on the floor.

In recent years, when the non-adult furniture markets have expanded, many ideas have been developed for the needs of children’s rooms of all ages.

Interior designer Sherine Lakis considers that it is not harmful to associate with teenagers in some of their requests and her only drawback is that she may not like the tastes of her parents.

Private bedroom for a little independence or to welcome friends (pixel)

private kingdom

The interior designer emphasizes that for teenagers the bedroom is not just a place to sleep, but their kingdom, a place where they can escape from the outside world.

A teenager’s room should be a fun and functional place where they can express themselves. Teenagers are at an age at which they are still discovering the world and their choices can change about what they like and what they do not like, and designing a room with all of these can be a challenge.

Teenagers also need a multi-purpose room, with a place to study and sleep, where their friends can wait, and even play slots.

Youth rooms should be fun and practical at the same time (Pixels)

Practical advice

Lakis offers some practical and fun tips for designing bedrooms for teens, to design a room that satisfies all children:

  • Divide the room into multi-purpose areas.
  • It should include some places like sleeping, studying, relaxing and waiting for friends.
  • If the room space is small, new ideas need to be created that can share space for any purpose.
  • If there is not enough space to place a full-size table, you can choose another one that opens as needed or choose a design that includes a table with a bed or wardrobe.
  • She should be playful and express their unique personalities.
There should be space for a teen hairdressing desk or a study desk (pixel)

Creative suggestions

For example, you can choose an innovative design to hang on the wall, or a painting with their favorite logo on a frame above the bed.

Or they can hang a blackboard or a notebook, something on which they can express their growing and changing personality every day. This is something that gives them a choice of how to express themselves.

Trying to convince the boy to keep the color of the room, the right furniture and accessories (pixel)

Childish decorations

In order to design a room to make a teenager happy, any traces of childish decor must be removed from the room.

Parents should not impose design ideas on teenagers, as this is their private space and their ideas for modern decor are completely different from those of their parents, as Al-Laqis tells Al-Jazeera Net.

And if there are concerns about changing their taste, you can try to convince them to keep the room and furniture neutral and give them more unique colors and personalities by choosing the right accessories.

Teenagers need a multi-purpose room to study, sleep and even play electronic games (pixels).

private castle

For the teen, Lakkis adds, the bedroom is his private castle, a place where he can have a little privacy or host his friends.

It is also a place that allows him to express his special personality and different from the personality of the rest of the family.

And if a teenager chooses to express his personality by drawing on the walls or decorating the room with his favorite sports equipment, let him do so.

Bedrooms for teens have their own privacy with the importance of removing childish drawings (communication sites)

Teen room privacy

Al-Laqis makes some observations regarding the privacy of teenagers’ bedrooms and emphasizes the importance of removing childish drawings from the walls first, which allows the use of hobbies through photographs and accessories of their favorite sport, music, drawing or any desired hobby. of them.

Space should also be allocated for a hairdressing table and the closet should be equipped with drawers for accessories, shoes and bags, as well as a long floor-based mirror to be seen its full height. Taking care that the design is simple with calm colors, and on the side of the bed a sofa can be added to make the girl feel more comfortable.

The room is a special place where teenagers can turn whenever they feel the need to be alone or listen to music (pixels).

Desired space of freedom

Al-Laqis concludes her advice by saying that parents and their sons and daughters should not clash and should not impose their thoughts on the design of bedroom decoration for teenagers.

She points out that the teen’s bedroom is his private world, which he tries to control to highlight his personality and a special place in which they spend most of their time, addressing her as times they feel the need for solitude or listening to music. , drawing, studying or making friends. The bedroom is not only used for bedtime, but also expresses the desired space of freedom.

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