“Without waiting” is the fastest way to book a role for a 2022 Syrian passport || Syrian passport reservation link Passport reservation system Syria syria-visa.sy

“Without waiting” is the fastest way to book a role for a Syrian passport 2022 || Reserving the role of the Syrian passport siria-viza.sy The Ministry of Interior of the Syrian Arab Republic has launched a platform to electronically maintain the role of Syrian passport for 2022 which makes it easier for people to travel to ministries and offices without having to travel to immigration offices and passport centers and wait for long periods. The Syrian Interior Ministry added that resident citizens could pursue the role of obtaining a Syrian passport until the overcrowding at passport and immigration offices and population decline in Damascus villages and distant governments.

Syrian Passport Reservation Link Syrian Passport Reservation System

The role of holding a Syrian passport through the liaison of the Ministry of Interior syria-visa.sy/passport Due to the presence of a large number of Syrian immigrants scattered around the world and who want to return to their country or be reunited with their families in Syria, booking an appointment to obtain a Syrian passport was an important issue. Include all citizens currently in Syria and more migrants abroad.

As a result, the Syrian government had to provide an electronic connection to the appointment reservation system in the Syrian passport system, allowing users to complete all transactions related to their Syrian passports, regardless of whether applying for the first time, renewing the passport. , or obtaining a damaged Syrian passport registration platform. Immigration and Passport Authority 2022 The connection to the Syrian passport planning system proves the launch of the Syrian passport registration platform in 2022, according to the Immigration and Passport Authority.

Syrian passport registration platform syria-visa.sy

The regime deals exclusively with the passports of citizens residing abroad in the Syrian Arab Republic or their relatives residing in Syria. The connection to the Syrian passport system is subject to great pressure from those who want to conduct transactions with the Syrian passport system. the regime should be expected to be linked to the functioning Syrian passport system, as the number of requests for information regarding the Syrian Passport platform, Passport to Syria, is increasing.

Reserving the role of the Syrian passport 2022 syria-visa.sy

According to the General Directorate of Immigration and Passports related to booking Syrian passports through the official platform of the Department of Passports and Immigration, in recent days there has been a significant increase in searches by Syrian citizens seeking to obtain or renew their Syrian passports. Obtaining Syrian passports.

Book a Syrian passport through the official platform of the Department of Passports and Immigration and there has been a noticeable increase in searches by Syrian nationals seeking to obtain or renew a Syrian passport in recent days, such as the General Directorate of Immigration and Passports of the Department. of Immigration and Passports provides a website for the Syrian government Linked to the Syrian government, it provides a website for local and foreign nationals so that they can obtain Syrian passports.

Syrian passport portal

The portal seems to ease the burden on citizens, facilitates their access to government agencies, saves time and effort, and allows the processing of all passport transactions, and all cumulative applications for Syrian passports must be completed through the ministry’s new electronic system.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also working to overcome the crisis that Syrians are experiencing in the region, as it is estimated at $ 800 for an instant passport, $ 300 within the regular role system and the cost of 13,000 Syrian pounds to obtain a passport. usual. from the country, which is about $ 3.71.

Link to Syrian passport booking website

Any Syrian citizen can now access the platform to maintain the role of obtaining a Syrian passport, registering and submitting a passport application through the following link: Ministry of Interior || passport reservation systemsiria-viza.sy). Once you have entered the previous link, enter the required information, enter the phone number, we will go to the passport office to get the passport after the meeting, you can visit the link to check the status of the meeting.

How to Book an Appointment for a Syrian Passport, Aleppo 2022 Many people have to get their passports as soon as possible without waiting their turn and without leaving an appointment due to the great pressure in the appointment process to get a passport, some people have adopted the method of obtaining a passport without waiting. the following ways a person can obtain a passport as soon as possible: – Access to the role reservation platform for Syrian passports in the early morning hours, e.g. nine in the morning, so as not to put too much pressure on the place. the new character will be scheduled at 9:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m.

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