A fasting guide to Italy: food carts and baby racing

Recovery of tourism in Italy after the end of Corona restrictions (AFP)

After two years of closure and harsh measures imposed by the Italian authorities due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ramadan is coming this year amid great progress in restrictions and life is returning to normal, which shows that Muslims in all Italian cities, especially in the northern part of the country, will say goodbye to the distance celebrations that has been with them for two years.

In previous years, most celebrations took place through social media, as mosque imams called for prayers and celebrations by participating in electronic apps, but this year Muslims will be able to enjoy the resurgence of Ramadan rituals and attend events. social.

About 4 million Muslims live in Italy and in Milan, Italy’s largest city, the number of Muslims is estimated at 150,000, of different nationalities, which is an opportunity for all those who visit the country to enjoy the atmosphere of Ramadan.

Ramadan preparations

Muslims in Italy are preparing for the month of fasting shortly before its arrival, as some Islamic bodies, centers and associations invite scholars and sheikhs from various Arab countries to resurrect this month, listening to the recitation of the Qur’an in various audio . nivelet.

And this year, according to what the Islamic Cultural Center in Italy posted on Facebook, about 60 imams from different Islamic countries have been invited. Moreover, the mass breakfast among the Muslim communities in Rome is a prominent feature of this month, as Muslims there are inclined to meet and get to know each other to strengthen relations between them and collective gatherings are usually organized over the weekend.

With the onset of spring in Europe, families seek to gather in public gardens and eat breakfast together, so do not miss the visit to the public gardens in the morning to see the rituals of the Arab, Asian and African communities.

Moreover, some Islamic centers, such as the Islamic Cultural Center, dedicate a day to welcoming Italians of all classes and groups and inviting them to break the fast, talk to them, and answer their questions, and this day is called the open door.

Arabic cuisine

Ramadan in Italy is characterized by its rituals, customs and traditions that differ from one Muslim community to another, while maintaining a common factor among all Muslims, which is the spiritual and religious aspect, group prayer and tarawih. If you are visiting Italy, you will surely discover a new form of Ramadan life.

In Milan neighborhoods like Samarate and Canutella, carts and small kiosks with traditional food, especially Egyptian food, stretch along the streets, where authorities allowed years ago to sell food through street carts, which allowed many members . of Arab communities to create simple restaurants for popular foods.

As for the Al-Arab road, which is adjacent to the “Domo” area or downtown, hundreds of Arab restaurants open their doors from seven to midnight. Iraqi, Lebanese and Palestinian cuisines are among the cuisines present there.

What distinguishes Milan in general is that almost all restaurants open their doors around seven o’clock, and the fasting person can even enjoy Italian food in the morning.

Dissemination of traditions

There are many popular neighborhoods embracing hundreds of Arab and Islamic families, whether in Rome or Milan, which celebrate the arrival of the most important month for Muslims.

It is true that the festivities are limited only to the variety of Ramadan foods and do not go beyond them to decorate popular neighborhoods, except in some areas, especially in Turin, but the efforts of the residents to revive this month bring them joy. the hearts of visitors and tourists, all the more so as many of the popular committees in these neighborhoods sought to introduce some concepts of Ramadan into European culture, albeit in a different way.

For example, the drummer walks down the street at sunset without using his drum, just walking in his traditional clothes, handing out some candy to the kids. In addition, the Arabs transferred some customs from their lands, for example, women sent a plate of their breakfast to friends and neighbors of different nationalities to acquaint them with their culture and traditions.

places to pray

Places of worship in Italy vary, as mosques are spread all over the country, but if you are specifically in Rome, you should visit the Great Mosque, not only to perform the prayer, but also to discover the other side of the mosque.

The latter is considered a masterpiece and was jointly designed by Iraqi and Italian architects, which made it look like a masterpiece, combining Mesopotamian culture and ancient Italian Baroque art. The mosque offers a range of special holy month celebrations, especially for children.

It seeks to diversify recreational activities, hold art and drawing competitions, and distribute many awards. It is worth mentioning that this mosque has become a destination of many visitors, even locals, to engage in many activities.

This year, according to local Italian newspapers, the government has congratulated Muslims on the arrival of Ramadan and many charities, in co-operation with Islamic cultural centers, have distributed free food to fasters during the first days of the month.

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