$ 150 million a year to support Metavirus interaction.

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Fares Akkad, Meta’s regional director for the Middle East and North Africa, revealed that the company allocates $ 50 million a year to support studies and research in the Metaverse digital space, while the value of supporting companies, creators and skills to build and interact with digital space is about $ 150 million a year.

Fares Akkad said that “Metaverse” represents the new wave that will be present on the Internet, as it will transfer the phase of interaction through screens to phones and computers, in interaction and presence from within this world, so that the method of interaction of be more influential and richer in terms of the ability to innovate and communicate.

He added: “The world of” Metaverse “will not be associated exclusively with any company, as the role of” Meta “as one of the most prominent companies and the largest platform in the world in terms of the number of users of its applications and smart. platforms, and there is a general consensus from the technical sector worldwide regarding the orientation of the digital space, which will have a direct impact on a number of sectors, as a number of indicators for the digital one are expected to emerge. spatial project, up to the final stage, within an interval of 5 to 10 years.

He stressed that there are many fundamental changes that will arise in the world of “Metaverse”, including the transition from the concept of two-dimensional world to presence in the three-dimensional world, and all languages ​​will be included in the virtual world, where there will be a mechanism through artificial intelligence to translate directly any language, whether orally or in writing, which contributes to ensuring interaction between people regardless of where they are and their language without any language barriers.

He noted that the features of “Metaverse” will demonstrate the development of a mechanism for interaction with the virtual assistant, which will be able to provide services in a way closer to people, including assistance in booking tickets. planes, tickets to the cinemas. or by acting on several interactions, which will contribute to the facilitation of daily life. the elderly, noting that “Metaverse” will not replace real human presence and social interaction, but complement it in a more inclusive and broader way, as it will contribute to supporting people’s lives and changing their style. of their living.

He explained that the “Metaverse” project is at the beginning of its path during the current period, but the indicators confirm the sale of 10 million devices to use the virtual world and the figures are expected to show a significant increase over the next period. , emphasizing that the Middle East is one of the most important areas in the ability to innovate and use.Technologies, with video consumption in the Middle East twice as high as the global average.

He noted that the impact of digital space will involve sectors, especially the economic one, as it will have a clear impact, especially in the areas of travel, work and tourism, and we are working with partners around the world to discuss it. effects on their business and how to start preparations for the technical change that will occur over the next period, so that they have the required acceleration and capacity building to curb these developments.

Regarding the cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, Fares Akkad, Meta Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, explained that the Meta company, formerly known as “Facebook”, has been located in the United Arab Emirates for about 10 years. , where the opening of the new Regional Center in Dubai recently, as an expression of our commitment to the UAE as a key technical center to serve the Middle East and North Africa, and due to the presence of a leadership of wise characterized by ambition and ambition. Working to support the community, which is in line with our vision and ideas, where many initiatives serving the region have been launched by the UAE, with the continued support and encouragement of the government, which has contributed to spreading the culture of technology and technology and modern applications.

He noted that His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, inaugurated the regional headquarters of the global company “Meta” in Dubai Internet City last March and His Highness the will to increase cooperation and to consolidate the UAE readiness. the system for the future, which is an embodiment of the UAE vision and its positive and future perspective of technological transformations, including the world of “Metaverse”.

For social projects “Meta”, he explained that the company has launched the campaign “Ramadan for good”, which includes all initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan, as the past few days proved the company’s support for the project “One billion meals”. by supporting and raising donations from 50 countries around the world to support the project, as part of the UAE’s social structure and the Middle East, META has also contributed, based on its social responsibility, to launching other support initiatives, including supporting 4,000 families in need in Lebanon.


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