The UAE leads global humanitarian solidarity through the One Billion Meals campaign

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Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Consul General of the Republic of Sudan in the country, stated that the relations between his country and the United Arab Emirates are distinct and ingrained, emphasizing that Sudan was one of the first countries with which the United Arab Emirates established diplomatic relations in December 1971., and the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan God bless him, “with his first official visit to Sudan in 1972, about two and a half months after the union was established, followed by a visit of the late Sudanese President Jaafar Muhammad Nimeiri as the first head of state to visit the United Arab Emirates.

The Sudanese Consul General stressed – in an interview with the Emirates News Agency / WAM / – that Sheikh Zayed’s visit to Sudan left a historic moment in the course of bilateral relations, in addition to the efforts of the leadership of the two countries that are working to develop and develop these relations between the two countries, noting the pioneering experience of the country The UAE, which has captivated the world in all fields, recently hosted Expo 2020 Dubai International.

He praised the humanitarian initiatives offered by the UAE and the role of civil society and charity in supporting the needy around the world, particularly the One Billion Meals campaign; from which many countries around the world benefited; Including Sudan.

For the most prominent meanings and values ​​of Ramadan, he explained that the holy month is an important occasion to highlight the compassion and social solidarity, which are manifested in many manifestations, especially in the “fasting basket” and the collective breakfast and gifts. between families.

He said: “I have experienced Ramadan in a number of countries, especially in the United Arab Emirates, China, Algeria, Pakistan and Egypt, and there are common denominators between these countries, in terms of the feeling of joy with the reception of the holy month, and the peoples are filled with much hope, and these commonalities come in many details, and we have in Sudan there are special traditional customs with the advent of Ramadan.

He noted that Ramadan has a special taste and character for Sudanese, as Sudan is the only country hosting this month with a military “miracle” made up of army and police-linked gangs, led by Sufi men and then the rest of the youth and citizens, as they circulate the streets of the major cities, announcing the beginning of the month of fasting.

Regarding the rituals of the Sudanese community in Dubai, he continued: “The Sudanese community, wherever it goes, has distinct culture and traditions. Sudanese are by nature friendly and kind, and the Sudanese Ramadan table is characterized by simplicity and symbolism. Sudanese food in Ramadan is different from the rest of the year, the most famous of which is: “bittersweet sweet”, which is a drink that Sudanese usually drink in the month of Ramadan and is made from sprouted corn and needs sugar to achieve its desired taste, in addition to hibiscus and tamarind, and this smell is the first news of the arrival of Ramadan in Sudan, as well as porridge, blush, kirasah, malah, Qadid and Weka, and others. . “

On the nature of work in Dubai, especially during the month of Ramadan, he said: “We have a large Sudanese community in the UAE and we find a lot of cooperation, support and coordination from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Interior, and the relevant authorities, which facilitate the workflow in the Consulate, and during the current Ramadan I almost did not break the fast in my house except once, due to the large number of diplomatic invitations, which is an opportunity to learn. for Ramadan cultures in other countries, and breakfast among the Sudanese community has a special taste. ”

In the same context; A special Ramadan atmosphere prevailed within the framework of the People’s Ramadan Festival at the Ayman Festival, especially within the Sudan Corner, which is organized under the auspices of the Sudanese State Consulate General in Dubai.

Maryam Mohamed Adam, representative of the Peoples Ramadan Festival, Sudan Pavilion, responsible for Sudanese cultures and Sudanese cuisine, said her country’s pavilion is rich in many handicrafts and traditional industries, which express an important part of civilization of the Nile Valley, which proves a unique environmental richness and diversity, especially the cultures and foods that distinguish Sudanese society.

Meanwhile, Nihal Al-Shaheen, in charge of natural materials and skin care, stated that the Sudanese community’s participation in such festivals and exhibitions aims to introduce local national industries as well as highlight the country’s capabilities and its products inspired by nature.

Naglaa Al-Kashef, Heritage Officer at the Sudanese Pavilion, explained that the People’s Ramadan Festival enabled many different communities to learn about Sudanese culture and its unique products, the most important of which are handicrafts, leather and noodles. palm trees, wedding traditions and ornaments. Sudanese coffee, incense and perfumes.


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