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Activists on communication sites in Lebanon circulated a video clip showing a woman shooting and killing a dog with a rifle on a street in the western Bekaa region, in an incident that angered animal rights activists and the Lebanese community.

A child has documented the murder with the phone camera, while his mother has gone to him saying: “I killed the dog and I distorted its face, did you rest, did you rest?”

Two girls laughed from behind the camera as the video made a fuss.

Salma Abu Khaddour – the killer – responded to the controversy with a post in which she said: “Anyone who objected to the shooting suddenly did not see my daughter’s face and how distorted she is, and some think I’m happy I killed the dog. “

And she continued, “I just saved my daughter and her devastated psyche. I raise dogs and cats and I hope no one rushes to judge me, and we would love to see this humanism when my daughter was undergoing surgery.”

The woman posted photos of a girl’s distorted face, saying she was her daughter and that the dog had attacked her, explaining that her daughter’s psyche had been affected by the accident.

Activists called on authorities and animal welfare associations to take action against the woman because of her work, which they described as “criminal”, and some stressed that “her natural place is in prison”.

Activists believed that the mother’s statement “does not justify her action” and that she “retaliated against a dog that has no brain and does not intend to commit the crime”.

And the Lebanese Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Hajj Hassan, wrote on Twitter: “We followed the relentless shooting of a dog in the town of Kamed Al-Lawz, and accordingly I contacted the Environmental Prosecutor, who in turn will to direct the competent authorities to take the necessary measures ”.

“Let every citizen bear the consequences of his actions and we call on all interested parties to be tough with these unacceptable actions on a human and civilized level,” the minister added.

Animal rights activist Ghina Nahfawi posted the video, describing the children’s laughter at the crime as “the nail in the coffin of childhood” and said: “God is the witness of the crime and the conscience of those concerned.”

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram expressed her anger and condemnation of what was said in the video and wrote on Twitter: “Humanity and mercy in our hearts die.”

And she continued: “My heart aches for the laughter of a child who grows up to kill in cold blood.”

Singer Elissa took part in the controversy with a post on Twitter where she denounced the “crime” and considered the author “inhuman”.

An animal rights activist went to the perpetrator’s house, accusing him of committing the murder and that she could have held the gun in front of a human being after he had killed the dog.

Residents of the area confirmed that the dog did not attack passers-by, but the author wrote a leaflet stating that he had attacked her child and mutilated her face.

Activist Hajar Diab said she “could not understand the amount of damage people do to animals by shooting, poisoning or trampling animals”.

Journalist Muhammad Barakat found the scene very expressive in Lebanon and that while “a thousand candidates ran in the election, people are preoccupied with a dog that was killed by a woman in retaliation for biting her daughter.”

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