Expo 2020 presents the special yard of African food “Kipulan”

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Expo 2020 Dubai has announced the experience of the African food court “Kibulan”, which will be launched as part of the activities of the international event to display African food and cultures with a new vision that celebrates the tastes of Africa.

The experience, embodying the spirit of the African continent, accompanies visitors on a journey in which they explore the continent’s cultural diversity, bringing together people, societies and countries.

The ancient African continent was called “Kibulan”, which is the oldest known name and means “mother of mankind”. At Expo 2020, “Kibulan” will be a culinary concept curated by award-winning international chef Alexander Smalls, who is also a former opera singer. The dining hall is a feast of African cuisine, created to showcase contemporary African food and music from across the continent. Each cooking station and concept has a unique design that expresses the individuality of the area, the kitchen and the chef at the top of the station.

Chef Alexander Smalls, overseer of the Kipulan dining hall, said: “African food is as diverse as the continent’s countries and societies, but it is not sufficiently represented in the world. Bringing a part of Africa to Expo 2020 is not just a dream. realized, is also an opportunity to display rich diversity What makes African cuisine change from one region to another.Food and music are both central to our culture and Kipulan will be a place that unites the two , inviting visitors from all over the world to take part in a comprehensive experience full of our tastes and traditions. ”

Marjan Faraidooni, Chief Executive Officer of the Visitors’ Experience at Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “Food unites people and communities, at a time when we need it most. As we adhere to the main theme of Expo 2020” , creating the future, “we invited countries around the world to showcase their national cuisine.” In order to give visitors a chance to try traditional and special foods from around the world in a safe environment. “We are very excited to welcome the African continent to Expo 2020, and to give our visitors the opportunity to experience new flavors and concepts never seen before in the UAE.”

The “Alkibulan” dining room offers a world of delicious taste and intriguing experiences, offering guests the opportunity to eat gourmet delicacy, traditional food and mixed meals in one destination. The food court has ten stations, each of which offers a different menu:

Coco’s Afro Street Eatery Chef Station offers rich and rich flavors of West African street food, with dishes such as mini chapati rolls stuffed with meat curry or Ugandan style vegetable curry

• Chef Coco’s “Ken Bar” station also delights in dessert, serving what may be the most delicious donuts in the world, along with dessert cocktails.

• Chef Alexander Smalls’ Chicken Cup station serves chicken prepared in his two favorite ways, grilled and fried. Not to be missed is the Tunisian-spiced chicken fried three times, served together with a thick Belgian waffle and topped with whipped cream.

• Coco Reinars chef’s Choma Barbecue Station takes inspiration from the art of cooking, roasting and smoking meat, with a menu that includes Zanzibari spicy lamb rice served with cashew salad and Kenyan-style green banana meat skewer grilled

• Gecko Cocktails Station of Tribe Hotel Kenya offers African flavors and drinks in cocktails prepared by bartender Kelvin Thaya

• Binga station for award-winning pop-up chef Pierre Sevi; Cape of Glory; Moussa Gabbani promises innovative African cuisine and a world-class culinary experience from Cameroon and Benin, serving dishes such as roasted turkey with mustard and tapioca, vegetable tandoori mayonnaise and fermented cassava oatmeal.

• Seven Seafood by Chef Pioneer Kiran Jethwa offers a modern look at East African seafood, using ingredients and flavors from the region, to give a contemporary feel to traditional Kenyan cuisine.

• Mami Sue chef’s “Showbox Bakery” station offers the latest African bakery experience, with sweet and savory ingredients, including Ethiopian inje bread.

Chef Smalls’ Sweet Ophelia Station is an Afro-Asian wok bar serving delicious rice, noodles and noodles, including Cameroonian fish marinated in chili, a favorite West African food.

• Jethwa chef’s “The Tasty Goat” showcases a dining experience that includes delicious and versatile goat meat that blends the flavors and tastes of East African cuisine


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