To revive the city of Salt .. Preparations to launch a project for the development of tourist tracks

Mohamed Samour

Al-Balqa – While Al-Salt is counting on the project for the development of tourist tracks, which, if implemented, will contribute to the revival of tourist and economic realities in the city, a source familiar with the project revealed that a tender document has started prepare for the development of tourist trails on Al-Hamam Road, Al-Khader Road and Al-Ain Square.
The source, who revealed “Al-Ghad” for the most salient details of the project, wanted to delve into the use of available ingredients and “focus on essential aspects, not superficial or formal,” he said. .
The source stressed that the projects are based on sustainable development and increasing economic return to tourism, in line with the national strategy for tourism and fulfill the comprehensive vision that embodies the desired ambitions to offer the world a diversified tourism product that has all the comparative advantages and competitive that contribute to increasing the number of visitors, extending the stay, increasing costs and providing employment opportunities for the local community.
The source stressed that the project includes the preparation of necessary measures for the rehabilitation of the city heritage center to preserve the heritage components and attractive tourist elements, as well as the focus on preserving and maintaining the tourist product offered to tourists during the tourist trail experience, in in addition to the importance of work to perpetuate the city heritage center through the rehabilitation of city infrastructure from sidewalks, as well as borders and the rehabilitation of heritage facades and the provision of needs required by the tourist to provide the best service in the right way.
He touched on many of the points included in the project according to the locations of its implementation and the needs of the locations along the tourist road. a corridor for people with disabilities and Al-Khader road slab maintenance work. And the perimeter, and the erection of inspection wells and rainwater drainage cages, as well as the cleaning of some facades of buildings on the street.
Commercial doors will also be painted, windows will be maintained, unclean roofs and spaces on Al-Khader Road will be planted and green, some dilapidated “settlements” in heritage buildings will be maintained. Architectural engineering along the road and related stairs, development of community-led tourism experiences to diversify and enrich the visitation experience, and design and installation of information and interpretation boards.
As for Al-Hamam road, the source confirmed that maintenance will be done on the road slabs and the start of the branch towards the Latin Monastery Church, erection of inspection fountains and rainwater drainage cages, painting of commercial doors and maintenance of windows. and cultivation and greening of dirty road surfaces and spaces.
According to the source, waste containers will be designed and installed geometrically along the respective road and stairs, geometrically distributed seats along the respective road and stairs, and tourist experiences will be developed managed by the local community to diversify and enrich the visiting experience. and design and install indicative and interpretive signs. .
In Al Ain Square it is also planned that the stone works of the floors, walls, frames and stairs be maintained in the courtyard of the square, the design and placement of indicative and interpretive signs and the rehabilitation of the sidewalk adjacent to Al-Manqala. Square towards Al-Hamam road, limiting the width of the road to only three meters by supplying and placing columns on the sides of the road To prevent entry and queues within the arena areas.
Also, at Al Ain Square, Mancala Square will be rehabilitated through a project that will later be agreed to be a landmark and a main station for the program of city visits and the development of locally managed tourist experiences. to diversify and enrich the experience of visiting and rehabilitating the information center located at the front of the Al-Salt Museum.
In addition to the above, it is planned to design and install geometrically distributed benches along the road and stairs connected to the road, design and installation of waste containers geometrically distributed along the road and stairs connected to the road, planting and greening of surfaces and dirty spaces. on the street, painting trade doors and maintaining windows, removing damaged tents along the shops of the Latin Monastery Church.
On the lower municipal road, kiosks will be designed and supplied with folding and transportable shelves to be used by the local community to display their traditional products on the lower municipal road set for pedestrians throughout the year and according to the seasons for support them and trade. their products.
The Falah Al Hamad heritage building will also be maintained and restored to be used as an academy for the maintenance and restoration of buildings, depending on the preservation and restoration plan that has been prepared in advance for this purpose, which takes into account the restoration and maintenance and the construction of the heritage in a way that preserves its originality and integrity and preserves the multiple values ​​that characterize this building owned by the Great Municipality of Salt.

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