The ninth session of the Global Airport Managers Forum returns strongly to Dubai from May 17-19

Technology helps airports improve safety, security and efficiency

Air transport contributes about $ 1.5 trillion to global GDP by 2036

Senior UAE officials deliver speeches on the long-awaited podium

Dubai Airports will receive 55.1 million passengers in 2022

Dubai: The ninth edition of the Global Airport Managers Forum, to be held in Dubai in collaboration with the Airport Show from May 17 to 19, focuses on the speed of air traffic recovery locally and globally. The International Airports Council, which represents 1,950 airports in 185 countries, said Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest airport for international travelers, will handle 55.1 million passengers in 2022.

The work of the 2022 World Airport Leaders Forum, which is organized in connection with the work of the twenty-first session of the Airport Show, in addition to the Middle East Airport Security Conference, the Air Traffic Control Forum and the General Assembly of Women in Aviation, will witness the presence of prominent experts and officials through four sessions to be organized at the Dubai International Shopping Center Conference to discuss a range of critical issues related to innovation and development at airports, air traffic management , airport sustainability and airport security. .

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, President of Dubai Airports, Chairman and CEO of Emirates Airlines and Group, Sponsor of the Airport Show, said: “The Airport Show and its simultaneous events in the past two decades have provided platforms to further develop the aviation agenda.The aviation transformation depends on technology, which helps to increase the levels of safety, health, security and efficiency in the operations of airports and airlines worldwide. “Dubai has been a pioneer in technology adoption with the aim of accelerating the return of aviation to previous levels.”

Panelists at the Airport Innovation and Development session will talk about data adoption, artificial intelligence, 5G communications and robotics to achieve a better passenger experience, developments in integrated, automated and electrical mobility in the airport environment , design innovations, environment and operations as a key element in airport development strategy and air mobility The future urban environment, while speakers at the air traffic management session will address the issue of combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence for improve airspace management, building a digital sky to meet future challenges facing air traffic management, protecting the airspace from drone interference and other vulnerabilities in addition to the fourth level of advanced steering system and surface movement control.

On the other hand, the airport sustainability session will address topics related to the sustainability of mega malls, innovations and technologies that help airports become environmentally friendly, the contribution of sustainability in improving the passenger experience, partnership in the wider ecosystem of city authorities and transportation. , and meeting of airlines and communities with environmental goals.

In the airport security session, experts will talk about the development of intelligent and comprehensive control of the entire airport infrastructure to meet future security challenges, the role of advanced disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, robotics and data on increasing resilience and building collaboration between stakeholders to ensure passenger safety and satisfaction, and how smart travel initiatives can contribute to improving safety management.

The Airport Show and its simultaneous events, which are sponsored by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Dubai Airport Engineering Projects, the Dubai Airports Corporation and the Dubai National Air Travel Agency, are a driving force that will make the industry come out stronger in the coronavirus sequence. pandemic. The crisis had spurred faster technology acquisition and long-term changes to the airport infrastructure. The World Airport Leaders Forum 2022 will offer enhanced opportunities in terms of commercial and professional networking, an unparalleled learning experience, as well as an overview of technological developments and innovations, as well as the most important drivers of change.

Firas Abu Latif, exhibition director at Reed Exhibitions Middle East, the organizers of the Airport Show, said: “Increasing knowledge supports the continued sustainability of the industry and helps address future challenges arising from the dizzying pace of transformation. As always, the Airport The Global Leaders Forum will offer a fantastic window of opportunity that empowers professionals. . ”

The Global Forum of Airport Leaders will witness the participation of many speakers from the UAE, including His Excellency Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs in Dubai, Ibrahim Ahli, Executive Vice President of Dubai Air Navigation Services Corporation, and Mohammed Faisal Al Dosari, Director of the Senior Department of Air Navigation and Airports at the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority, Arif Al Janahi, Director of Security Engineering at the Security Industry Regulatory Agency, Ramesh Sidambi, Executive Director of Dubai Duty Free Operations at Dubai International Airport and Charles Yamin, Director of Security Quality, Compliance and Excellence at Emirates Airlines, and Kashef Khaled is the Regional Director for Airports Africa and the Middle East in the International Air Trans Association portit.

Speakers from the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere at the 2022 Global Airport Managers Forum include Mohammed Ahmed, CEO of Saudi Airports Holding Company, Ayman Abu Ababa, Vice President for Operations at Riyadh Airport, and Dr. Omar Qadouha, Chief of Aviation Security at Al-Madani General Directorate of Aviation in Lebanon, Raed Al-Idrissi, CEO of Saudi Land Services, Tom Escola, Vice President of Panasonic Avionics, Jack Kherati, Chief Commercial Officer for the Middle East at Aegis, Robert Powell, Vice President of Technical Services at the Dubai National Air Travel Agency, and Paul Brown, CEO of Jackson’s Municipal Authority, Mark Green, Head of Air Navigation Services Support at Global Air Navigation Services; David A. Schumar, Vice President for Civil Security at SAP Traffic Management, and Fabio Gamba, General Manager of the Airport Services Association.

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