Ramadan 2022 .. A variety of serials and programs on the Abu Dhabi Channel

Abu Dhabi TV, a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi TV Channel Network, announced the new program for the holy month of Ramadan.

It includes a bouquet of 11 works ranging from social, dramatic and entertaining works, with the participation of a selection of the most prominent stars of the Gulf and the Arab world, in addition to outstanding religious and humanitarian programs that fit the sanctuary atmosphere. months.

Under the slogan “Do you die in Abu Dhabi, it’s your home”, the Abu Dhabi channel and the “ADTV” app present a range of series and programs, including two series and three programs from the original Abu Dhabi Media productions.

In addition to the Egyptian drama “Pablo”, “Ali Work”, “Faces”, the works of “Zaqqum” Bay, “Mohammed Ali Road 2”, “Kid Al-Harem”, “The Family of Abdel Hamid Hafez”, and the Syrian series “Kasr Adem “And a range of religious and interactive programs, especially” Hadith Al-Tayyib “,” The World is Good “,” Your Help “and” We Cooked Ghair “.

All Abu Dhabi Channel Ramadan program series and programs will be shown free of charge through its website and ADTV application available on Android TV, Apple TV, Apple Store, and Google Play. additional live broadcast service that offers an opportunity Follow all programs and series.

Haitham Al Kathiri, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Abu Dhabi TV Channel Network, said: “During the holy month of Ramadan, we seek to attract more viewers and followers in the Arab world by presenting rich and exclusive content on the Abu Dhabi screen. Dhabi and the ADTV Digital App and the offering of new entertainment and drama options that vary between Abu Dhabi’s private media productions and the most prominent Arab productions, so that the Abu Dhabi TV Channel Network continues in its leading position as a “An integrated and diverse media platform that meets the diverse aspirations of the Arab public.”

Gulf Drama

For Gulf drama fans, the Abu Dhabi channel is showing the series “Mohammed Ali Road 2”, after the great success it achieved in the first season, to monitor the development of characters and events in a new dramatic narrative that begins with the arrival . of Yasin, assistant captain Shehab, off the coast of Kuwait with an abandoned ship, but state of astonishment and shock The townspeople overcame him when they greeted him, as they thought he had passed away after a long period of absence.

Events continue to reveal that Yassin’s return carries a lot of mystery and emotion, as he is no longer the same man, but has become a researcher of supernatural secrets and a speaker of the jinn language after his migration to Zanzibar.

The series directed by Jassem Al-Muhanna addresses the values ​​of friendship, loyalty and honesty and stars Khaled Amin, Saad Farag, Buthaina Al-Raisi and Faisal Al-Amiri.

While the story of the series “The family of Abdel Hamid Hafez”, directed by Haya Abdel Salam and Saud Bouabid, deals with the story of Abdel Hamid Al Sarhan, a man passionate about the voice of the late Arab artist Abdel Halim Hafez, who decides, after fills his sixties, fulfills his dream of entering the world of song, but faces opposition from others, especially his wife and children.

The series is produced by Abu Dhabi Media and appears exclusively for the first time on the Abu Dhabi channel and the ADTV app, starring Ahmed Al Jasmi, Haya Abdel Salam, Asmahan Tawfiq and other stars.

The Gulf series “Al-Zaqoum” joins the list of upcoming screen shows in Abu Dhabi during the holy month, to describe a dramatic and exciting story with a group of first-class stars such as Saad Al-Faraj, Qahtan Al- Qahtani. and Haifa Hussein, and directed by Ahmed Al-Muqla.

The work follows the story of a crime committed by two friends 75 years ago to seize the inheritance of a rich man, taking advantage of the period of smallpox infection.

The events follow, revealing their luxurious lives and the two great business empires they created together from the stolen money, but the origins of the crime unfold after seven decades, so that the mask falls from the faces of all involved and guilty.

For comedy lovers, the Abu Dhabi Channel will present the Gulf series “Kid Al Harem”, with artist Rogina, whose events are brought into a light comic frame around the story of Sumaya, a divorced woman raising her children and two people propose to her. as she turns forty, so she chooses one of them, but he dies after a day She inherits the wedding and turns into the stepmother of the boys plotting for her in a comic form.

The series is written by Fahd Al Balushi and directed by Mustafa Fekry, and stars Jassim Al Nabhan, Abdul Imam Abdullah, Hanadi Al Kandari, Muhammad Al Haddad, Rawan Al Ali, Abdullah Al Talihi, Fahd Al Saleh and Huda Al Hamdan.

Egyptian series

The Abu Dhabi Channel is also unique during the holy month of Ramadan by broadcasting the first screening of the Egyptian drama “Pablo” starring Hassan Al-Raddad, which embodies the role of Sayed Hassan, the young gallant who has a strong and combative personality. . helped him cope with the difficult living conditions in which he lived as an orphan, where he became famous as a supporter of the right and the needy to face a dangerous gang of human traffickers.

The crew includes a group of first-class stars like Ahmed Zaher, Nabil Al-Halafawi, Sawsan Badr, Naglaa Badr and Ahmed Fouad Selim, and was written by Hassan Dahshan and directed by Ibrahim Fakhr.

The Egyptian drama series “Shaghl Aali” brings together a group of Egyptian actors who are very well known to the public, such as Fifi Abdo, Sherine Reda, Ahmed Badir, Houria Farghali and Bayoumi Fouad.

The story unfolds in a comic and entertaining setting for two women of very different cultural backgrounds, but they are deceived, deceived, and emotionally manipulated by chance and strange circumstances.

The series is directed by Marcus Adel and the screenplay by Hussein Muharram.

The Abu Dhabi Canal also shows the Egyptian drama “Faces”, which deals with the stories of female personalities who live interesting events and are forced by circumstances to face new situations in life.

The series stars Hanan Mutawa, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, Jamaica, Mai Selim, Abed Anani, Hala Fakher, Muhammad Al-Kilani, Ahmed Wafik, directed by Moataz Hosam and written by Muhammad Ali Ibrahim.

Seriali “Break a Bone”

Lovers of drama and suspense will be in a meeting with the Syrian series “Kasr Adham”, which addresses the reality of rampant corruption in society in its various forms, including extortion, bribery, embezzlement and exploitation of the hopes of young people and their postponement. use drugs and trade their organs in the absence of legal and moral barriers.

Director Rasha Sharbatji’s lens is creative in portraying this injustice that surrounds society across its spectrum, including people with authority, business and individuals who pursue immoral behaviors that erode social structure, with the participation of a group of the most prominent stars of Syria. screen, like Rashid Assaf, Karis Bashar, Khaled Al-Qish, Muhammad Hadaki and Nadine Tahsin Bek.

quality programs

The great Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, shares his deep knowledge in the sciences of religion and jurisprudence with viewers through the “Hadith Al-Imam Al-Tayyib” program.

The program appears throughout the holy month to offer viewers a full explanation of the theme of the Beautiful Names of God, which helps the Muslim to continue matters of worship and gives him patience in the face of hardship, as well as makes him confident in the ability of God. to manage his life affairs, which gives him inner peace, security and peace of mind.

While the program “The World is Good (Your Help)”, presented by Ahmed Al Yamahi, sheds light on the efforts of the UAE and the Red Crescent to help others in different parts of the world. Get food, money or shelter.

Deep human dialogue prevails in the scene between the actor disguised as a naked person and the real needy in front of the target of the preparatory team, who hides in a private bus.

Chef Nassim Rasromani and chef Abdul Aziz Al Humaidan take viewers on a journey into the world of authentic flavors with the program “Our Chef is Ghair”, which is characterized by a fast and comic pace that treats in each episode the method of preparation of delicious. Gulf and Arabic cuisine.

The two famous chefs add their touches to every dish to present to the Arab and Gulf audience with extraordinary and innovative recipes.

The episodes of the program are shown during the month of Ramadan on the Abu Dhabi TV channel and through the ADTV application.

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