10 Open Source Tools for Web and Graphic Designers

Open source software is very valuable even though it is completely free, as there are now many open source software that can help you in your work as a web and graphic designer. Although many graphic designers use expensive proprietary software because they feel there is no alternative, this is not the case because many high quality and professional open source graphic applications are available in abundance and offer features that sometimes surpass proprietary applications.

The most important open source design applications

Linux, Joomla and WordPress are among the open source software that cannot be defeated, as open source software has many features such as the ability to modify and use it for free, and there is a large community of developers who oversee it. , support you in the implementation of the program, and above all is that thousands of Users worldwide are dedicated to the development of these applications, similarly there are open source design tools for creating websites, attractive applications and easy to use as well as editing photos, videos and graphics. Here are some open source tools for designers to help them create creative designs.

Krita Program

CRETE It is a powerful open source graphic editor with a strong focus on illustrations and digital graphics. Many stylists use Critics for digital illustrations and paintings to bring their web designs to life. Krita has most of the features that a traditional graphic editor should have.

The programmers designed Krita to be a high-quality drawing software available to everyone, which can help design comic books, graphics such as soft shapes, vanishing points, advanced selection functions, layer masks, etc. If you want to get into the illustration, Krita is the Best Choice in the open source category.


Prepare Gimp One of the most popular and widely used graphic design and image editing tools is a graphic design packed with features and image editing software that has the same format as Adobe Photoshop. In addition, it is a great tool for any novice or advanced designer who works mostly with images.

It is similar to Adobe Photoshop as it includes many filters, masks, layers and brushes, and offers advanced image editing features, with which you can create truly distinctive designs and offers you enough flexibility to transform images the way you want , in which a large number of graphic design elements and logo interface components, and offers numerous color management features to ensure high-precision color management.


looks like a program Inkscape Much like Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, which is also one of the most powerful open source tools available to everyone, also known as the vector graphic designer counterpart Adobe Illustrator, the program supports a variety of different formats. files and has a very flexible function. user interface and is available for Linux, and Mac and Windows operating systems.


the program works Synfig Synfig On Windows, Linux and Mac, this is a 2D animation software that helps creative designers bring their models to life depending on their drawing style, you will be able to create any type of animation you aim for.

Speaking of Synvik features, one of its key features is that it gives you complete control over your artwork from import to export, where you can copy shapes, design more than 50 layers, add filters, apply gradient, etc.


he is a program Free, easy-to-use, open source drawing that works on Linux, Windows, and Mac Dia systems supports more than 30 different types of diagrams, e.g. flowcharts, grid diagrams and database templates Having over 1000 ready-to-use components helps you draw professional diagrams and can This software can read and write a variety of bitmap formats, and software developers and database professionals can use DEA as a tool for creating code structures.

Blender program

blender It is a program for creating 3D graphics, which is also a package of software tools for free and open source 3D computer graphics used by the most famous animators to make short films, feature films, TV shows, etc. Its interface may seem complicated on first use. But when you get used to it, it becomes very easy because it has a lot of customizable features, and you can also create your own plugins and features as you wish.

Blender features include 3D modeling, texturing, raster graphic editing, smoke and liquid simulation, particle simulation, soft body simulation, sculpture, animation, motion graphics and video editing.

2D pencil software

he is a program An open source animation available on Windows, Unix and Mac OS X, is a great alternative to many expensive proprietary animation software, with tools to perform animations.

The 2D pencil is very easy to use, it is already configured to easily do everything related to animation and it is very convenient for beginners, it has a variety of tools needed for designing with simple drawing tools, but it lacks a number of drawings and drawings and coloring tools commonly found in other Programs that focus on high-level technical applications.

program fontforge

It’s a free program developed by him George Williams It is written in the C programming language FontForge A font that supports many popular font formats and is a free, open source software available for operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac, and translated into 12 languages, you can easily learn to use FontForge, as he has many educational programs that help you learn to work in the program From basics to professionalism.

Graffiti designer

Gravit Designer A free, open-source toolkit created by Coral Draw designers, Graphite Designer that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, as well as browsers, ideal for multi-purpose image editing and graphic design projects that include icon design, graphics Illustrations, Animations and Presentations, this app features a wide range of features suitable for professional design and image design, and also features an easy-to-use interface that can be customized to your needs and preferences. users to help them design graphic creators.

Author: Firas Ashram
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