For those looking for extraordinary experiences .. 10 breathtaking destinations at Expo 2020 Dubai

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With low temperatures, mild weather and the start of the magical winter season in Dubai, we invite you to enjoy ten unique destinations at Expo 2020 Dubai, which will not only give you the opportunity to enjoy the long-awaited special weather, but will also give you stunning views of the entire Expo 2020 site, which is full of special events and experiences not to be missed.

Visitors looking for unique experiences and unique places to spend the most beautiful times with family and friends, should check out these ten destinations offered by the Expo 2020 Dubai website, which will give them a luxurious and extraordinary visiting experience , whether spending some time in a hanging garden at a height of 55 meters from On the surface or in a comprehensive, once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experience, just a few feet away from Al Wasl Dome, the home of the largest screen in the 360 ​​degree world that ignites with imagination, they will feel luxurious and pampered by the amazing options offered by the international event to choose between.

Here is our list of the most important outdoor destinations with raised balconies, which you can enjoy when you visit the next Expo 2020 Dubai:

Mudra Restaurant, Tira – Sustainability Pavilion

Famous American chef Matthew Kenny was behind the idea of ​​Mudra, the perfect destination for vegan food, perched on the roof of Terra, the iconic theme pavilion located in the Sustainability District. Aiming to share a healthy vegan lifestyle through its cuisine that suits all tastes, the Mudra menu also includes a wide range of options, from simple meals like pizza and hamburgers presented in a unique style, to dishes luxury “Nikki” sushi. for excellent appetizers and drinks, which was prepared in an innovative way to gain the pleasure and admiration of those with excellent taste.

Al Mashrab on the roof of the Swiss pavilion – “Zone of Opportunity”

We invite you to visit the restaurant on the roof of the Swiss Pavilion, enjoy the stunning views of the Expo 2020 site and enjoy the kinds of delicious food that will take you on a trip to Switzerland. Traditional, up to the famous raclette, or even the wonderful dish of the restaurant known as “Walk the Swiss Dog”, along with a selection of special Swiss drinks that will ensure you have a good time.

Brillat Savarin Restaurant, France Pavilion – “Mobile Zone”

This 180-degree terrace wraps around the Belvedere floor of the French Pavilion, at a height of 21 meters above the ground, offering an extraordinary location for a panoramic view of the entire exhibition site, with stunning views of the Alef Mobility Pavilion and Al Wasl Square. . Based on the terrace, Brillat Savarin is a restaurant run by chefs Martin Picquart and Erwan Stadler. It prides itself on offering a selection of uniquely flavored French dishes, with a frequently updated menu, created to take visitors on a journey into the heart of French cuisine. Every month, the restaurant hosts a new chef to offer a menu drawn from dishes that are famous in certain regions of France. In November, the restaurant hosted chef Stéphane Raymond to introduce a range of regionally popular cuisines to the regions of southern France and Corsica.

Lusitano by Chef Chacal, Portugal Pavilion – Jubilee Garden

Chef Chacal’s Restaurant and Terrace “Lositano” is located on the second floor of the Portugal Pavilion and offers panoramic views of the Jubilee Garden. The delicious cuisine is an inspiration to the Portuguese / Argentine chef Chacal, who has traveled through Portugal for many years, as well as participated in popular TV cooking programs locally and regionally, as well as in many different culinary events, which contributed to He gains a deep knowledge of Portuguese cuisine, which has its roots from the mountains at sea to the islands of the Atlantic Ocean.

Al Thuraya Hanging Garden – Jubilee Garden

“Al Thuraya Garden”, located 55 meters above the ground, is an observation tower and “hanging garden” that offers 360 degree views of the Expo 2020 site. The top floor of the tower contains 10 yellow poinciana trees, which is well adapted to the hot and dry climate of the UAE, and is connected to the air-conditioned basement by a staircase. Tickets for this world-famous landmark are available at checkouts located on the international event site. Children under the age of six can ride for free, while an adult ticket costs 30 AED.

Rooftop Club 2020 by Emaar – Al Wasl Square

Those looking for a truly luxurious Expo experience, complete with stunning scenery and superb cuisine, can head to Club 2020 from Emaar, which includes a lounge, event venue and an impressive roof. And new traditions through celebrations of a special nature, in addition to the opportunity to see the lighting of Al Wasl Dome, and watch fascinating entertainment programs that coincide with the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of the United Arab Emirates, the celebration of the New Year and many other celebrations.

Jubilee Tarrace Dining Experience, Expo Media Center Sheshi Al Wasl

Jubilee Balcony gives outdoor dining fans an extraordinary experience, through a series of short cooking shows organized on the balcony of the Expo Media Center, as this experience allows them to try eight wonderful food dishes presented in a new way , inspired by the International Exhibition. They will also have the opportunity to try a range of classic and other special drinks, in a unique experience, embraced by this open balcony overlooking the Al Wasl Dome, the beating heart of Expo 2020.

B-Lounge, Belgium Pavilion – Movement Area

Slightly hidden from view, on the roof of the Belgian Pavilion, the B-Lounge offers guests a comfortable seating area with stunning views of the Expo 2020 site. Guests can choose from a selection of Belgian snacks, such as steak. with tartar sauce served on toast, plus plate
Potato croquettes with cheese, and many other dishes, which are prepared in the style of tapas, to be easily shared with family and friends, in addition to a varied menu of Belgian refreshments and mixed drinks, which will provide visitors a pleasant pleasure. koha.

Evsine Restaurant, Greece Pavilion – Sustainability District

Located next to the UAE National Pavilion and a short distance from Al Wasl Square, the luxury restaurant Evzin was created by chef “Sperksos”, whose menu is inspired by traditional Greek cuisine, with a special modern touch, taking visitors . directly on the amazing beaches of Greece and its picturesque mountains.

Grand Beirut Restaurant – Sustainability District

The Grand Beirut restaurant has a magnificent balcony with a special aesthetic character filled with flowers, and the restaurant takes its name from the charming city of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Its lively atmosphere allows visitors to immerse themselves in an authentic Lebanese experience, filled with art, Lebanese aromatic culture and delicious Levantine cuisine, as well as an extensive list of bottles and various beverage options, which will allow visitors to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of elegant oriental restaurants.


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