Russian invasion of Ukraine: why do hundreds of Africans want to join the foreign legion to defend Ukraine? – The Independent

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There are reports of foreign fighters in the ranks of Russian forces as well

Below we review some of the most important topics covered by the British newspapers on Tuesday, including a report discussing the reasons and motives behind the hundreds of Africans seeking to join the war in Ukraine, and another how international clothing brands are exploiting the dependence of some on the purchase. new fashions to achieve greater profits.

Portia Crowe and Ozil Mumar Low, journalists at The Independent, conducted an investigation that included interviews with a number of Africans who expressed their desire to join the foreign legion fighting for Ukraine against Russian occupation, and the investigation tried to identified the motives that motivated hundreds of Africans to go to fight with Kiev forces against Russian forces in the recent period.

The press investigation revealed that there is a primary motive behind the fighting of Africans in the ranks of the foreign legion supporting Ukraine, which the newspaper describes as support and assistance to Ukraine; Others cited various motives as part of the investigation, most notably immigration to Europe.

Kiev allows foreigners willing to fight Russian forces to enter without visas, a rare opportunity for Africans seeking to reach Europe, whose passports are often classified as the weakest among the world’s countries.

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