“Community Development” in Abu Dhabi holds a meeting of leaders of strategic pillars of people of determination

Abu Dhabi: “Gulf”

The Abu Dhabi Department of Community Development held a meeting for the first quarter of 2022, for the Axis Leaders of the “Abu Dhabi Strategy for Determined People 2020-2024”, which the department oversees to follow its implementation with partners .

The meeting was chaired by Mohammed Hilal Al Balushi, Executive Director of the Office for Strategic Affairs, in the presence of the executive directors of 13 entities related to the implementation of the strategy. .

The strategy includes six pillars: education, employment, social care, universal access, health, rehabilitation and opportunities, and aims to make Abu Dhabi an inclusive and adaptive city for people who are determined and supportive of their rights, in collaboration with partners in the sector. governmental and private, and the third sector.

During the meeting, Al Balushi stressed the importance of continuing efforts to implement the strategy by all stakeholders within clear plans and specific results, which will have a positive impact on the lives of settled people and their families. Emphasizing that the strategy comes within the vision of rational leadership that supports people resolutely and in line with social sector programs that aim to provide a dignified life for all members of society.

He added that the department is continuing its efforts, in cooperation with all partners, to achieve the highest levels of happiness and satisfaction for people located in different areas that make Abu Dhabi a global model in the integration of all groups. in achieving their aspirations and ambitions. He stressed that the executive plan of the strategy includes during 2022 the implementation of 21 strategic initiatives in its six axes.

Empowerment Axis team in the department, led by Dr. Laila Al-Hayas, Executive Director of the Social Monitoring and Innovation Sector, reviewed a number of quality initiatives that had been activated, while discussing the completion of the design phase for the initiative. to create an integrated care system for determined people and their families, which resulted in the design of a service file in health, therapeutic and rehabilitation services and inclusive education and social services that support inclusive living with funding solution models sustainable for 22 priority services in all three areas to support them and get services at an affordable cost. In 2022 the focus will be on the implementation of the output phases of this system.

The meeting also discussed the initiative of training and capacity building for inclusive practices, as the second phase will be implemented during 2022 to enable entities to increase the empowerment of people with determination.

The “Social Care Axis” team, led by Abdullah Al Kamali, Executive Director of the People’s Determination Sector at the Zayed Senior Organization, gave a detailed explanation of the axis initiatives and presented the full and successful achievement of the People of Initiative e determination in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which was launched late last year.

On the axis of universal access, the existing working group led by Mohammed Al-Muhairi, Executive Director of the Transport Sector in the Department of Municipalities and Transport, discussed the achievements within this axis, which includes seven initiatives implemented in partnership with other parties . including the “Universal Access to Buildings, Facilities and Transport for Involved People” initiative. He also discussed the “Universal Access to Housing for Determined People” initiative, led by the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority.

The Department of Culture and Tourism focused on the desired results of the “Universal Access to Inclusive Cultural and Entertainment Programs” initiative.

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council referred to the 2022 work plan for the Inclusive Access to Inclusive Sports Programs initiative. The Abu Dhabi Airports team continued to present the achievements of the “Comprehensive Air Travel” initiative and the plans for 2022. The ports of Abu Dhabi concluded the presentation of the comprehensive access axis by reviewing the achievements of the “Comprehensive Maritime Travel” initiative.

In the “Axis of Health and Rehabilitation” led by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, represented by Dr. Hind Al Zaabi, Executive Director of the Health Facilities Sector, the working team presented the most important results of the current situation assessment phase. and gap analysis for the “Developing a Unified, Comprehensive and Integrated Assessment Framework for Determined People” initiative. Engineer Thamer Al Qasimi, Executive Director of the Special Projects and Partnerships Sector of the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, presented the achievements of the “Integrated Early Intervention System” initiative led by the Early Childhood Authority within the health and rehabilitation.

The Department of Education and Knowledge-based work team on the “education axis” led by Manal Al-Dosari, Acting Executive Director of the Strategic Affairs Sector, reviewed the department’s plans for implementing the inclusive education model initiative.

The “Employment Axis” team from the Abu Dhabi Human Resources Authority, led by Hamad Al-Shibli, Executive Director of the Policy and Institutional Development Sector, confirmed the implementation of the “Developing a Comprehensive Employment Policy for Determined People” initiative “. which is in the process of approval. He also presented the achievements and work plans of a number of projects that have been activated within the initiative “Comprehensive Employment Program”.

The meeting ended with the assessment of the integrated efforts of all parties and a general discussion of the recommendations of the new phase in the framework of the axes of the Abu Dhabi Strategy for the People of Determination.

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