IG Café opens Tim Hortons’s first café in Dubai Hills Mall

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IG Café, franchisee of the Tim Hortons coffee chain in the Middle East, opened the first café in the UAE and the second in the Middle East, at the Dubai Hills Mall as part of the brand expansion plan in the country. branches has reached 190 restaurants so far, and to achieve its proactive vision of providing innovative service and a unique experience for coffee lovers in the Emirates.

The opening ceremony was attended by Thiago Santelmo, RBI Regional President for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, franchisee Tim Hortons, administrators from IG Café, partners from the government and the private and media sectors, where the café presented its unique and innovative experience. which offers for fans of “Tim Hortons”, ranging from modern form and design inspired by the elements of nature, to interior design that depends on the concept of elegant luxury and adoption. of a cozy lighting system that suits everyone, along with a selection of furniture that give customers the opportunity to sit down to drink coffee or eat.

The new coffee also combines a number of unique elements, e.g. serving special coffee, premium coffee machines, on-site ground coffee, freshly brewed donuts and a new menu.

The opening of Tim Hortons Cafe, together with two other branches in the same mall, confirms the desire of IG Café to provide an unforgettable cafe experience for customers and to preserve its concept of coffee delivery and fresh baked products. all in line with its slogan “Always fresh, always delicious.” «.

The opening of the Coffee House represents the effort of “IG Café” to offer coffee in a special and luxurious way to its customers, as this innovative branch will allow Tim Hortons fans to interact with the brand on a very sensory level. and create a remarkable community united by their love for unique and high quality coffee.

“We are delighted to open our first café in the UAE and we are confident that this new and unique concept will be very well received by our customers,” said Thiago Santelmo, EMEA Regional President, RBI, Tim franchise Hortons. our visit. Inspired by our Canadian heritage, this cafe focuses on creating an atmosphere that makes everyone feel comfortable and luxurious from the first moment. It is a place where you will always come to relax, enjoying the freshest flavors or just to refresh your day. ”

Hisham Al-Makawi, CEO of IG Café, franchisee of Tim Hortons coffee chain in the Middle East, said: “The global chain is expanding well in the UAE. From our plan to expand into the Gulf region as a whole , noting that the chain is currently seeking to be present in Egypt after the market has been well studied. “

Al-Makawi added: “Dubai’s infrastructure, government facilities and ease of investment encouraged us to increase our confidence in the success of our expansion, as we had an incentive to move forward and open a Coffee House in Dubai Hills Mall. We also aspire for a greater expansion across the Emirates and expect the new café to attract a large audience that requires a beautiful space to relax and communicate while enjoying the most delicious drinks and food .

Al-Makawi stated that they are very happy to be working again with Emaar Properties, the developer and operator of Dubai Hills Mall, and we look forward to continuing to strengthen this successful partnership, adding that Dubai Hills Mall is a vibrant hub that will contribute significantly to the development of Dubai Hills, providing its services to the local community and visitors. From all over the country, we are delighted to be part of this new and luxurious addition to Dubai and look forward to welcoming our visitors to the new café, which offers a special and unique experience, making Tim Hortons the café favorite for everyone.

Tim Hortons, the leading Canadian brand, is known for its unique coffee and donuts, the quality of its fresh produce and the personalized experience it offers to its cafes and community visitors. With 50 years of experience in serving coffee and fresh food, cafe group Tim Hortons has won the hearts of Canadians and visitors around the world.

The international group “Tim Hortons”, which was founded in 1964, represents a leading coffee chain in Canada and the world, offering its visitors the famous blend of coffee, double coffee, donuts and temptations ever since. The Tim Hortons Group includes more than 5,100 branches in Canada, the United States and worldwide and entered the Gulf markets for the first time in 2011.


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