Entrepreneur Salam Dakkak: The dream turned into a real project only with ambition and work

Nostalgia and love pushed the businessman, chef Salam Dakkak, to the late mother “Maryam”, to make a special project in memory of her mother, a restaurant she called “Beit Maryam” in the Emirates of Dubai, ambition and work to develop. skills and good relationships with others – two messages she took from memory with her mother, going through the time of becoming a mother and an entrepreneur for all nationalities residing in the UAE, through the dishes she cooks itself as a kind of hospitality. and welcome to visitors.

Entrepreneur Salam Dakkak confirmed for “Al-Roya” that her mother is the secret of the story, as she was skilled in cooking and liked to entertain visitors and cook for them all the dishes as a kind of welcome and hospitality, showing that she has always had. wanted to present something in memory of her late mother and after settling in a place Emirates and especially Dubai, brought all the tools with them. In the Emirates, she is close to realizing a long-held dream she wants to achieve after introducing her children to her role as a mother and putting them on the first path of their careers – in her words.

She explained that when she moved to Dubai, she realized that she was in the right place to realize her dream and create the project, as there are many young immigrants, so her passion pushed her to become a mother to all these emigrants, through the Beit Maryam restaurant project, which serves all the cuisines of its homeland Palestine and other countries. The Arab world, which accepts all nationalities around the world, cooks for them all the dishes of the Gulf and Arab who inherited. and learned from Gulf society.

Start of the project

Salam Al-Labneh started her first project in January 2019, when she rented a place to live, and on July 31, 2017, she opened the “Beit Maryam” restaurant in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers area, describing those moments in it which opening was a great joy and pride for her ambition, which she sought until she reached her first chapter.

She indicated that the support and encouragement of her husband and children was a source of energy for her to continue her project, the Beit Maryam restaurant, adding that she had decided to start the project when her children finished school and university education and started career and capital from the husband, who wanted to achieve what she aspired to, was unbearable by the amount or cost of starting.

The girl “Nada” did not hesitate to resign to help her mother in managing the administrative affairs of the “House of Mary”, so that Selam devoted herself to cooking fresh oriental food and dishes for customers of all species every day. the meals she offers start at breakfast and end with dinner and encouragement and confidence because she stayed with him in every detail of the project – according to Chef Dakkak.

purpose and development

Regarding the number of her staff and the difficulties she faced at the beginning of the project, Salam explained that the project in its beginnings included 12 employees and now the number has reached 45 employees, indicating that in its beginnings it has spent. a long time in the restaurant from seven o’clock in the morning until 11 o’clock at night, in order to be able to provide services in proportion to his ambitions and goals, for the customers who are its highest priority for him been happy to eat.

She said that one of the difficulties she had experienced was her fear of not knowing the place because she is in a corner in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers area and wondered who would want to reach this remote area! Therefore, the beginning was difficult and pleasant. He said that he challenged himself and managed to turn the dream into a tangible reality, until “Beit Maryam” became one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai, which is frequented and visited by different nationalities. of the world, inhabitants. and visitors as well as citizens, advising those who have a goal and talent to strive to achieve it, adhering to patience, will and strength.


For what sets her menu apart from the rest of the international restaurants in Dubai, entrepreneur Salam showed that her authentic oriental cuisine preserves the popular heritage of Arabic cuisine and that all her dishes are made with love, kindness and a beautiful spirit , and all. The products used are of high quality and are chosen very carefully, it brings Arabic products, because the aim of the project is to give customers the feeling that they are at home and not in a restaurant, with the desire to make “Mary’s House” . A home for all and to feel inside that they are eating dishes made by their mothers, as the late mother did with her children and guests.

Regarding the prices of dishes and the possibility of opening Beit Maryam branches in the world, she explained that the prices are suitable for everyone as the products are quality, emphasizing that one of her most important goals is for the customers. . to enjoy the place and the food, showing that she dreams of the restaurant having branches in all countries of the world, but at the right time.

And the dishes that got the most demand from customers. She pointed out that daily cooking is in high demand and is all sold by young expatriates. Among the most popular dishes are: Mansaf, Musakhan, Mahashi, Grape Leaves Zucchini, Kibbeh in Chinese, Kofta, Fatteh Musakhan, Fatteh with Rice and Chicken, Freekeh, Mujadara, Maqluba. There is also a breakfast menu such as: Egg with cheese, Shakshouka, Balila, Mariam omelette, in addition to all kinds of manaki, salads and pans popular in Palestine and the Arab world, and Arabic desserts like rice with milk, sweet cheese, kunafa and specialty “Hala Maryam” dish.

And for her opinion on restaurant delivery services through apps. She indicated that she prefers the client to come to the restaurant to eat the food, especially since the project is based on the dialogue between her and them and because she likes to see them express their opinion about the service and products, this gives her a feeling of happiness that satisfies her feelings and makes her feel that she managed to convey the message of “Beit Maryam”. In terms of delivery services, they are a way that has made it easier for many people to get the food they want, and also helped entrepreneurs, but finds that getting to the restaurant is cheaper, as applications reduce a percentage of high price.

Breastfeeding women

Salam stressed that Arab and Gulf women have become male competitors in pioneering projects, especially since women are half of society and have achieved a leadership role in the economy sector, as they are mother, wife, sister and daughter, and they are. able to prove that they are equal to men in all sectors and projects in various aspects of it, and that is why you see that men are capable and women are also able to work and achieve success, especially if the purpose is clear and talent is present in all its forms.They have become one of the most famous businessmen in the Middle East and in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

She added that dreams should not remain stuck in the mind, as nothing is impossible, and all a person needs is to make plans and studies to go into the future and achieve the dream. Adhering to hope, patience, strength and determination, because it is the key to success and achieving goals of all kinds and there is nothing easy in its beginnings, but everyone has to face difficulties and overcome them and learn from mistakes, so that the project is achieved on a strong and solid ground, contributing to the achievement of all the ideas that were developed for the project, and you discover that it is not bad to start with capital according to the possibilities at your disposal and do not rush to work on projects without studying the market and the client needs for it. Therefore, good planning, patience and ambition are the basis of success.

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