8 international options for a delicious breakfast at the Expo

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The visitor has only 26 days left to enjoy and eat delicious food and experience everything that Expo 2020 Dubai has to offer. Therefore, the major international event offers the visitor some delicious and unforgettable breakfast options, with a global taste and prepared in international ways:

Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe

Head to Al Fanar Restaurant and Café, located in Al Wasl Square, to spend your day at Expo 2020 Dubai. Start the day with a traditional Emirates breakfast plate, for AED 85, where you can get an Emirati or “old” plate that is large enough for two people, including tea and coffee, and features a wide range of classic Emirates breakfasts. , for example. young people. meal (Emirati pie way), balaleet vermicelli flavored with cardamom and saffron with (egg omelette), waqafi (traditional flat bread), dango (humus), bajilla (beans) and more.

Cafe de Paris

At the Café de Paris, located in the Monaco Suite in the Oportunity District, which is open until 11:30 am UAE time, you can have breakfast at a reasonable price of 30 dirhams. This classic continental dish includes a hot drink. juice, bread with jam and butter, Addition to pie (croissants baked like croissants). This hearty meal will give you a lot of energy and enthusiasm to make the most of your visit to Expo 2020 Dubai.

Canvas from coffee + culture

It is an ideal space for creative collaboration within Mission Possible in the Opportunity District and an ideal setting for a morning meeting at Expo 2020 Dubai. Anyone who starts the day with eggs has a lot of options, with turkey eggs or Benedict salmon, avocados with boiled eggs and toast and a great English breakfast (including baked beans, mushrooms, brown hash and toast), along with Shakshuka with harissa and slices. . You can try other dishes besides eggs, such as dishes with acai or granola.

Eggs and Co

Eggs and Co. is one of the many famous restaurants serving delicious boneless chicken dishes from Talabat, which can be ordered from anywhere within Expo 2020 Dubai. The combination includes fried or scrambled eggs in a potato cake, delicious foods like salmon and cream cheese, truffle oil and grana padana, or cheddar cheese with beef bacon and sriracha. Turmeric tofu, avocado, tomato and chickpeas are also an excellent healthy vegetarian option.

Garden of Tastes

The Garden Au Flavors restaurant in the Polish pavilion in the travel area is open from 10:00 until 12:00 noon in the UAE and features a long list of affordable breakfast egg dishes starting from 30 dirhams. You can choose from fried, scrambled or omelet eggs, as well as sausage, cheese or sweet pepper. And adventure lovers should not miss the banana omelette (chocolate omelette) – which may sound unusual, but they are actually like fluffy pancakes and egg pancakes. For vegetarians, the Poland Pavilion also offers you the option of vegan yogurt and a plate of granola.

La Gran Para

You can go straight to the Spain Pavilion in the Stability District and start the day the Spanish way with ciro and chocolate for the equivalent of 49 AED. This is not the hot milk chocolate you may recognize, but it is a thick, melted, and delicious chocolate sauce that you can enjoy with a cero dip, a long, fluffy, crunchy Spanish donut.

City street food

You can go to the Streets of the City Restaurant inside the Moroccan Pavilion located in the Oportunity District and try a delicious Moroccan breakfast dish, starting at 42 AED, where each breakfast menu comes with orange juice and a selection of Moroccan hot drinks. classic – mint tea, or coffee or hot chocolate), as well as a variety of pies including baghrir (aka “thousand holes”), harcha (fried bread with oatmeal) or msemen (Moroccan-style crepe). Instead of pancakes, you can get the delicious Tanjawi menu for 63 AED, which comes with mint tea, bean soup, pita bread, black olives and white cheese.

Daily Bay Roof

Whenever you want to start your day with a social event, head to The Daily Bay Roof restaurant (inside the Rove Expo 2020 hotel in Al Wasl Square) to enjoy breakfast, available daily until 10:30 with the time of the UAE for AED. 79 per person, where you can choose a dish Choose from a variety of options, including desserts, delicious, Indian, Middle Eastern flavors, and even vegetarian and nonfat foods. At the buffet you can have French bread, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, or Aloo Bhaji with parathas, along with croissant, cheese, halal cooling, yogurt, whole grain bread, fresh juices, coffee and tea.


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