Emirates News Agency – Gulfood 2022 presents a global food agenda

DUBAI, Jan 20 / WAM / Gulfood – the world’s largest exhibition of its kind and the leading global supply platform in the food and beverage sector – unveiled the start of its 27th session from February 13-17 at the World Food Center. Trade in Dubai, during which it will highlight the most important trends and technologies that Contribute to shaping the global food sector based on its methodology based on encouraging communication and innovation and shaping the features of positive change to achieve a better future.

The exhibition, which is being held in 21 halls at the World Trade Center in Dubai, contributes to consolidating the UAE leadership position to keep pace with changes in the sector and strengthen its strong role in addressing global challenges by launched the Gulfood initiative to reduce food waste. campaign launched in partnership with various restaurants and hotels in the UAE Efforts to reduce waste worldwide.

Gulfood 2022 offers the global food and beverage sector a unique platform that highlights the challenges, transformations, trends and changing factors globally, including aspects of e-commerce, technology and sustainability, in addition to vital innovations in the fields of cellular agriculture based on animal feed production using cell culture methods and emerging trends in relation to slow-cooked, plant-based foods.

The exhibition will be held a few days before the start of the inaugural session of the Future Food Summit and the Global Exhibition for Agricultural Technologies and Innovation, where both events will be held on 23 and 24 February at the Dubai Exhibition Center at Expo 2020. Dubai Support strong for innovation and progress in the sector.

Recent data released by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) show that one third of global food production, equivalent to 1.3 billion tons per year, at a value of 1 trillion US dollars, is wasted. Food waste brings harmful effects. in the environment and leads to the loss of nutrients and various resources used for food production such as water, land, labor, energy and costs.

The Gulfood initiative to reduce food waste plays a leading role in addressing this global problem, as it demonstrates the participation of chefs from 30 restaurants, cafes and cloud kitchens across the UAE in a series of external educational seminars and classes focusing on the practices of stable. based on local products.

The initiative provides an ideal platform to give local companies with a positive impact global reach, including a partnership with The West Lab, which specializes in implementing social and economic solutions aimed at food reuse, such as . fertilizer production.

Gulfood 2022 launches the Zero West Mega Impact campaign, which covers the entire exhibition area and aims to collect 1,000 kilograms of food waste to produce 400 kilograms of fertilizer, which contributes to preventing the emission of 1,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide, in addition to waiting for a award ceremony honoring major restaurants in reducing food waste efforts.

Trixie LohMirmand, Executive Vice President of Event Management at the World Trade Center in Dubai, said Gulfood 2022 contributes to consolidating the UAE’s leading role in leading the path of positive change for the global food and beverage sector by providing a in-depth look at destinations and technologies that contribute to charting the sector’s path to a better future Noting that Gulfood’s initiative to reduce food waste aims to encourage dialogue and stimulate commitment to a proactive approach to the adoption of food waste reduction initiatives among policymakers, sector leaders and communities.

The campaign embodies another example of the UAE’s commitment and pioneering role in supporting the process of growing the sector that benefits all. Gulfood 2022 also represents a highly influential platform hosting more than 4000 exhibiting companies and elite leaders and thought leaders from more than 120 countries around the world In addition to the presence of a group of top Michelin-starred chefs, Best Prices Award international chief and other prestigious awards, as well as business leaders and government policymakers.

With its 2022 session, Gulfood will focus on stimulating industry discussions and putting ideas into practice, in addition to supporting innovative start-ups and new food technology solutions, empowering young professionals and women. research and development sector, as well as stimulating e-commerce. activities.

LohMirmand said: “Gulfood 2022 builds on its well-established reputation as a leading global resource platform and setting industry trends, with the aim of stimulating the transformation of the sector for the benefit of all stakeholders, from manufacturers raw materials to policymakers and consumers. ”

Currently, through Expo 2020 Dubai, Dubai is presenting a new vision for the future based on change efforts laying the foundations for a new historic phase. Gulfood 2022 is inspired by this unique vision to present a solid concept that aims to make an impact on the future of the sector as a whole.

Gulfood 2022 will play a key role in shaping the future of the food sector by focusing on innovation and change efforts. This year’s edition will host the first Gulfood e-commerce platform of its kind in the sector, which is an exclusive network and conference program created to support the growing role of digital markets in the food sector supply chain.

The platform enables small and medium-sized companies to present their products and solutions to leading companies in the e-commerce and catering sectors, which allows retail companies to increase their digital presence. The platform also provides access to the opinions of most prominent leaders in the sector, including Sebastian Wesler, German entrepreneur and founder of the Hodley store-building app. It helps companies set up their online stores and monitor their operations in less than five minutes.

The list of sector leaders participating in the exhibition also includes Nikola Kaperkapa, Vice President of Brand Partnerships and Micro Cargo Centers at InstaShop for Food Distribution, in addition to Yusuprabhakar Yarlagada, Vice President of Food Products for the local online store Noon in the UAE Arabic.

Among the most prominent new additions to this year’s exhibition session is the “Gulfood Top Table” event, which offers a distinguished group of food experiences and educational classes with the participation of a wide range of chefs and celebrities on social media. site, in addition to a number of media personalities, innovators and pioneers in the sector .. The event involves more than 70 chefs from 50 restaurants creating 1,000 dishes over five days, including the world’s best pastry chef Antonio Bachcher, known as confectionery “. “Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikins and chef Nick Alves from the famous local restaurant” Foley “, as well as prominent Emirati chefs, Chef Khaled Al Saadi, co-founder of Faye Café, Chef Faseel Nasir , founder of Linto Restaurant, and Mohammed Orlefi, a Syrian food expert based in Dubai.

The Gulfood Inspier event will witness the participation of a group of prominent speakers from business leaders in the food and beverage sector, ministers, policymakers, retail leaders, technology and agriculture experts, in addition to a number of future analysts and experts who provide in-depth analysis and solid knowledge outlining the future paths of the sector.

The Gulfood Global Changemakers program includes around 30-40 startups presenting a number of innovative food technology ideas and solutions for a group of prominent investors and venture capital companies. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with Dennis Levine, writer, business consultant and former managing director at Wall Street Investment Banking Company, the famous Drakeel Burnham Lambert of Wall Street, who played a key role in many mergers and acquisitions during the 1980s. last century.

The Gulfood Youth Competition is the first platform of its kind that aims to empower the most talented emerging talents in the culinary field and offers a wide range of mentoring opportunities and scholarships. The first edition of the event focuses on young chefs from the Emirates and offers participants the opportunity to collaborate with chef Kasdi Dahari, chief executive at Hilton Palm Jumeirah and a team of young chefs who have won seven gold medals at the Chef’s Desk 2021 Challenge.

The winner of the Gulfood Youth Competition will have the opportunity to benefit from valuable practical experience in one of the Hilton’s hotel dining destinations in Europe, while second place will receive a 25% scholarship to study in the College Culinary Arts Program Tourism in Dubai.

Gulfood’s new methodology managed to attract great interest from exhibitors who expressed their support for the innovative strategy that is unique to the event. in the pavilions of Uruguay, Panama and Uzbekistan New entrants: ABW Foods, Invest NSW, Austrid, Australia, Colombia Cartagena Chamber of Commerce, National Dairy Cooperative, Estancias del Lago, National Meat Foundation of Uruguay, Finaco MK Merchants from Switzerland, Pro Panama from Panama, RFG Foods from South Africa and Vitasoy from Hong Kong.

Gulfood 2022 is planned to be kept under a strict set of safety and hygiene procedures to ensure a safe working environment. The World Trade Center in Dubai has proven its capabilities in providing a direct business environment and organizing world-class events in the light of application by the highest security procedures.

Given the critical importance of displaying product samples and food handling during Gulfood, the trusted protocols established at the World Trade Center in Dubai were tightened during the Gulfood 2022 session and in full coordination with the Dubai Health Authority and the Municipality of Dubai with the aim of providing safer conditions for visitors and exhibitors.

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